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  1. And which stanbases have the most tops/bottoms? On a more serious note, it's sad to hear that the environment for LGBTQ people in mainland China has deteriorated quite significantly in the past few years (as mentioned by the folks being interviewed).
  2. duybeeGAshantiGA

    Joe Biden as a robot

    The fact that this and Trump both look like rotting corpses but yeah....
  3. A ******* mess overall. The Asian lady getting tf outta there right when it starts getting messy it's like she has seen it all before. The way she grabbed the pants of the guy in white so his red underwear was shown Not her saying "thanks, men" to others at the end of the video.
  4. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/anti-israel-marchers-led-by-queers4palestine-block-philadelphia-gay-pride-parade-no-pride-in-genocide/
  5. I remember seeing the full video for this years ago and it was hysterical. Does anyone know where to find the OG video?
  6. …and went LIVE on Instagram. Thoughts? Did he go too far? Or are people overreacting?
  7. EDIT: For y'all complaining that you can barely see him, this is what he looks like:
  8. LesFleur

    Twink gets DESTROYED

    LMAO Somone GIF this please
  9. "Look at you... you're FURIOUSSS"
  10. 17 million views and counting If you read the comments on YouTube most of them are respectful. It's nice to see This is an old scene from a Canadian TV show called "Kim's Convenience," but CBC just recently posted this clip and it blew up The beautiful "Therese" in this scene is portrayed by Thom Allison
  11. who’s side are you on? also the woman running in for her SJW moment at the end there
  12. pride4jc1222

    340 years of meme music

    TIL the Cancan is called Orphee Aux Enefers:
  13. A woman on Tik Tok has gone viral for discussing her insane ex-husband who lied about everything in their relationship. It is a 52 part story and each video is 10 minutes each. She is truly captivating audiences, watch it become a film
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