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  2. Because Miley made it easier for them to get away with acting sexual.
  3. ? is it out then ?
  4. Since when did she become all SJW-ish? Didn't she vote for Trump? Suck it up and deal with it.
  5. I'm surprised she's not delusionally accusing Ru of stealing her song
  6. I totally agree with her.
  7. Mmmmmm no thanks ma'am. Not you policing what others say when you've called dark skinned women n****** and tar.
  8. She just can't shut the **** up, can she? Azealia, the ultimate truth teller
  9. Almost ten years into her career, releases tons of songs per year, still can't get a #1 hit.
  10. So now saying "bitch" is a privilege?
  11. Woman with fat lips
  12. queen
  13. Shea is serving HOOD glam, as expected. Slayage. Peppermint and Sasha look the best, though. Aja is the worst, but that's not unexpected.
  14. Lmao of course Azealia would be transphobic while making this statement. Why is she so pressed when she was defending her right to say the f-word just last year?
  15. I like the coat and the neck up. But that boy gut hanging over that atrocious Tarzan looking skirt. I can NOT!
  16. same All the people thinks Zayn wants to do basic/ generic pop like Niall, Louis & Harry but he's more urban/R&B.
  17. It's performed solidly on iTunes so far and all their past collabs have been hits. Would be very surprised if it wasn't a hit given that its getting a video, that alone should help it go T20. They're not excuses, Bom Didi Bom literally isn't a single. Swalla, LMBU and No Frauds haven't had enough time for y'all to denounce them as flops.. Nicki has always fluctuated when it comes to single success.
  18. I love it
  19. Still mad ugh
  20. She literally released a Kygo song a month ago. And in her 73 Q's w/Vogue, she said that in a year from now, expect a lot of traveling. She was hinting another tour. So that most likely means expect new music later this year.
  21. I can't get myself to do this, every time I want to start listening to their discography something distracts me. I need to just do it and rate everything in a day or 2 tbh
  22. Could you imagine the mess if she doesn't really anything between now and those festival dates? - I'm Team Witness too, but not sure if I want it as a single though because the GP might snub it.
  23. #12 CTTR (+11) higher than Iggy, Zayn & Nicki releases
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