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  1. Britney’s executive produced masterpiece is now available on Dolby Audio / Spatial on Apple Music and it slaps hard!! All the hidden vocals Gimme More, Piece of Me, Radar so far sound
  2. When I'm asking about your unpopular opinions, I don't just mean degree one (on the unpopular opinion scale) takes like "Beyonce/Taylor Swift is overrated!1!!" or "Melodrama/Blackout are mediocre!11!". I'm asking for opinions that are incredibly unpopular (4-5) and make people clutch their pearls! For example, I didn't like "Fetch The Bolt-Cutters" (my apologies if I got the title wrong) by Fiona Apple. I don't know if it really is so radical but you get the gist of what I'm trying to put out. You can also use this as a vent thread to channel your feelings of an artist without being bombarded by their fans. So let the discussions COMMENCE
  3. And we're back! It's time once again to reward the best music of the past year, and to compare our collective tastes with those of the world's premier music awards show. Using the same categories, procedures and timeline as its namesake, the ATRL Grammys provides an opportunity for members to get in on the Grammy fun before the ceremony in February. Billie Eilish made history at last year's show when she became the first artist to sweep all three top categories. What will this year's edition, marking a decade of the ATRL Grammys, bring? We'll have to plenty to celebrate in the months ahead, starting with a new category inspired by changes from the Recording Academy. SUBMISSIONS In the first stage of the nomination process, ATRL members can submit their favorite albums, songs and artists in up to 27 actual Grammy categories. Music released from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 is eligible for consideration. You do not have to enter submissions for every category. BALLOTS ARE DUE BY NOVEMBER 20, 2022. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. Categories LONGLISTS In the second stage of the nomination process, ATRL members will pick the final nominees from longlists of the top submissions in each category. These will be announced on November 21, 2022. Longlists BALLOTS ARE DUE BY NOVEMBER 30, 2022. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. NOMINATIONS The nominees in each category will be announced on December 4, 2022. Announcement VOTES ARE DUE BY JANUARY 2, 2023. PLEASE SEND BY PRIVATE MESSAGE. Official ballot WINNERS The winners in each category will be announced during the ATRL Grammys ceremony on February 11, 2023. PARTICIPANTS
  4. List of GRAMMYs won by throughout her 4 decades career: 1999 - Best New Artist 2001 - Mi Reflejo (#LatinGRAMMY) 2002 - Lady Marmalade 2004 - Beautiful 2007 - Ain't No Other Man 2015 - Say Something 2022 - AGUILERA (#LatinGRAMMY) Talent always win
  5. This is hands down my favorite song on lover and a top 5 taylor song for me. Should it have been a single. I think it could have been a cute single after Lover. I just love how the choruses build and build each time. By the time the final chorus hits, I find it hard to contain my self.
  6. UseYourIllusion2002

    Control Vs. True Blue

    ...Continuing the threads pitting Madonna and Janet's albums, which do you prefer, which is bigger in the USA (since clearly True Blue dominates around the globe), and which is more remembered? Album: 7x Platinum, 5 weeks at No. One Live to Tell: #1 Papa Don't Preach: #1 True Blue: #3 Open Your Heart: #1 La Isla Bonita: #4 Album: 5x Platinum, 2 weeks at No. One What Have You Done For Me Lately: #4 Nasty: #3 When I Think of You: #1 Control: #5 Let's Wait a While: #2 The Pleasure Principle: #14
  7. Let's congregate and appreciate this 2000s highlight in Mariah's discographyn which was finally certified Platinum by the RIAA
  8. In the last couple days she deleted her twitter account (though she hasn't been tweeting since december 2020) https://twitter.com/TheAJayII. Her youtube channel icon is now noticeably blurry as well. Her last reaction afaik was a 30 revisit that was posted ~January 1st 2022 (but it was taken down swiftly after most likely due to copyright). She has taken a similarly long break last year, though it seems more serious this time with her socials deactivating and her not moving even for her fave Beyonce releasing. Is it safe to say she's retired?
  9. Im so bored of her hyping and teasing her debut album that its tainted and i dont want it anymore. I wanna know when her second album is coming. Any ideas?
  10. Is Beyonce’s reputation of allegedly taking writing credits when she didn’t deserve it the reason why grammy voters don’t vote for her to win AOTY? Renaissance is clearly a great contender for AOTY but will the drama regarding the samples hinder her chance of winning AOTY upcoming year?
  11. We're almost a week away from PRISM's 9 year () anniversary. I was revisiting this album and realized I haven't shown enough love to the deep cuts. I'm curious to see which one do you guys think is the most underrated one. Personally I've always loved 'International Smile' but 'This Moment' hit hard this time I will be excluding the two obvious fan favorites 'Legendary Lovers' and 'Walking On Air'. I thought of excluding 'Spiritual' too because I've seen a lot of praise for it but people seem to love 'It Takes Two' as well so I'll just let them battle it out on a seperate poll.
  12. What more can I say? Maybe her best song happy birthday to miss “Wildest Dreams”
  13. nostalgia

    Who is the Miracle of Pop?

    mir·a·cle | \ ˈmir-i-kəl \ Definition of miracle 1: an extraordinary event manifestingdivine intervention in human affairsthe healing miracles described in the Gospels 2: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishmentThe bridge is a miracle of engineering. 3Christian Science : a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law Who do you think has given a divine intervention in the world of Pop?
  14. Just two singles, no album out recently Her longevity is insane. https://twitter.com/spotify_data/status/1588712830064558080?t=vU8GreZvstmN-ggxj9TjWg&s=19 https://twitter.com/rosaliachart/status/1588555020622233600?t=t-Ryp5wbcqlhcAieARyjDA&s=19
  15. ithinkheknowsoutsold

    Thoughts on Lorry Hill?

    Hi everyone. Lately I've been watching videos by this YouTuber named Lorry Hill, who focuses on analysis of celebrity plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. I love her content, I think she's very respectful and very informative, and she helped me understand a lot of my misconceptions about our current beauty standards. However it appears to me that in circles more informed about this topic she is a bit of a controversial figure. Lorry has covered several famous celebrities, including pop girls like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Madonna, Miley Cyrus etc. Earlier this year she found herself in hot water when famous rapper and singer Doja Cat attacked her for Lorry's video on Doja. Lorry immediately took it down, but she received both support and criticism for her video. What are your thoughts on her and the plastic surgery analysis channels in general? Do you agree with their mindset and watch these channels too? (Also, if the mods think this isn't the right section for it can they move this to somewhere they think it's more appropriate for?)
  16. StarsAllAligned

    Craziest pop girl tabloid covers?

    What are some of the wildest, fakest, bizarre and most out there unbelievable tabloid covers made about the pop girlies? This one always makes me scream
  17. 1. Mainstream Hit in India and South Asia - CHECK ✔️ 2. Mainstream Hit in China and East Asia - CHECK ✔️ 3. Mainstream hit in Sub-saharan Africa - CHECK ✔️ 4. Mainstream Hit in Hispanic Latin America and Brazil - CHECK ✔️ 5. Mainstream Hit in the Middle East and North Africa - CHECK ✔️ 6. Mainstream Hit in Russia and Central Asia - CHECK ✔️ 7. Mainstream hit in the US, Europe and the rest of the western world - CHECK ✔️ - - - I mean, which other female (apart from perhaps Shakira with Whenever Wherever and Hips Dont Lie) has a song who can pass all seven checks in such a mainstream, culturally impactful and timeless manner?
  18. Three ladies from B**ch I'm QUEEN OF POP just scored a #1 in 2022 & 2023 Who will be next?
  19. The lyrics The timeless production The excellence in that music video I mean, c'mon y'all... Is there anything bad about this masterpiece? Only bad thing if when it ends tbh (and that it deserved way more success).
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