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  2. JonathanLGardner

    Mariah Carey

  3. Bang Up

    Nicki implies she's loyal to guys that uses guns

    Also guys that will rape, molest children, and kill people.
  4. ClintEastwood24

    Carrie Underwood - 'Cry Pretty' Album Survivor [ROUND 3]

    Save Low Drinking Alone That Song End Up With You Off Southbound Kingdom Love Wins
  5. TheWayWeWere

    jpow’s 2018 countdown

    08. Green Light - Lorde 05. Malibu - Miley Cyrus 04. Don’t Kill My Vibe - Sigrid 03. Lose My Cool - Amber Mark 02. New Rules - Dua Lipa I hope Sigrid makes your list with Strangers or SP :alexz:
  6. StarsAllAligned

    If 5H ended after Camila left: who would you most anticipate

    Still Camila.
  7. TalkThatTalk


    https://www.etonline.com/hollywoods-brow-king-damone-roberts-reveals-rihanna-has-a-lookalike-model-to-test-out-brow-styles Does she have model for studio?
  8. AvrilLaQueen

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    I hate y'all for not posting anything when it's last few posts left on a page before all suddenly posting 10 posts on new page in matter of seconds, y'all ain't that important with your stale Robotney Spears drags
  9. prézli

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    You wish, huh? ---- Will you make a best of?
  10. cloudbusting

    Invasion of Privacy top 5?

    Bickenhead Money Bag I Do I Like It Get Up 10 sis really gave us a DEBUT!
  11. James_Dean

    ATRL's favorite Emma?

    The only entertaining one, duh.
  12. ♛Mariah Carey♛

    Mariah Carey

    sorry i forgot to put that you gave it a 15 too sorry it was the third time i type that up the site kept dying and didn't autosave my **** and i forgot to copy it nnnn i'm sorry the next one will be a happier elimination!
  13. Maddox

    Maddox's Best Of 2018 | Worst TV (#10 - #1)

    Disappointment Of The Year TV: (#10 - #1) 10) The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu: Second season was tough to watch, felt more desperate for awards and shock value than telling a cohesive story. The Buzzfeed article explains very well the problems I had with the season. It’s a good read: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/louispeitzman/the-handmaids-tale-season-2-what-went-wrong 9) Maniac – Netflix: Rather than conveying a creative and honest take on self-discovery and mental illness, the show seemed more interested in giving its actors hammy material for dramatic purposes. The trippy stuff is kind of tame, there’s nothing adventurous about it (the Game Of Thrones/LOTR/whatever Jonah was doing episode is one of the worst **** I’ve seen this year) At least Emma Stone delivered what’s probably the best performance of her career so far; can’t say the same for Hill… 8) Sneaky Pete – Amazon Prime: The second season started on a good note, managed to heighten the stakes for our protagonist until the real Pete’s mom was introduced then suddenly everything has gone to ****. There was just too many useless storylines taking up space, it made me skip almost every part not involving Marius... The ending seemed somewhat promising but we’ll have to find out next year 7) The Purge – USA: When you have a premise like that and you get offered 10 episodes and all you could come up with is dumb characters making stupid decisions over and over again (like the film version)… Truly a waste of time. 6) The Romanoffs – Amazon Prime: A bunch of respected A-listers portraying entitled characters dealing with some lame issues, this goes on for like an hour (or 90 mins) then suddenly there’s an inexplicable twist making the episodes look smarter/deeper than they are when it’s actually the opposite. 5) The Good Place – NBC: The third season of Michael Schur’s comedy seems lost, quickly shifting from one direction to another, not giving itself enough time for its characters to breathe or grow. Instead it’s desperately chasing the next big possible cliffhanger to keeps audiences hooked. And it shows how badly it reflects on its character. Eleanor is even more Piper Chapman level bland, Chidi is still indecisive despite his extensive research (which kind of led to nothing?), the writers made Tahani pull one of the most tone-deaf/childish actions to show her good side (what’s with her deciding to marry Jason/give her money to every Australian out there??). And Jason stays being dumb (that’s the punch line… funny stuff). It’s a big deal for me when watching a show to care for a character or to have any sort of connection… Halfway through the season, I was wondering why are Michael and Janet even helping these people when they’re clearly incapable of being good unless they’re together, or him interfering every now and then?? You mean to tell me for over 506 years, every potential candidate for the good place was perfectly okay with the fact that they couldn’t manage to get in only for Miss Eleanor Shellstrop and her gang to pop in and suddenly convince a coldhearted demon to soften up and question the point system? At least it served its purpose of being a convenient collection of screenshots for people on twitter defining their mood. 4) La Casa De Las Flores – Netflix: Predictable/calculated soap, more frustrating than fun to watch. 3) Another Period – Comedy Central: Recycled jokes, obnoxious characters, way too loud. Glad it’s over 2) Insatiable – Netflix: It’s nice to watch trash TV once in a while, nothing to get embarrassed over. But I hate that this is the one fomos chose to obsess over… It’s not FUNNY it’s too loud, the acting is bad, the plot is boring, their vision of a “dark” comedy and the lack of self-awareness is all laughable… and not in a good way. But sure stick it to the sjws1!11!1!1!! And the worst show of the year is...
  14. TheCheetahwings

    ATRL's favorite Emma?

    Stone by far. Such a great Actress. Watson is good too. Roberts is only good as Madison
  15. Bang Up

    Joseph Kahn shades 'A Star Is Born'

    Mind you, he’s a failed movie director who has to resort to directing music videos to pay the bills.
  16. NumbFentyStan

    Britney steps out with boyfriend

    Damn, he's FINE, she won
  17. ralani

    Trump warned of impeachment & jail

    "if it's proved"
  18. Bimbo

    Do you feel bad for Nicki?

    Is her tour even happening at all at this point? Isn’t she on vacation
  19. shookgrande

    Is Rihanna beginning to be a hasbeen?

    absolutely not. she may be slightly forgotten at the moment since she's been MIA from music, but she will return effortlessly like she never left
  20. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

  21. Madonno

    What song made you stan Madonna?

    As hardcore fan? Hung Up in 2006 and then Give it 2 Me sealed it in 2008.. But I´d like to say I grew up listening to Madonna my entire life. Frozen and Beautiful Stranger were massives af when I was like 6-7 years.
  22. Bang Up

    Is Rihanna beginning to be a hasbeen?

    Lmaoooooooooooooo. Rihanna has cemented her spot as a pop icon. She’s on her way to becoming a legend. She’s fine. She knows this.
  23. MississippiZara

    Zara Larsson - "Ruin My Life"

    Just outside the top 200 in the US @ 223!
  24. UnusualBoy

    Is Rihanna beginning to be a hasbeen?

    You thought.
  25. Meowster

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

  26. PFRR

    Trump warned of impeachment & jail

    This is true, but Pence won't be able to achieve much in 1 year, lol. And he'll be extra careful with his actions and decisions seeing as his boss was just impeached. OT: GET RID OF HER!!
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