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Thread Making Abilities Request Thread


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  • ATRL Administrator

Some members may be entitled to thread making abilities, but their accounts are not allowing them to currently. In this thread (if you qualify) you can request thread making abilities be applied to your account. There are a few qualifications necessary, and some exceptions to the rules. Make sure you double check which category you fall under before replying to this thread.



If your account was created 2000 - 2016. These accounts were created on the old site.

  • You can request thread making abilities as long as your post count is greater than 1.


If your account was created 2017 - 2019. A glitch in the system rendered some accounts without thread making abilities.

  • You can request thread making abilities as long as your post count is greater than 200
    • AND
  • Your WP history in the past year isn't too lengthy or featuring any serious violations. Your request will be denied if so.


If your account was created 2020 - current day

  • Your account should automatically gain thread making abilities after a combination of time since joining the site, post count and overall activity. Do not submit a request in this thread. It will be ignored.


If your account had thread making abilities removed completely or in specific sections due to past behavior

  • Do not request in here.
  • Review requests should be submitted via Help Request ONLY.


If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, reply to this thread with your "Joined" date and current post count.


Joined November 16, 2004

Post Count: 5,232


When your account has been dealt with, your post will be removed.

Off topic discussion will lead to a ban from current and future requests involving account settings or WP cleanups.

If the thread is currently closed, it means we are not accepting new applications for thread making abilities.

When the thread is open, you can post if you meet the requirements for thread making abilities.

Requests will be handled in waves. Do not ask more than once or for the status of your cleanup.

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I joined this forum last week and I have crossed 100 posts. But whenever I try to make a thread, I'm unable to select a forum to post in. I tried clicking on Base as the forum I wanted to post in, but everytime I do it won't select Base. Please help.

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