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The All Stars Color Game 2 ✰


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It's been a good five years, but we're finally back for a second season!


Each week, All Stars will submit photos of their chosen celebrity wearing an outfit that best matches the theme of the round. Themes can range from a specific color, pattern, or even something unexpected. Twists are always waiting around the corner, so it's vital everyone stays on their toes as only three All Stars will make it to finale, where the judges will look at their portfolios from the entire season and decide a winner.

No jury this time so show your fashion, dedication, strategy, and power to the fullest extent.


The winner of The All Stars Color Game will receive a fictional crown and congratulatory posts from their fellow ATRLers.

And some other things that will be announced later on..



1. You have until the first round's deadline to pick/change the celebrity you sign up with. Once the deadline passes, you’re playing with that celeb for the rest of the game. Unless..


2. You can send a max of 5 images for your entry. (This doesn’t mean you HAVE to send 5, that’s just the limit, you can send just one). If you send 6 or more, I’ll only post the first one. No, not the first 5, just the first one since you wanted to be a clown!


3. Deadline extensions are always allowed as long as you request it before it has passed. Please specify how much longer you need when requesting an extension.


4. Please keep all your entries in the invitation you received, no need to create different messages for every round.


Tip: If you’re playing with a celeb that was used on the last 2 seasons, check out what outfits were sent so you don’t repeat them constantly and lose points for being repetitive.







Contestant Chart


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@Speezy, JLo
@kipperskipper,  Adut Akech
@Devin, Beyoncé 
@Not Like The Movies, Zendaya
@Rotunda, Trinity The Tuck
@TruGemini, Dominique Jackson
@Julia Fox, Julia Fox
@dweebz, Raja
@Invisibility, Björk
@99sandthe2000s, Doja Cat
@Anvarie, Queen Lizzie
@Jai, Bella Hadid
@Queen., Nicki Minaj
@305, Lady Gaga

@Yvess, Pia W.

@D e v o n @fountain @Kylizzle



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18 hours ago, Allday said:

Any artists that are banned? Or is it final 5 from all seasons so far?

It's already been cast :< 

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11 minutes ago, ZORBIT said:

Rooting for Adut, Bey, Raja & Julia :party:

The way you kind of predicted the final 4 :cupid:

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Welcome to the thread, All Stars!

The competition doesn't officially start until October 1st, but I also need your headshots so post them in the thread


The Official Cast (So far..)

Winnie Harlow
Winner of Season 1 & All Stars 1


Lady Gaga
Season 4, Top 10


Nicki Minaj
Season 4, Top 5


Adut Akech
Season 8, Top 3


Trinity The Tuck
Season 10, Top 10


@Not Like The Movies
Winner of Season 11


Season 11, Top 5


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Winner of Season 12


@Julia Fox
Julia Fox
Season 12, Top 9


Dominique Jackson
Season 12, Top 8


Season 12, Top 3


Winner of Season 13


Doja Cat
Season 13, Top 4


Queen Lizzie
Season 13, Top 10


Bella Hadid
Season 13, Judge


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25 minutes ago, D e v o n said:

The way you were invited


Oh yeah


Rooting for Julia Fox and against kipper :heart2:


Julia Fox

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30 minutes ago, Julia Fox said:



She-Hulk has NOTHING on her :clap3:

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2 hours ago, Psycho said:

Oh yeah


Rooting for Julia Fox and against kipper :heart2:


Julia Fox

Girl join! I need alliances already since my reputation has never been worse here 



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