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  2. ***Chu

    "ME!" a flop compared to CTTR, surprised?

    Deflecting to LWYMMD and Rep. Sorry that I wasn't obvious enough for kid's level of comprehension.
  3. nostalgia

    We need bubblegum pop Nicki back!

    If Nicki goes back to bubblegum pop roots, the GeePee is bound to love her... again
  4. americanlife

    H100: Old Town Road 7x #1, I Don't Care #2, Bad Guy #4

    WOW @ Bad Guy’s hump! 😱 next #1 confirmed??
  5. Massive_Teardrop

    Worst: GOT fans or haters

    Both. I was hanging with some friends and we started talking about GOT and this guy was like "I didn't know queer people watch GOT" 🙄🙄🙄 how pretentious
  6. Black Umbrella

    Iggy Azalea - “Started”

    That's true. She really needs to book some fetives, small gigs, anything.. Touring is really important to build a fan base. A lot of people were looking up to that Cupcakke co-tour but well...
  7. jdmc218

    Bills Bills Bills vs What a Girl Wants

    What a Girl Wants all the way!
  8. And now Bran can control crows so he's flying next to Drogon to eat Dany. A full circle storyline.
  9. Omg the dramatics from the girls here... I haven't seen any spoilers at all., and those weren't any leaks.This is just my own speculation I mean anyone who follows crackers would think its obvious. Plus Shea said she would do the next one, this ain't no tea from reddit or the other thread. They might not be on it at all I don't go for spoilers either myself.
  10. Von

    Janet serves L00KS in new shoot for Metamorphosis

    Stunning! Now give us a new album + photoshoot on the same level, Queen!
  11. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    Well obviously they're still flying out to hear her. Her acclaimed body of work. to their credit.
  12. Chevysus

    Google Pulls Huawei’s Android license

    not him reacting like this to the worst song on the album
  13. Sabbath

    🌟The Ultimate TABS🌟: Round 3 @ page 47

    the other teams when they saw us sksksk me: im going to stop replying also me: triple posts
  14. princeaiden

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    American idol is way bigger than GOT let’s be ****EN real. Theres always gonna be a bigger show , it’s only a matter of time
  15. Planet Mars

    Bills Bills Bills vs What a Girl Wants

    I love both but WAGW for me, Christina slayed TF out of that bridge.
  16. katykater

    Is paying back parents possible??

    Not realistic because the cost of raising a child is that of a house/mortgage and can be legally required in countries (Till the child has grown to being able to earn their own income, pay their bills,... and requires the parents to pay college. Parents were sued successfully into paying up everything.). The exceptions are poor parents unable to accumulate wealth or the child became overwhelming rich (and famous).
  17. Or maybe the crow meant that Ned was going to die and the crows would be feeding on him for days.
  18. State of Grace.

    Worst lead single from studio album

    Worst: Walk Me Home or With You (Best: Perfect Illusion)
  19. eduardolevit

    Britney Spears dealing with 'emotional issues"

    she was talkative with the paps, laughing, hair styled (that NEVER happens) like.. i think we can ALL tell she's doing good and they're just fuming that their **** show is going down. my god. so ****ing unfair to britney
  20. FallingFromCloud9

    Social House & Ariana Grande - "Haunt You"

    Will this be available on Spotify at midnight?
  21. Nicole Richie

    Pro Wrestling | WWE Reveals Ugly Jobber Title

    Not Corbin almost missing his spot and Michael Cole still proceeding to say “Corbin with speed and quickness” 💀
  22. jdmc218

    Stand Your Ground 2.0 | Read the OP

    You got tons of people still gettin' low on That's the Way Love Goes in the club. There are millions of locations other than your hometown. Hell, I'm surprised more than what I thought knew When I Think of You. Like give it up. lol
  23. Grown K

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    The Targaryen prequel is coming with sex and dragons, written by George RR Martin himself, so yeah.
  24. boyandhistiger

    Will there ever be a show as big as GoT?

    i dont think there will but of course i really really really hope they keep trying to aim for the same quality.
  25. Juanny

    Back to back eras that were completely different

    ARTPOP/Cheek To Cheek
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