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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7MwXJ4xV4D/?igsh=MnR6M3h5NDRzMWI=
  2. Wait... why does this one actually sound good?
  3. On the upcoming blues inspired album by Slash "Orgy of the Damned", out on May 17 Snippet:
  4. sbenci

    Slayyyter - "Jesus In Miami"

    Incredible unreleased from SF sessions l worded
  5. HandsInTheAir

    Miley Cyrus - "Psycho Killer"

    A cover as part of a Talking Heads tribute album. Out now !
  6. effy

    ZAYN - "Stardust"

    It's the first track from Zayn's new album "ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS" that gets a music video. It's also the track that's being pushed on Spotify atm.
  7. Beautiful. Stunning. She should record more music. "BareNaked" is so good
  8. Alex

    Normani - "Candy Paint"

    Candy Paint, the focus single from DOPAMINE. Pre-save here
  9. out there, ask samples music sounds better with you by stardust.. probably from her 2019 ibiza sessions where make it to heaven, stay and bed came to life 2019: I Surrender, Simple, Good Good 2021: Ask
  10. All outtakes from her best era aka 'Heartbreak County'. Nearly every leak is so good especially "BEAUTIFUL FOOL" Gia if you see this, PLEASE release "Beautiful Fool". It's dreamy pop perfection! "Pillow Princess" was intended for Slayyyter Masterpiece!

    Maya Rudolph - "I'm Your Mother"

    debuted at her mother's day monologue, parody of the RENAISSANCE world tour by Beyoncé
  12. Holler x Children mashup release it for #Forever25
  13. Ethereal

    Gunna f/ Normani - "$$$"

    OUT FRIDAY @wildsidenormani
  14. Recently surfaced, amazing pop song (she can't miss)
  15. welcome to another thread dedicated to the surfaced songs by mother XCX Closer - brat Coals Burn Out - 2019 Kiss Kiss Goodbye - 2022 (early BRAT) What You Do To Me (Demo) - 2018
  16. GardenPanty

    Normani - “Rocket”

    surfaced probably on Dopamine, given she’s sitting on a rocket in the cover
  17. xokuba

    Lana Del Rey - "Lana's Lullaby"

    Posted on VOGUE's TikTok. She sounds immaculate!
  18. and it slaps! ALSO, the Eusexua dress
  19. PlaidShirtDays

    Bebe Rexha - "I'm The Drama"

    Premiered during Coachella set. this is such a banger
  20. Alex

    Metro Boomin - "BBL Drizzy"

    The soundtrack for the upcoming mass Drake disses
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