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  1. What a loser. If that happened to me, a b!tch will get these hands; but instead she just fixed her hair like nothing happened
  2. Note - it's songs that climbed up the Hot 100 and didn't have a music video, NOT songs that debuted at #1...I feel like there aren't a lot of those. Here's the only one in recent memory that I can think of: Which other songs have done this?
  3. If not, name 3 performers who are better, and please use objective metrics, not subjective ones like “connects with the audience better” etc.
  4. And we're back! It's time once again to reward the best music of the past year, and to compare our collective tastes with those of the world's premier music awards show. Using the same categories, procedures and timeline as its namesake, the ATRL Grammys provides an opportunity for members to get in on the Grammy fun before the ceremony in February. Beyoncé owned last year's show, winning Album of the Year for a historic third time. What will this year's edition, marking a new decade of the ATRL Grammys, bring? SUBMISSIONS In the first stage of the nomination process, ATRL members can submit their favorite albums, songs and artists in up to 27 actual Grammy categories. Music released from October 1, 2022 to September 15, 2023 is eligible for consideration. You do not have to enter submissions for every category. BALLOTS ARE DUE BY NOVEMBER 26, 2023. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. Categories LONGLISTS In the second stage of the nomination process, ATRL members will pick the final nominees from longlists of the top submissions in each category. These will be announced on November 28, 2023. Longlists BALLOTS ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 3, 2023. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. NOMINATIONS The nominees in each category will be announced on December 9, 2023. Announcement VOTES ARE DUE BY JANUARY 14, 2023. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. Official ballot WINNERS The winners in each category will be announced during the ATRL Grammys ceremony on February 3, 2024, the day before the real show airs on CBS. PARTICIPANTS
  5. willow champagne problems gold rush 'tis the damn season tolerate it no body, no crime happiness dorothea coney island ivy cowboy like me long story short marjorie closure evermore right where you left me it's time to go
  6. youngpopariana

    “Cannonball” by Lea Michele turns 10

    On December 10th 2013, Lea Michele released “Cannonball” as her debut single. It also served as the lead single from her first album ‘Louder’. Sia and Benny Blanco co-wrote the song amongst others. “Cannonball” peaked at #75 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also managed to chart in Australia (#45), Canada (#49), France (#48), Ireland (#80), Italy (#27), Japan (#82), Spain (#32) and the UK (#56).
  7. The forgotten sister of The Fame It was released a single in Australia, New Zealand and France so it was terribly overshadowed by Just Dance, Poker Face, Lovegame & Paparazzi which had world wide releases An underrated summer bop
  8. Rachel McAdams made a wise choice by prioritizing her Oscar campaign for "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" over participating in the Mean Girls reunion commercial for Walmart. This decision showcases her commitment to her craft and the pursuit of more substantial, critically acclaimed projects. By focusing on a role that earned her acclaim from critics and garnered award nominations, Rachel demonstrates a dedication to her artistic growth and recognition for her talent beyond the confines of a nostalgic reunion. The move reinforces her standing as a versatile and respected actress, allowing her to explore diverse roles that contribute to her professional evolution. Ultimately, Rachel's decision reflects a commitment to her craft and a desire to be recognized for her current and future contributions in the film industry.
  9. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/nicki-minaj-pink-friday-2/ Ties for her lowest score by them.
  10. DRod93

    Who will Breakout in 2024?

    In 2023 we had Ice Spice, Tate McRae, Victoria Monét, Tyla, Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson all breaking through and getting their big hits. Who do you think will be doing the same in 2024?
  11. crf13

    Cassie Appreciation Thread

    She has so many gems: (IGNORE THAT MAN'S TWO VERSES)
  12. She said in her new interview with People:
  13. We've got some good ones just starting up, but what do you think? Flo's success is still very gradual, but there was a time people couldn't get enough of Western girl groups. Is that time over? Or do these new groups have a chance? If you're interested in keeping up with them, check out my Western Girl Group thread in Base. We can always use more stans!
  14. Bethenny Frankel

    Did Nicki Minaj Deliver With Pink Friday 2?

    Nicki released the highly anticipated sequel to Pink Friday, which is still my favorite Nicki album. Barbz were saying this was the second coming of christ and better than Renaissance, idk if I'm sure about that. What do y'all think? Did the so-proclaimed queen of rap deliver or not?
  15. Link Official numbers It becomes the fourth biggest opening domestically, right below Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"
  16. Take Me Apart

    Can Laufey smash ? Do you stan her?

    Currently sitting at 18M monthly listeners on Spotify while doing a completely left-field genre (for today's standards) Her latest album 'Bewitched' peaked at #3 in Iceland and at #23 in the US She has several viral songs on tiktok. Can she become Gen Z's Norah Jones?
  17. Her debut album: - has only 11 tracks and 11 BILLION streams on Spotify - two smash hits that debuted at #1 - spend like 1 year in the top 10 - won three grammys, nominated for AOTY, ROTY, SOTY etc. - every song on the album went top 40 - sold out world tour (theatres) - eligible for over 5x Plat in 2 years - 295k in first week Her second album: - every song in the top 40, the only artist in history to achieve this with their first two albums - #1 smash hit - second CONSECUTIVE album of the year nomination (6 total grammy noms) - sold out world tour (arenas) - eligible for platinum in 2 months - 302k in first week like what artist in history achieved this much success in just two years of a career and their first two albums? not even greats like beyonce and taylor had these stats in their debut / sophomore eras.
  18. Big Bad Wolf

    Is "Pink Friday 2" Nicki's ARTPOP?

    TF = PF TFM = PFRR BTW = TPP ARTPOP = PF2 Chromatica = Queen
  19. Shakira has been consistently getting successful singles and albums since 1995 (28 years) Madonna lasted from 1983 to 2009 (26 years) Of course Madonna is way more successful overall but is Shakira officially the new queen of longevity? Discuss.
  20. You might not believe this or know about this but I am actually a very big Nicki Minaj fan. I've been a fan of her since almost the beginning of her career when she released Super Bass. Loved it. I really enjoyed some songs from The Pink Print too, although I didn't like it quite as much as Pink Friday. My favorite Nicki Minaj songs: Moment 4 Life Super Bass Starships Va Va Voom The Night Is Still Young I don't have time to listen to the entire Pink Friday 2 album. Will I like it? What songs from it will I like?
  21. Has Taylor surpassed the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc?
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