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  2. dreampop

    3 biggest pop girl classics of the 00’s decade?

    crazy in love toxic beautiful
  3. Where did they find this clown?
  4. FameFatale

    Lady Gaga

    Yikes Haus Party is a NOPE
  5. Azealia Banks

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    they've been serving quality honestly...
  6. TyYoshi

    Lady Gaga

  7. Beyonce's Lion King smashing as it should
  8. Elite Four Brad

    Is HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI one of Lana’s best vocals?

    wtf is that acronym
  9. Attitude

    Kim working with Trump to free A$AP Rocky

    Not them acting like he's being held in some 3rd world country and will never be released.
  10. Lights and Waves

    Ellie Goulding is the pits. Why?

    Not particularly pretty or beautiful and also has no fashion sense Steep decline in music quality with no end in sight Grating voice that almost sounds like a meme charicature Barely and memorable hits Dull personality
  11. Sheegs

    [Vote NOW!!!] Top 100 Greatest K-pop Songs of All Time

    Gonna make me a big 3 free list
  12. Harranger

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    and we’re happy
  13. yASSsss

    [UPDATE] Spotify: Beyoncé OUT WW, OUT US (Day 7)

    @ItalianMonsterLM where’s today’s update
  14. Elite Four Brad

    Lil Nas & Dolly tease Old Town Road remix

    can he stop this desperation? it's making us gays look bad.
  15. MissedTheTrain

    Is HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI one of Lana’s best vocals?

    I didn’t know Y&B had that title originally
  16. channel orange

    Ariana Grande

    it really does the fact that it’s the second least streamed track on tu,n just proves once again that the gp is tasteless
  17. Clauss

    Taylor Swift - 'Lover'

    Maybe the song on the trailer is a Lover track?
  18. Fitzswiftie

    Females with the most top 10 as a lead of all time

    Shouldn’t Diana Ross be higher with 17, counting the 6 top tens she has that are credited to “Diana Ross and the Supremes”
  19. Yomaku

    ATRL's Song Contest 14: Round 7 results @ 4:30pm EST

    Comeback round is any song from the banned songs list innit x
  20. yASSsss

    Stand Your Ground | Read the OP

    Me too
  21. Stifler's Mom

    Impulsive things you do?

    give ex's too much credit and expect that they are a good person or have good values.
  22. getback

    RuPaul's Drag Race | Best Looks Rate - Page 7279

    friendly ruminder that this look should win the rate xoxo
  23. paradisedarkness

    Freya Ridings - 'Freya Ridings'

    OH MY GOD ELEPHANT >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  24. boubour

    K-pop: Snapping Song of Summha

    NCT 127 released another teaser...Red Shelved OUT, NCualiTy IN
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