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  • Thank you for contacting us. Please read the following before submitting your help request. 


    • Always word your request politely and with as much information and context as possible so we can properly address your problem. Approach us with as much good faith and honesty as possible. If you believe deep down that you deserve a punishment that you’ve been given, do not send a help request. 


    • Help requests can take as long as 1 day to 1 week to be processed by the moderation staff, depending on the nature of the help request. When a help request is processed, it is discussed by the moderation team, and a consensus is reached. The help request is then marked completed. You may or may not receive a direct response to your help request. 


    • Please be patient when awaiting a response or action. By the 1 week point, your help request should receive a response or your request taken care of.   


    • If your request is not responded to or taken care of by the 1-week point, and you would like a response or some action to be taken, politely re-send your help request with the following characters in your subject line: [RE-SENT]. So, for instance, if you wanted a warning to be revoked, you would re-send your subject line as: [RE-SENT] Please revoke my warning point.


    The help request system is the official way to have your request taken care of. Unsolicited PMs to staff directly will likely not be answered. All member requests should be known by each moderator so we all have a working knowledge of the day-to-day functions of the forum.

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