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  2. Darkgalord

    ASIB OST still slaying. Why?

  3. Denyy


    Agreed. I need them to repeat 2011 because the couch combination was (quite surprisingly) perfect. Jack Whitehall and Miranda Hart were ideal guests with her, because they are both funny as hell but not too famous for Adele to be starstruck. They could easily do the same combination of guests again and I'd be happy tbh
  4. Lucas32

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Just heard that Zeze song. I didn't think it was possible but this trap-rap trend was devolved to even more embarassingly vapid self-parody than the EDM trend in the early 2010s. We need a new trend or better hip hop artists taking the spot light cause...
  5. dangerousalex

    Ariana Grande - “In Your Hands”

    just clips, it was around the time that MM shut down so no one got it in the end
  6. UnusualBoy

    Britney uses Justin Timberlake song

  7. Paddy

    Do you buy women's clothing?

  8. -Lewymocha-

    Lena Dunham Worried About Avril Lavigne

    You’re more obsessed with Avril than anyone.
  9. Mystic Boy

    Venom: 460M+ WW (breaks even); keeps record from Halloween

    The struggle and suffocation are real
  10. Cute

    Are OGHs using Venom as a shield?

    yes and its really sad actually
  11. dangerousalex

    Ariana Grande - “In Your Hands”

    this is from the scrapped Major Lazer collab which would've landed on their album, not hers. I believe Diplo had all the rights etc. and the option to release/not release the song
  12. Erreur2 La Nature

    Halloween: 10th biggest opening for Rated R movie ever

    Wow that's very impressive
  13. Gossip_Boy


    Are they gonna be revealing the letters one by one? Cause chile...ain't nobody got time for that. It's probably BTS and [insert collaborator's name].
  14. ClashAndBurn

    🔰US Midterm Elections Thread🔰

    Trump's approval rating is at its highest yet. Wow, Democrats really blew it with Kavanaugh, didn't they? Good job, Feinstein.
  15. Yes, there are many very funny parts. It's dark comedy and a thriller combined. I honestly can't compare it to any other film I've seen.
  16. Leptine

    ASIB OST still slaying. Why?

    TABS + Quality!
  17. Bribe

    Halloween: 10th biggest opening for Rated R movie ever

    Jamie Lee is still that bitch
  18. fiercE

    Haddonfield: Night 7

    Changing my vote to MasterXposed @Citrus Whoever PM'd me, just so you know everyone who messaged me died few days after.
  19. Final predictions 1 Zeze 285 (debut) 2 Girls Like You 276 (-1) 3 Better Now 246 (=) 4 Lucid Dreams 242 (-2) 5 Mia 222 (debut) 6 Drip Too Hard 216 (-2) 7 Happier 207 (+1) 8 Sicko Mode 198 (-2) 9 Shallow 195 (-4) 10 Youngblood 189 (-3) 11 I Like It 171 (-2) 12 Trip 167 (+4) 13 Taki Taki 161 (+18) 14 Love Lies 161 (-2) 15 Natural 156 (-2) 16 In My Feelings 155 (-5) 17 Taste 154 (-3) 18 Fefe 146 (-8) 19 Nonstop 145 (=) 20 Mo Bamba 144 (+4) credit to @simmnfierzig he always manages to stay here. I can't stand it!
  20. perfillusion

    Are OGHs using Venom as a shield?

    The anger. OT: ASIB OST #1 for a second week woooo
  21. justin.

    Lady Gaga

    Oh girls, I forgot to tell you that I heard Just Dance on an adult contemporary station the other day. It didn’t have Colby O Donis or Akon’s adlibs, and it was so bizarre. After the song, the announcer was like “I had serious doubts about Lady Gaga in ASIB, but it was a genuinely great film. You should go see it this weekend if you don’t want to watch any of the scary stuff.” Get those adult contemporary coins.
  22. D.M.F

    is Adele the only non draggable popgirl?

    Adele failed to go #1 on Pop radio with SLY thanks to bigger artists (Xtina + Maroon 5). I just dragged her stats/lack of power to overtake veteran artists.
  23. Cute

    Do you buy women's clothing?

    Men, do you buy clothing that is actually made for women? Similarly, women of atrl, do you buy men's clothing? I buy men's clothing but if there is something in the women's section that is unisex or neutral and fits then i don't mind! Rn i am trying to find a puffer jacket that is short and the one i want (pictured below) is only being sold for women so i might just snatch one because they look unisex enough to pass for a men's
  24. Josh

    Xtina bigger than Britney?

    This isn't about Liberation or Lotus here.
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