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Found 23,045 results

  1. leyaris11

    Should Katy learn from P!nk?

    About making woman empowerment songs? P!nk did it decade ago and better.
  2. I mean his streaming numbers are insane. 4B, 3B on songs. Plus, he has more GP appeal whereas Taylor has the Swifties to rely on more. What do we think?
  3. Dom

    Why did Trustfall flop?

    I keep constantly returning to P!nk's euphoric major bop "Trustfall" (which miss Ariana of course did better with "We Can't Be Friends" and scored a number 1) and keep wondering why did it bomb chart wise? It peaked at 84 on BB hot 100. However, it has better stats than some number 1's. It has 74million views on youtube, which is for todays standarts quite good for music video on yt. 240 million streams on spotify as well, however all chart peaks are horrid. why did this song bomb so hard, even tho it has all the elements. Catchy, fred…again production, Ariana We Can't Be Friends vibe, slay music video, loads of tiktoks with sound. what went wrong? Does P!nk need to ditch RCA, Roger Davies and get a label that would put her on playlists? I feel miss Alecia Beth still has a fire in her to score a hit.
  4. Which one of these fading popstars is having a worse year?
  5. If we look at the aesthetics of all the albums released by MPG, we can see that they are derived from Chromatica's aesthetics in different ways. The album is known as a fluke in Gaga's discography among stans, but is it more impactful than it is given credit for?
  6. OrgVisual

    Are we living in a Men's world?

    Billie and Sabrina are smashing harder than ever yet they are barely in the top 10 Makes it make sense?
  7. Tragic day for Stan Twitter?
  8. Both songs released in July were panned by the GP and critics upon arrival. One failed to chart while the other one might barely chart at the lower rungs of the Hot 100. MIND YOUR BUSINESS - released July 21, 2023 WOMAN's WORLD - released July 11, 2024
  9. I was #10 a hour ago, but the leaderboard is now down to protect privacy of winner in the next couple of days when Billboard updates Tuesday. Some of my best longterm predictions Chappell Roan - Good Luck Babe Prediction - #15 April 23rd Peak - #10 July 9th Shaboozey - A Bar Song (Tipsy) Prediction - #1 April 27th Peak - #1 July 9th Sabrina Carpenter - Expresso Prediction - #3 April 26 Peak - #3 June 18th Teddy Swims - The Door Prediction - #80 May 3rd Peak - #76 June 25th https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/billboard-hot-100-challenge-mobile-game-announced-1235651980/amp/
  10. Virgo Groove is Beyonce best song in my opinion. Please only give one answer. I don't want a multi song list. Thank you and Shall we get this thread started. I will be on hiatus starting on July 17.
  11. Releasd in 2003 Intuition by Jewel it was panned by critics and bitter atrl-type-gays as well as holier than thou serious type Karen's and Yolandas who didn't get the "sarcasm". They claimed jewel was selling out when the song/video was released. Even after Jewel said it was sarcasm people still didn't get it. And of course just like atrl, statements like "this is the worst song ever" were thrown around. I see a similarity to what's happening to Katys song, where people don't get the sarcasm and even if they do they just hate on it anyway because they don't like Katy and wannabe edgy.
  12. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything negative about it it's the literal definition of perfection
  13. And not just regular or part-time actresses, but oftentimes acclaimed, Oscar-winning actresses. I've noticed this ambition among many pop girls, and what's funny is that I don't think many actresses want to have serious music careers. In fact, some, like Zendaya, actively avoid it, choosing to pursue acting instead. Why is this?
  14. ithinkheknowsoutsold

    Ellie Goulding's Delirium: what went wrong?

    Nearly a decade ago, Ellie Goulding released her third studio album, the creatively titled Delirium. Many people, myself included, foresaw it being the album that would catapult Ellie to megastar/MPG status. It only made sense to think that, considering each successive Ellie Goulding release over the past 5 year seemed to be getting her bigger and bigger and after the mega hit that was Love Me Like You Do (follow up to the UK smash Halcyon), Ellie seemed poised to join the ranks of the music industry's absolute elite. She seemed to recognise this too, since the album's promotional cycle with the sensual music video teasers, exclusive radio listening parties, and big brand endorsements all echoed this thought of Ellie Goulding: corporate megastar. To aid her in this, she enlisted the aid of big-name producers/songwriters like Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, Ilya Salmanzadeh etc., her vision being a bombastic, sparkling pop album that married contemporary trends dominating airwaves with her own distinctive indie pop flair. In that regard I feel like the album was a big success. It's full of versatile hooks, explosive choruses, colorful production choices, and witty songwriting details that make the album feel both interesting and accessible concurrently. Highlights include Something In The Way You Move, On My Mind, Codes, Don't Panic, We Can't Move To This, Don't Need Nobody, and The Greatest, among others. However, Delirium fell short of expectations commercially. Lead single On My Mind became a modest hit, reaching the top 5 in the UK and the top 15 in the US. Second single Army barely scraped the top 20 in the UK whilst missing the Hot 100 completely stateside, whilst final single Something In The Way You missed the top 50 in the UK (this was as a promotional single, after its official release it missed the top 100 completely), whilst peaking at number 43 on the Hot 100. The album went platinum in both the UK and the US, becoming Ellie's highest charter in the latter, but in the UK it became her first album to miss the top spot. Whilst going platinum is no small feat, Ellie's first two LPs went 3X and 4X platinum in the UK respectively, so the platinum certification feels a lot more underwhelming in comparison. In fact, even the cultural impact of the era feels muted. It seems conversation for the album died with the release of On My Mind, as in the shuffle of the big name releases during the album's release week, Delirium felt like an afterthought from arrival. All promotion for the album seemed over by the end of November, and Ellie wrapped the promo in early 2016 by focusing instead on the Delirium World Tour (her biggest tour to date). Some people thought this was going to her 1989, but it seems the whole era had the staying power of a singular 1989 era hit at best. What went wrong for Delirium? What could've been done differently? Do you like the album? If you could pick different singles for the album, what would you choose?
  15. Revolution

    What should Katy's next move be?

    Pop music emergency.
  16. It's just a hate bandwagon at this point, it's boring. Y'all seem to forget Katy created One of the Boys and Teenage Dream. Two albums that will live in the annals of pop music history which still sound FRESH and TIMELESS today . Unlike some other popstar albums released around that time period which now sound like dated Ibiza music for loose bootyhole popper gays. stans like to pretend Katy committed some cardinal sin by collaborating with Luke when some of y'all faves have worked with rapists, sexual abusers (including some who still work with choreographers and producers who are being accused rn) and zionists. The hypocrisy is incredible. Katy Perry will still rise!
  17. The new appearance of Katy has almost 300K likes on X. Are we surprised at the demand and is this indication of a big comeback?
  18. Lagerfeld

    Where is this Katy Perry?

    Pure talent, raw artistry, and emotion. I wish she would stop trying to get back on the horse and just make real music. We need to defend Katy.
  19. Considering how Katy's new era is off to a pretty bad start, giving us an entire new definition of the term "flop", and TTPD has already shown longevity, do you guys think it's possible for TTPD to chart HIGHER than 143 once that album comes out? What are yall opinions on this?
  20. Let's not forget that! If you can afford me, one of the boys, teenage dream, walking on air, birthday, never really over etc. I'm a fan of EVERY popstar and I would argue Katy made the best pop music in the purest sense of what pop and commercial music is. Nobody is touching her incredible pop discography that WILL stand the test of time. Yes Woman's World is a misfire but the album WILL deliver! So get your tired drags in but Katy has already won with this album tbh.
  21. trainsskyscrapers

    Destiny's Child: A Samples Legacy

    The way this group has built a publishing EMPIRE off of modern sampling is legendary. I'll keep this updated. (Using Reported ASCAP writing credits) (1) "Say My Name" - DC4, Fred Jerkins III, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels (1999) - Common - Stay Schemin' (2012) - Ghost Loft - "Seconds" (2013) - CitizenFour - "My Name (Say It)" (2017) - T.I. f. Anderson Paak - "At Least I Know" (2018) - Summer Walker f. Bryson Tiller - "Playing Games" (2019) (#16 US - 3xP, #24 UK - 1xP, #83 AUS - 1xP, #43 CAN - 2xP) - Drake f. James Fauntleroy - "Girls Love Beyonce" (2019) - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - "Act Like That" (2020) - Stan Walker - "I Don't Want The Fame" (2020) - ArrDee - 'Flowers (Say My Name)" (2021) (#5 UK - 1xP, #49 AUS) - EARTHGANG & Smino - "AMBEYONCE" (2022) - Fivio Foreign f. Queen Naija & Coi Leray - "What's My Name" (2022) (2) "Bills, Bills, Bills" - DC4, Kandi Burruss, Kevin "Shekespeare" Briggs (1999) - Pardison Fontaine f. Jeremih - "Pay Ya Bills" (2019) - Aitch - "Triggered" (2020) - Paul Woolford & Pessto - "Can You Pay?" (2022) - SNBRN & Freak On - "I Don't Think U Do" (2022) (3) "Soldier" - DC3, Sean Garrett, Rich Harrison (2004) - Nelly f. Paul Wall + Ali & Gipp - "Grillz" (2005) (#1 US - 1xP, #11 AUS, #24 UK) - Willie Northpole - "Body Marked Up" (2009) "Girl" - DC3, Sean Garrett, Angela Beyince, 9th Wonder (2004) - 99 Souls - The Girl Is Mine (2015) (#5 UK - 1xP, #33 AUS - Gold, #1 US Dance, #5 SCO, #1 MEX Airplay - 3.5xP) "Independent Women P.1" - Beyonce, Poke & Tone, Cory Rooney (2000) - AJ Tracey f. Kehlani - "Coupe" (2021) - Emilia - "La Chain" (2022) "Cater 2 U" - DC3, Rodney Jerkins, Robert Waller (2004) - Tink & 2 Chainz - "Cater" (2022) (NEW) Kehlani - "After Hours (Cater 2 U Mix)" (2024) "Bootylicious" - Beyonce, Falonte Moore, Rob Fusari, Stevie Nicks (2001) - Fifth Harmony f. Meghan Trainor - "Brave Honest Beautiful" (2015) "T-Shirt" - DC3, Sean Garrett, Angie Beyince, Dre & Vidal (2004) - Cassie - "Kiss Me" (2006) "Through With Love" - DC3, Sean Garrett, Mario Winans (2004) - Bugzy Malone - "Men III" (2020) (#18 UK - Silver) "Lose My Breath" - DC3, Sean Garrett, Jay-Z, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels (2004) - Camila Cabello - "Terrified" (2017 - leaked in 2020) "Jumpin' Jumpin'" - Beyonce, Chad Elliott, Jovonn Alexander, Rufus Moore (2000) - ALOK - "The Club Is Jumpin' (2022) - Kelow Latesha - "The Real Deal" (2023) "Home For The Holidays" - Beyonce, Solange, The Bama Boyz (2005 - DC3 Christmas Album Reissue Bonus track) - J. Cole - "Home For The Holidays" (2010) "Freak Daddy" - DC4, Fred Jerkins III, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels (1999 - unreleased) - Mos Def - "Freak Daddy" (2002)
  22. The way most would rank it top 5 in her discography A droplet era song winning a big 4 Grammy It peaked at #14 on the Hot 100 and had longevity charting for 35+ weeks and went #1 in Australia and UK Her best MV me thinks
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