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Found 6,982 results

  1. In light of today’s events, here we have a definite poll for the best MPG national anthem live performance. not all of them had their mics on, despite these facts, who do you think gave the best performance? chose these MPG because their stans consider them big vocalists.
  2. ArtForFreedom

    Katy won in the end

  3. I'm a stan, but I can't help but think about something after seeing a few "statistics". She's a huge presence, a legend and arguably the biggest star to come around in the past decade. But why are her actual "numbers" so low? For someone who released an album in 2020, her Spotify streams are still falling way behind some of her peers and even ones who haven't released an album in years. I saw the most streamed female artists so far in 2021 and she's like #9, with Rihanna & Dua Lipa and many other above her. On Instagram too, she is strangely faaaar beyond her peers (B
  4. Passion

    Vinyl Talk

    . http://i.imgur.com/hRJAum0.png
  5. Donquizote

    Better National Anthem: Gaga or Beyonce?

    Who has a better National Anthem performance at Presidential inauguration? Gaga or Beyonce?
  6. What's your fave(s)' last multi-platinum solo single in the U.S. and how long into their career did they get it? Rihanna: Love On The Brain (3X platinum) 2017. 12 years into her career.
  7. New Year, New K-Pop Thread Rules: https://atrl.net/index.php?/guidelines/ Everyone is to familiarize themselves with these rules. There are no exceptions or leniency moving forward. If you cannot follow these rules you will be warned and if it continues you will be thread banned.
  8. naval23

    Rihanna's "S&M" turns 10!

    S&M was released as the 3rd single from Rihanna's blockbuster 6M+ selling era Loud. It was a massive international smash, reaching #1 in 10+ countries including Australia, Canada, USA, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland and Sweden, while reaching top 5 in 25+ countries. It dethroned Katy's Perry "ET" on the Hot 100, selling 293k downloads the week it went #1. It became her 3rd STRAIGHT #1 from the Loud era, and her 5th #1 in the span of less than a year (along with "Rude Boy", "Love the Way You Lie", "Only Girl" and "What's My Name?".
  9. In light of Gaga's universally acclaimed performance of the national anthem at President Biden's inauguration, Variety's chief television critic posted this very interesting point on his Twitter today. Why could Gaga be one of the very few that will stick around and remain part of conversation? How has Gaga grown into the respected and admired powerhouse in showbiz that she is today? Thoughts?
  10. Wicked


    .http://ultraimg.com/images/Banner2.png The artists in this collage: Beck, Animal Collective, Aphex Twin, Ariel Pink, Bjork, Brian Eno, Cat Power, Nicolas Jaar, Liz Harris, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, St. Vincent, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Grimes, Matana Roberts, Death Grips, FKA twigs, Scott Walker, Perfume Genius, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple & Iman Omari http://ultraimg.com/images/WZ2.png http://www.gorillavsbear.net/ http://www.treblezine.com/ http://thequietus.com/ http://www.thel
  11. JLo just sang at a major historical event and performed at the Super Bowl. Mariah was not invited. Why?
  12. The viral memes, massive streams (even without AIWFCIY) and appeal to the new generation...is Mimi more relevant than Madge in 2021? Discuss and keep it cute
  13. Erreur2 La Nature

    Biggest/Weakest 5th studio album era

    Results for the previous edition : (6th studio album era) Biggest : Reputation - Taylor Swift Weakest : Liberation - Christina Aguilera Which of these main popgirls had the biggest era and which one had the weakest with a 5th studio album ?
  14. BeyoncéFlicks

    Mean Girls as reporters

  15. Queen of taking out the trash!!! The fact over 5k people commented and the tweet was released 7 minutes ago Release #R9 sis!!!
  16. The ex-acts 6th studio albums. Let's rank and share our thoughts.
  17. mokitsu

    Did Olivia Rodrigo rip off Kesha?

    Do these songs sound alike to you? I hear people saying the structure is identical with more subdued choruses and verses until a bombastic bridge, and that production is similar too.
  18. Erreur2 La Nature

    Least famous "old" popgirl ?

    Among these "old" popgirls, which one is the least famous worldwide ?
  19. Hot Volcano

    Million Reasons hits 500m on Spotify

    we love a solo hit
  20. NOW

    The greatest stanning thread

    Let's stan a career highlight, the eeriness of how well it captured the time and the increased eeriness of how it was foreshadowing the year we had afterward. "We didn't know that we had it all..." "Oh the livestream's almost on..." We didn't fully get it back then but damn...what we know now.
  21. Karla Cabello

    was this song TOO ahead of its time

    for certain people
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