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  1. Kumiko Koda didn't barge into the j-pop scene like a hurricane - her rise was slow. Her debut single, TAKE BACK, only reached the 59th position on Oricon, and while her later singles charted signicantly better, it was her tie-up with Final Fantasy X-2, a double single real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba, that became her first true hit. She saw another surge with popularity with her cover of Cutie Honey, which was the opening song for the same-titled anime series from the 70s. Her album secret and its singles enjoyed plenty of success, but what truly solidied her place in the industry and made her an essential j-pop artist in the 00s was her first compilation album BEST ~first things~ and its sequel, BEST ~second session~. The latter was preceded by an iconic 12-singles run, the covers for which were inspired by different countries. Both compilations sold around 2 million copies, and many consider ~second session~ a studio album in its own right. Afterwards, Kumiko became recognized for her ballads (for the general audience) and queer themes in her music/videos (for the gays). Her style is often described as erokawaii (sexy-cute), which is evident in how she can go from singing about body fluids to twinkle twinkle little stars, although sometimes she did manage to find the balance between the two. Overall, her career in the 2000s is nothing to scoff at, and with this rate, we celebrate her vast collection of singles from that period. You get a huge variery of sounds: Middle Eastern influences, R&B, pvssy popping beats and heartbreaking ballads, not to forget the legendary collabs with Fergie and her sister. Rules: 1. Rate each song from the list on the scale from 1 to 10. Using decimals is allowed. 2. You may give one song you adore a score of 11 and one song you despise a score of 0. 3. Send your scores to me using the PM-friendly list below. 4. Please note that 1000の言葉 is not on streaming and in the playlist, so use other means to listen to the song. Or use your memory since every single gay person probably played Final Fantasy X-2. 5. Feel free to leave (funny) comments next to your scores. 6. The deadline for the rate is August 1. Spotify Playlist: PM-Friendly List:
  2. Ace Reject

    Rate Signup Thread

    ONGOING RATES N/A COMPLETED RATES 1. Post 2005 Pop Girls: The Singles - #1s Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 2. The Sade Singles Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: conatus Winner: "No Ordinary Love" 3. The Twenty One Pilots Discography Rate Rate Host: Sabbath Winner: "Holding On To You" 4. This WAS 2016: Part 1 Rate Host: Eeveelution Winner: Solange, "Cranes in the Sky" 5. The Ayumi Hamasaki Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: "M" 6. This Generation's Pop Girls - The Singles Part 2: Top Tens Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Taylor Swift, "Style" 7. Mariah Carey: The Remixes Rate Rate Host: Buyonce1814 Winner: "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever)" 8. The Kate Bush Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Cloudbusting" 9. The Ciara Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Promise" 10. The Flops of 2015 Rate Host: I am Luke Winner: Ciara, "Only One" 11. Man! I Feel Like Shania! The Discography Rate Rate Host: Auburn Winner: "Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come Soon)" 12. The New Wave of R&B: Part 2 Rate Host: MP2K Winner: Kelela, "Rewind" 13. Lady Soul: The Aretha Franklin Singles Rate Rate Host: Reverie Winner: "Ain't No Way" 14. Hey Girl: The 21st Century Female Collaboration Rate Host: genetic fail Winner: Lady Gaga, "Telephone (featuring Beyonce)" 15. Faith in the Sound: The George Michael Singles Rate Rate Host: Achilles. Winner: "Freedom' 90" 16. 80s One Hit Wonders Rate Rate Host: Yndda Winner: Lipps Inc., "Funkytown" 17. This Generation's Pop Girls: Part 3 [Top 40] Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Ariana Grande, "One Last Time" 18. Adele Discography Rate Rate Host: feelslikeadream Winner: "Rolling in the Deep" 19. 2017's Pop Girls ... So Far Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Dua Lipa, "New Rules" 20. 21st Century One Hit Wonder Rate Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) 21. PRIMADONNAS 2: The Rate Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" 22. Grimes Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Oblivion" 23. Entering The Madness: The Weeknd Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "High for This" 24. This Generation's Pop Girls: The Final Act Rate Host: Mark Rih Winner: Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory" 25. This WAS 2016: Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Mitski, "Your Best American Girl" 26. Don't Call It a Comeback Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Rihanna, "Love on the Brain" 27. Bjork Singles Rate Rate Host: theblackestday Winner: "Pagan Poetry" 28. Lana Del Rey Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Brooklyn Baby" 29. Thank You for the Music: The ABBA Discography Rate Rate Host: conatus Winner: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" 30.These WERE The Singles: 2005 - 2009 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Madonna, "Hung Up" 31. The Hip-Hop Debutante Rate Rate Host: Woo Winner: Foxy Brown, "I'll Be" (featuring Jay-Z) 32. The UOG of the 80s: Part 2 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 33.Kesha Essentials Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Animal" 34. Billboard's 100 Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century Rate Host: KatyCatPH Winner: Shakira, "Whenever, Wherever" 35. The 21st Century One-Hit Wonder Rate: Part 2 Rate Host: Queen Conchita Winner: Natalie Imbruglia, "Torn" 36. Ice Princess: The Azealia Banks Discography Rate Rate Host: prezli Winner: "Liquorice" 37. Linkin Park Singles Rate Rate Host: chilicheese01 Winner: "In The End" 38. I Was Thinking Bout Boys: The Singles Rate Rate Host: Carly Winner: Harry Styles, "Sign Of The Times" 39. The Demi Lovato Discography Rate Rate Host: Hanzo Winner: "Tell Me You Love Me" 40. Jennifer Lopez Essentials Rate Rate Host: Killing Your Career Winner: "What is Love?" 41. The Boss: The Diana Ross Singles Rate Rate Host: Subomie Winner: "I'm Coming Out" 42. Finally: The Namie Amuro Singles Rate Rate Host: Kxvk Winner: DR. 43. Read My Lips: The Sophie Ellis-Bextor Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: "Murder on the Dancefloor" 44. Kendrick Lamar Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Alright" 45.The Tove Lo Discography Rate Rate Host: Moonlightbae Winner: "Talking Body" 46. The Sleigh Bells Discography Rate Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: "Infinity Guitars" 47. The Selena Gomez Discography Rate Rate Host: SoSickOfThatSOL Winner: "Hands to Myself" 48. St Vincent Essentials Rate Rate Host: Pendulum Winner: "Strange Mercy" 49. The ULTIMATE US Girl Group Rate: The 21st Century Rate Host: wabayou Winner: Destiny's Child, "Lose My Breath" 50. The 2017 Alternative Rate Rate Host: Superpower Winner: The National, "Dark Side of the Gym" 51. THIS WAS 2017 Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Kendrick Lamar, "DNA" 52. Solo Spice Singles Rate Rate Host: EJQL8 Winner: Victoria Beckham, "Let Your Head Go" 53. Kanye West Singles Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: "Runaway" 54. These WERE The Singles: 1990 - 1994 Rate Host: Superpower Winner: Madonna, "Vogue" 55. This Was 2017 Part 2 Rate Host: Tom Vercetti Winner: Vince Staples, "Yeah Right" 56. The Mariah Carey Videography Rate Rate Host: Kim Kardashian Winner: "Honey" 57. Billboard R&B #1's Part 1: 1990 - 1992 Rate Host: conatus Winner: Mary J. Blige, "Real Love" 58. The Katy Perry Discography Rate Rate Host: Ferst Winner: "E.T." 59. 50 Great Female Voices: The Rate Rate Host: Pepo Winner: Tina Turner, "What's Love Got to Do With It?" 60. Charli XCX Discography Rate Rate Host: wabayou Winner: "Vroom Vroom" 61. In a Reverie: The Tinashe Discography Rate Rate Host: Pink Matter Winner: "Bet" 62. The Flops of 2017 Rate Host: Lukey Winner: Rachel Platten, "Perfect for You" 63. The Janelle Monae Discography Rate Rate Host: K$Ellie Winner: "Make Me Feel" 64. Female Top 5 Hits - '13 - '18 Rate Host: umich Winner: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space" 65. When Pop Stars Grow Up Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Britney Spears, "I'm a Slave 4 U" 66.The Kacey Musgraves Discography Rate Rate Host: thecptz Winner: "Merry Go-Round" 67. Beyonce Essentials Rate Rate Host: Kool Aid King Winner: "Don't Hurt Yourself" 68. So Into You: The Tamia Singles Rate Rate Host: jdmc218 Winner: "So Into You" 69. Female Rap Rate Part 1 Rate Host: Diarrhoea Winner: Cardi B, "Bickenhead" 70. This WAS 2018 Rate Host: supaspaz Winner: Mitski, "Nobody" 71. Beyonce: The Discography Rate Rate Host: JoAddams Winner: "6 Inch" 72. This Was EXPERIMENTAL POp 2018: The Rate Rate Host: TRF. Winner: Yves Tumor, "Noid" 73. The Ultimate Other Girls: Teen Dreams (Part 1) Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Hilary Duff, "Come Clean" 74. MC30: Mariah Carey Discography Rate (Extra Festive Edition) Rate Host: ThatBadEartha Winner: The Roof (Back in Time) 75. This WAS 2020 (It's The End of the World as We Know It... And I Feel Fine Rate Host: Supaspaz Winner: Dua Lipa, Don't Start Now 76. THIS WAS POP 2020: Oh Shit, At Least You Tried! Rate Host: Touya Kinomoto Winner: Katy Perry, Never Really Over 77. Non English Pop Songs Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou Winner: Rosalía, Malamente 78. The Ultimate Other Girls of the 90s - Part Five Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Christina Aguilera, Genie in a Bottle 79. Her Madgesty: The Madonna Discography Rate Rate Host: @Madame X Winner: Like a Prayer 80. This WAS POP 2019 P1 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: Ariana Grande, thank u, next 81. The Ultimate Little Mix Discography Rate Rate Host: @pengkweeen Winner: Sweet Melody 82. The UOGs of the Aughts 4: Hateration and Holleration Rate Host: @Ace Reject Winner: Mary J. Blige, Be Without You 83. Whitney Houston Discography Rate Rate Host: @GreatestLoveofAll Winner: All The Man That I Need 84. The 2020 Queer Excellence Rate Rate Host: @Blue Rose Winner: Perfume Genius, On The Floor 85. Disco Revival of 2020: The Ultimate Lockdown Party Rate Host: @bestfiction Winner: Jessie Ware, What's Your Pleasure? 86. 2000s Female Pop Rate Rate Host: @naval23 Winner: Madonna, Hung Up 87. French Pop Divas: 2000s Edition Rate Host: @PiecesOfYou Winner: Alizee, Moi....Lolita 88. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize Rate Part 1: '03 - '07 Rate Host: Ace Reject Winner: Rachel Stevens, Some Girls 89. This WAS 2013: The Rate Rate Host: @minho Winner: Disclosure, White Noise 90. Tame Impala Essentials Rate Rate Host: Clueless Winner: New Person, Same Old Mistakes 91. This Was POP: 2019 Part 2 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: Carly Rae Jepsen, No Drug Like Me 92. 1995 Makes The Woman Rate Host: @Madame X Winner: Bjork, Hyperballad 93. The Supremes Singles Rate Rate Host: @UnanimousBB16 Winner: You Keep Me Hangin' On 94. Oh, Shit - At Least He Tried! Solo Boys in Pop Rate Host: @Insanity Winner: Nick Jonas, This is Heaven 95. Miss Americana: The Taylor Swift Singles Rate Winner: cardigan 96. Miss Jackson If You're Nasty: The Janet Discography Rate Rate Host: @Auburn Winner: If 97. 1990s Female Hits Rate Rate Host: @JoAddams Winner: Madonna, Secret 98. More Than R&B Rate Host: @supaspaz Winner: Kelis, Trick Me 99. This Was Pop 2020: Part 2 Rate Host: @Tinashegrande6 Winner: The Weeknd, In Your Eyes 100. Billboard R&B #1s Part Two: The Mid 90s Rate Host: @Armani? Winner: Mariah Carey, Fantasy 101. The Sound of the 1975: The Singles Rate Rate Host: @greento Winner: Somebody Else 102. The Aly & AJ Discography Rate Rate Host: @prézli Winner: Potential Breakup Song 103. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize Rate Part 2 Rate Host: ACE REJECT Winner: Lily Allen, The Fear 104. This Was 2021 Rate Host: @supaspaz Winner: Billie Eilish, Happier Than Ever 105. Ultimate '00s $ '10s Female Pop Rate Rate Host: @naval23 Winner: Shakira, Whenever, Wherever 106. Isn't It Ironic? The Alanis Morrissette Singles Rate Rate Host: @prézli Winner: Hands Clean 107. Aaliyah's Discography Rate Rate Host: @Saddy Winner: More Than a Woman 108. Nicki Minaj's Discography Rate Rate Host: @AdrianNicki Winner: Chun-Li 109. The Popjustice Twenty Quid Prize Part 3 Rate Host: @Ace Reject Winner: Disclosure, 'White Noise' (featuring AlunaGeorge) 110. 2019 Women in Music: Rate Host: @greento Winner: fka twigs, 'Home with You' 111. Ultimate Female 90s Pop Rate Rate Host: @naval23 Winner: TLC, No Scrubs 112. This WAS Pop 2022 Rate Host: @greento Winner: Carly Rae Jepsen, Talking to Yourself 113. Hikaru Utada - The Discography Rate Rate Host: @Subomie Winner: Sakura DROPS 114. The Sheena Ringo Singles Rate Rate Host: @Suilen Winner: Honnou 115. This WAS 2023 Rate Host: @supaspaz Winner: Olivia Rodrigo, bad idea, right? 116. Best #1 Female Single of the 2010s Rate Host: @Kool_Aid_King Winner: Rihanna, Only Girl (in the World) RATES ON HIATUS 1. Top of the Jukebox: Part One Rate Host: @Ace Reject 2. This Was R&B: 2012 - 2019 Rate Host: @MP2K 3. Rate Host: @madonnas CANCELLED RATES 1. The Britney Spears Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Verge of Obscene 2. Gen Z-List Pop Girls: The Singles Rate Rate Host: skiddo 3. Crystal Castles Discography Rate Rate Host: Pendulum 4. Pure and Simple: The Dolly Parton Singles Rate Rate Host: StonedSoulPicnic 5. The Radiohead Discography Rate (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: Tremor Christ 6. THIS WAS... 2019 Rate Host: Claw 7. Beyoncè: The Essentials (VOTE NOW) Rate Host: digitaldistortion 8. Close But No Cigar 10s - The #2 Singles Rate Rate Host: @jdmc219 9. This WAS 2019: The Re-Up Rate Host: @Ace Reject
  3. ArtForFreedom

    What is Kelis' best song?

    And why is it 4th of July (Fireworks)? Discuss
  4. In a decade dominated by European dance, house, pop, and hip-hop music, which are still booming in popularity till this day, R&B more than held its own with a diverse array of projects from a healthy mix of established stars, talented newcomers and indie artists. The first two years of the teens weren’t terrible, they were the last of our traditional days with the genre. From 2012 and on we experienced a generation of young artists experimenting with new sounds, saw a period where “vibes” replaced pitch-perfect vocals, rappers started singing, singers started rapping, veterans made big comebacks, funk music dominated and by 2019 artists revisited the roots of soul, putting a modern spin on past winning formulas. 2012-2019 was a strange, weird time for R&B, but great music emerged, and we are here to rate songs that represent the transition period. Songs put together in this rate were mainly pulled from the Village Voice Pazz & Jop music critics poll (and it’s rip-off on facebook) which includes over 1,000 members—music writers, business execs, and artists themselves that rank the songs or albums of the year. Nonetheless you will get a great mix and representation of contemporary and alternative R&B. Ratings & Rules: We will be listening to and rating 67 songs in total. For those special songs you should assign one 10.25, one 10.5, one 10.75 & one 11. Everything else should rate on a scale of 1-10. Up to two decimal points are allowed. Some artists have more songs than others so please be mindful not to sabotage or frontload. Deadline: July 20th, 2022 SONGS 2012 Miguel · "Adorn" Frank Ocean · "Thinkin' 'Bout You" Usher · "Climax" Solange · "Losing You" Frank Ocean · "Pyramids" Jessie Ware · "Wildest Moments" Elle Varner · "Refill" Jai Paul · "Jasmine" The Weeknd · "Wicked Games" 2013 Robin Thicke (ft. T.I. and Pharrell) · "Blurred Lines" Ciara · "Body Party" Janelle Monáe (ft. Erykah Badu) · "Q.U.E.E.N." James Blake · "Retrograde" Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel) · "#Beautiful" Janelle Monáe (ft. Miguel) · "Primetime" Justin Timberlake · "Suit & Tie" Kingdom (ft. Kelela) “Bank Head” 2014 FKA Twigs · "Two Weeks" Pharrell Williams · "Happy" Beyoncé (ft. Jay-Z) · "Drunk in Love" Tinashe (ft. Schoolboy Q) · "2 On" Jeremih (ft. YG) · "Don't Tell 'Em" Usher · "Good Kisser" FKA Twigs · "Pendulum" D’Angelo and The Vanguard “Really Love” 2015 Drake · "Hotline Bling" The Weeknd · "Can't Feel My Face" Miguel (ft. Wale) · "Coffee" Alessia Cara · "Here" The Weeknd · "The Hills" Kelela · "Rewind" Thundercat · "Them Changes" Janet Jackson · "No Sleeep" Bryson Tiller “Don’t” 2016 Beyoncé · "Formation" Solange · "Cranes in the Sky" Rihanna (ft. Drake) · "Work" Beyoncé · "Sorry" Frank Ocean · "Ivy" Bruno Mars · “24k Magic” Solange (ft. Sampha) · "Don't Touch My Hair" Maxwell · "Lake by the Ocean" H.E.R. · “Focus” 2017 Frank Ocean · “Chanel” SZA · “Drew Barrymore” Kelela · “LMK” Kelela · “Frontline” SZA (ft. Travis Scott) · “Love Galore” Sampha · “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” SZA · “The Weekend” Childish Gambino · “Redbone” Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. "Best Part" 2018 Ella Mai · “Boo’d Up” The Weeknd · “Call Out My Name” Ella Mai · “Trip” Summer Walker · “Girls Need Love” Ciara · “Level Up” Teyana Taylor · “Gonna Love Me” Toni Braxton · “Long As I Live” Mariah Carey · “Caution” 2019 The Weeknd · “Heartless” Summer Walker (ft. Bryson Tiller) · “Playing Games” FKA Twigs · "Cellophane" Chris Brown (ft. Drake) · “No Guidance” Lizzo · “Good as Hell” Ari Lennox (ft. J. Cole) · “Shea Butter Baby” Lucky Daye · "Roll Some Mo" Snoh Aalegra · “I Want You Around” Playlist: SPOTIFY Participants
  5. Zaram

    ATRL's Best Albums of All Time

    After we dragged the Best Albums list from Apple Music, Billboard and r/fantanoforever, it's time to show the straights what real taste looks like ATRL's Best Albums of All Time Send your Top 20 albums ranked from 1 (highest) to 20 (lowest) using the Google Form link below or via private dm. You can send lesser than 20 albums, but your submissions needs atleast 10 entries. Your Top 1 will always receive 25 points: Rules: Submissions with less than 10 entries will be sorted out. Maximum of 3 albums per artist only. For submissions under 20, maximum of 2 albums per artist is allowed. Allowed albums: Studio albums Sountracks Remix EPs Not Allowed Cover Albums Greatest Hits Deadline: 30th June 2024 You can use the following format:
  6. So, back in 1999, AFI released a list of the greatest stars of all-time. The list was for impactful actresses who's careers had started in 1950 or prior. I have decided to do a list for singers that SOMEWHAT matches their list of greatest stars. The first list is AFI's greatest stars and below will be their right will be the musical equivalents. I am prepared to be read for filth, but whatever. Some of them actresses, I could not think of anyone and there may be a little fun shade. (THIS IS ALL FUN) 1. Katharine Hepburn 2. Bette Davis 3. Audrey Hepburn 4. Ingrid Bergman 5. Greta Garbo 6. Marylin Monroe 7. Elizabeth Taylor 8. Judy Garland 9. Marlene Dietrich 10. Joan Crawford 11. Barbra Stanwyck 12. Claudette Colbert 13. Grace Kelly 14. Ginger Rogers 15. Mae West 16. Vivian Leigh 17. Lillian Gish 18. Shirley Temple 19. Rita Hayworth 20. Lauren Bacall 21. Sophia Loren 22. Jean Harlow 23. Carol Lombard 24. Mary Pickford 25. Ava Gardner 25 GREATEST FEMALE STARS OF MUSIC (Based on the above list) 1. Aretha Franklin Katharine Hepburn is the most awarded actress at the Oscars, and at one point, Aretha was the most awarded woman at the Grammys. Both women completely change their industries, and they both always said whatever the hell they wanted. 2. Madonna Bette Davis was know for drastically changing her looks with every film and she was the first known actress to do this, just like how Madonna did the same thing with every album-era. 3. Beyoncé Audrey Hepburn was a Globally Respected Icon who was known for her fashions and her persona. She represented the "classy woman," which audiences gravitated to. Just like Audrey, Beyonce is another Globally cekebrated Icon who has some recognizable fashions, especially with her music videos and live performances. Both Hepburn and Beyoncé have talents that are often overlooked due to their beauty, and both women are known for their class. Both are sometimes considered untalented dispite proving themselves over and over. Beyoncé paid homage to Hepburn in her music video for Countdown. 4. Tina Turner Ingrid Bergman is a well celebrated Legend and she has had more impact in cinema than most, but her audience in Europe was even bigger than her American audience. The same can be said for Tina Turner. And just how Ingrid was able to keep up with Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis, Tina was able to keep up with the women of her era. 5. Billie Holiday Greta Garbo is a celebrated LEGEND who was known for having a somewhat short run in Hollywood, before retiring to live her life. She was a MEGA star before the women of the Rock N Roll era of music, but she influenced many of them. Billie Holiday influenced many of the women of Rock, and her career was cut short due to her sad passing at an early age. 6. Diana Ross Marylin Monroe was not known for being the greatest actress of her era but she did have a Global reach. Diana Ross is not known for her vocal gymnastics, but her HAIR and FASHION is still remembered til this day. Both were somewhat unappreciated for their talents and both have influenced more talent than many will admit. 7. Whitney Houston Elizabeth Taylor was a MEGA superstar that was also praised for her talented as well as her beauty. Although often praised for their beauty, they have both shown true talent, which earned them top prizes in their industries. Whitney has won multiple Grammy Awards for her voice, and Taylor is a 2-time Best Actress Oscar winner. They both have had highly publicized marriages, and any public appearance from either felt monumental. 8. Etta James Judy Garland and Etta James both started out as teenage girls who unfortunately had to deal with similar situations regarding men. Both women deserved to have better careers, but they both left us with possibly, the two most known songs by women, At Last & Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Lastly, both Etta and Judy were known as the small girls with big voices. 9. Janet Jackson Marlene Dietrich was known as a risk taker, and is considered to be a Gay Icon. Janet Jackson is considered both. often dressed in clothes that were associated with men. Dietrich was a proud bisexual woman. Her roles and persona were so different than any other woman of the Golden Age era in Hollywood. Also, Janet's costume during The Velvet Rop Tour were inspired by Dietrich. 10. Mariah Carey Just like Joan Crawford, Mariah is often overlooked for her accomplishment, although she has many, Joan was just as talented and beautiful, which is what possibly led to the beef with Bette Davis (Mariah & Madonna did not really get along in the 90s). Both ladies had rough upbringings, but were able to find success due to their many gifts. While Mariah is a Grammy winner and Joan is an Oscar winner, they both have often been overlooked at the award shows. 11. Barbra Streisand Both Barbra Streisand and Barbra Stanwyck were born in Brooklyn, New York and you could definitely hear it when they talk. Despite being one of the best selling artists of all-time, Streisand's music does not get talked about compared to other greats around her age such as Aretha and Tina, she was just as big and sometimes bigger than both. 12. Bessie Smith Claudette Colbert and Bessie were both pioneers of film and music during the 20s and 30s, which were the early stages of both industries. 13. Ella Fitzgerald 1954. That is what Grace Kelly and Ella Fitzgerald have in common. Both had their BREAKOUT moments that year. Grace had 3 hit films that year and later won the Best Actress Oscar in 1955. Fitzgerald was almost denied performance at a night club due to racial discrimination, but Marilyn Monroe intervened, promising the club owner that she will sit front row if Fitzgerald could perform. 14. Missy Elliott Ginger Rogers was known as the best female dancer in film of her time, but she often was not given as much credit as her costar. Missy, while given credit for pther things, she's often forgotten for her incredible dance moves. 15. Dolly Parton Mae West and Dolly Parton are not only known for being ICONIC Sex-Symbol blondes, the are also known for being pioneering business women in entertainment industry. Mae West wrote many of her films and Dolly wrote all of her own songs. These two LEGENDS were ahead of their time and both are celebrated, even today. 16. Adele Vivian Leigh did not star in many films, but she left the world with two ICONIC Best Actress wins. She starred in Gone With The Wind, which is STILL the highest grossing film (adjusted). Adele released the biggest album of the 21st century and released a monster-size follow up. Leigh has 2 Best Actress Oscars (peak award for an Actress). Adele has 2 Album of the Year Grammys (peak award for recording artists). They are both also Global impacting British girls. 17. Sister Rosetta Tharpe Lilian Gish is one of the first stars of film, and she is known as the First Lady of Cinema. Sister Rosetta Tharpe is a pioneer, and she is known as the First Lady of Rock-N-Roll. 18. Judy Garland Shirley Temple and Judy Garland was possibly the most successful child-stars of all-time. While Garland appears in AFI's list at #8, she was also one of the most influential vocalists ever. She was the first BIG VOICE DIVA. Both Temple and Garland had successes as adults but the success could not match their achievements as child stars. Judy Garland released one greatest albums in 1961 titled 'Judy at Carnegie Hall.' The album earned her the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, being the first woman to win the award. 19. Rihanna Rita Hayworth was a talented actress, but her iconic appearance and highly publicized love life were often the subjects of the tabloids. Both Rihanna and Rita are beauty icons who have influenced many women regarding their image, which remaining successful at their crafts. Both have natural black hair, but they wore red hair better than anyone else. 20. Celine Dion Lauren Bacall and Celine Dion were both seen as young ladies with grown women voices. Bacall in movies, and Celine on stage. Both shocked audiences with their talents being beyond their years. Both ladies ended up with men that were much older than them. 21. Lady Gaga At one point in her career, Sophia Loren was THE BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD. She was so big, that film producers were afraid of having her costar with other actresses. Lady Gaga started out as the biggest music act in the world. Even after the King of Pop passed away, Gaga was still the most searched star in the world. Sophia Loren is also a proud Italian woman, and Lady Gaga will tell you in a heartbeat that she is Italian. 22. Cher Jean Harlow was one of, if not the first female "Sex-Symbols" of Hollywood. Cher was one of, if not the first female "Sex-Symbol" of music. Both women have iconic looks the they are known for, especially with their hair. 23. Janis Joplin Carole Lombard was a pioneer in comedic films. She was doing things on screen that had not been done before. The same can be said for Janis Joplin. She was a pioneering women in Roc-N-Roll, doing things that had not been done before. Both women did not get a chance to see just how impactful they were due to tragic passings at young ages. 24. Mary J. Blige Mary Pickford was a pioneer actress who was often dubbed the Queen of Movies. Mary J. Blige is a pioneer of the mixing Hip-Hop with Soul music, and she is known as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. 25. Taylor Swift Just like Ava Gardner, Taylor Swift is a highly successful music act, who's love life is just as interesting as her music. Both Taylor and Ava have dated high-profile men. Both women are considered liberals and both have advocated those in need.
  7. Hello, and welcome to the second installment of the "Makes The Woman" rate, credit to @Ace Reject To refresh, in 1995 Makes the Woman (now gone due to site reset) we celebrated 5 classic solo female artists, with their groundbreaking critically acclaimed, smash hit, and/or cult classic albums. We will continue this trend here, and celebrate 5 amazing albums by a different crop of legends. Without further ado, let me introduce them to you! Sheryl Crow, a hippie queen, known best for her blend of Bubblegum, Folk, Blues, and Rock had already been launched into superstardom due to her 7x platinum debut album, but her self titled Sheryl Crow gave her a large boost in her credibility and gave much-needed depth to her persona, even if it came at the expense of her former bandmates, who had a large falling-out with her before and during recording. Often credited for the 00s Hot Adult Contemporary Radio girls such as Natasha Beddingfield, Sheryl's self titled showcases more depth than a passing music fan might expect. Here is the tracklist for Sheryl Crow: Maybe Angels A Change Would Do You Good Home Sweet Rosalyn If It Makes You Happy Redemption Day Hard to Make a Stand Everyday is a Winding Road Love is a Good Thing Oh Marie Superstar The Book Ordinary Morning If there's one thing Fiona Apple fans are going to let you know about Tidal, its that most of the songs were written when she was 16 and 17. Really though, when you hear the album, you'll get why it's so impressive! The album is her biggest commercial success, giving her her only top 40 hit, and an eternally dedicated fanbase. It's also the era that birthed and immediately solidified herself as a force of authenticity. In spite of what you think of her, she's going to speak her mind, and the music video for Criminal and acceptance speech for Sleep to Dream have a permanent mark on pop culture. Here is the tracklist for Tidal: Sleep to Dream Sullen Girl Shadowboxer Criminal Slow Like Honey The First Taste Never is a Promise The Child is Gone Pale September Carrion Before we were bickering if Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, or Cardi B is the queen of rap, the self-appointed (accurate, though) Queen of Rap Lil' Kim released her debut album, Hard Core, and changed the game forever for female rap. Was Kim the first sexual female rapper? Was she the first gangster female rapper? No, but she set the template for female rap for, arguably, until the present day. With Hip-Hop hits and crossover pop smashes, this album is considered a hip-hop classic. Here is the tracklist for Hard Core: Intro in A-Minor Big Momma Thang No Time Spend a Little Doe Take It! Crush On You* Drugs Scheamin' Queen Bitch Dreams M.A.F.I.A. Land We Don't Need It Not Tonight Player Haters Fuck You Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix) Crush On You (Single Version)* *The album version does not feature a verse from Kim, the single version does One of the most prolific artists of her time (and, honestly, still now) is Tori Amos. Boys for Pele is the perfect example of her absolutely insane ambition to write as many songs as possible. At 18 songs, it is possibly her strangest collection of songs, featuring use of the harpsichord, church choirs, and harmoniums, and yet somehow it is still to this date her highest peaking album in the US. Props to her! The shadow of Kate Bush often looms over Tori's career as a often shallow comparison, yet I'm sure even Tori would take people often comparing this album to The Dreaming as one of the highest compliments. Here is the tracklist for Boys for Pele: Beauty Queen / Horses Blood Roses Father Lucifer Professional Widow Mr. Zebra Marianne Caught a Lite sneeze Muhammad My Friend Hey Jupiter Way Down Little Amsterdam Talula Not the Red Baron Agent Orange Doughnut Song In the Springtime of His Voodoo Putting the Damage On Twinkle Finally, we will be rating an album that took almost ten years to finally appear on streaming. An album that reached its billboard peak just a year ago! One in a Million is the late Aaliyah's second album, leaving behind songs written by ... he who must not be named ... she decided to team up with Timbaland and Missy Elliott, and thus solidified her as an icon of the 90s and early 2000s with futuristic beats, and a more mature image. The album, even though it was stolen from steaming from god knows how long remains an eternal classic due to Aaliyah's timeless vocals. Here is the tracklist to One in a Million: Beats 4 Da Streets (Intro) Hot like Fire One in a Million A Girl Like You If Your Girl Only Knew Choosey Lover (Old School / New School) Got to Give It Up 4 Page Letter Everything's Gonna Be Alright Giving You More I Gotcha' Back Never Givin' Up Heartbroken Never Comin' Back Ladies in Da House The One I Gave My Heart To Came to Give Love (Outro) RULES: Rate every song from a scale of 1-10. I will calculate the average of each song based on the score on all participants and reveal them from lowest, to highest, crowning a winner. PM me your rates. You may choose one song to give an 11, and one song to give a 0. Comments are appreciated and will be incorporated, but completely optional. Post in here while I am revealing the results to yell at each other for not agreeing on your favorite songs. Song List:
  8. supaspaz

    This Was 2023 | And the winner is...

    What music truly mattered in 2023? The year began with a surprise release from the prior December still dominating for months. Then a racist country singer whom half the country doesn’t even acknowledge took over the charts with his latest blockbuster record. The top artist in the world was busy re-releasing old albums and embarking on a career retrospective tour, when she could wrest attention away from her new relationship. So here are five potential candidates: the critical favorite whose effusive reviews surpassed all others (Fountain Baby by Amaarae), the pop sensation who smashed all fears of a sophomore slump (Guts by Olivia Rodrigo), the industry darling whose long-awaited ascent was cemented at the Grammys (Jaguar II by Victoria Monét), the indie supergroup that broke through to the major league (The Record by Boygenius), and the man whose surprisingly stratospheric success this era confirmed another golden age of country crossover (Zach Bryan by Zach Bryan). Now it’s your turn to decide. Which of 2023’s biggest and best albums was your favorite? You can help choose the winner by ranking each of these 70 songs on a scale of 1-10 and then sending me your ballot by Sunday, April 14. Please listen to everything again at least once before submitting. I want honest assessments, not scores based on your memory or biases. Up to two decimal points are allowed. Feel free to include commentary if you are so moved. And no trolling or your vote will be tossed. Happy listening! Countdown Participants
  9. supaspaz

    This Was 2022 | Beyoncé's groove

    How should we define 2022 in popular music? By the genre-defying international breakthrough riding deafening buzz or the year’s top seller, a Spanish-language album for the first time? By the Grammys’ Album of the Year winner, crowning the industry’s next great hope, or the masterpiece from a long-absent superstar that it shockingly beat, which earned more fervent critical acclaim than any other project in those twelve months? By the record-breaking return of the world’s biggest pop star or the surprise release that usurped the zeitgeist, slipping in just before we closed the books on the year? This is your chance to decide. Which of 2022’s biggest and best albums was your favorite? You can help choose the winner by ranking each of these 120 songs on a scale of 1-10 and then sending me your ballot by Wednesday, May 31. Please listen to everything again at least once before submitting. I want honest assessments, not scores based on your memory or biases. Up to two decimal points are allowed. Feel free to include commentary if you are so moved. And no trolling or your vote will be tossed. Happy listening! Results Participants
  10. Sheena (Shéna, Shiina, or good old Nina) Ringo is undoubtedly one of the most important musicians of Japan. Renowned for her antiquated lyrics with hidden meanings, intentionally rude pronunciation of the 'r' sound, and skillful instrument work, Sheena is well-regarded in her own country and outside it, evident by the acclaim her music found on such websites as Rate Your Music. Despite her first two albums, Muzai Moratorium and Shouso Strip, being among the best-selling ones in Japan, Sheena did not necessarily want to be viewed as a pop star, and Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana, her third album, was made with the intent to alienate some of her audience, although both the lead single Stem and the album were big successes and became fan favorites. Fame followed Sheena even after she had started her band, Tokyo Jihen, and after her comeback as a solo artist with Salmon Gossip. Certain people, namely her former fans who are now infatuated with such fruit of Sheena's impact as Seiko Oomori, love claiming that Sheena has been on a constant decline since then, and while Sheena's approach to music has definitely changed, that does not mean that she is no longer capable of greatness. 25 years after the release of her debut album, Sheena's career is in a respectable place, where she still manages to go top 10 with her singles and has people lining up to ask her to write for them, and now we are going to celebrate her magnificent career by having a look at her extensive collection of singles that tells us a lot about her as an artist and reflects certain creative peaks and slumps she has experienced. 1. Rate each song from the list on the scale from 1 to 10. Using decimals is allowed. 2. You may give one song you particularly like a score of 11 and one song you dislike immensely a score of 0. 3. Send your scores to me using the PM-friendly list below. 4. Since it is a singles rate, I encourage you to rate the single versions of the songs as provided in the playlist below. With Sheena, it is almost paramount as her singles tend to have different arrangements from the album versions, and sometimes we may be looking at 2 different songs (an exaggeration, but still). If you are having a dilemma when you absolutely adore a song's album version, but the single version is not to your liking, yet you wish to see it succeed, then I cannot stop you from rating your preferred version, although it would be nice if you specified which version you are rating in the comment. That might give us a better picture of what we are doing. 5. As mentioned above, you are free to leave comments next to your scores, and they will be reflected in the song entries during the reveals. 6. The deadline for the rate is March 31. The section is for the people who haven't been paying attention to my pleas to negotiate the singles list and might have issues with the selected songs. I'm putting it under the spoiler: Apple Music PM-Friendly List
  11. Rate every songs on Chromatica Alice (7/10) Stupid Love (10/10) One of my top Gaga song, I love the vibe, it's just fun Rain On Me (9.5/10) Classic Free Woman (7.5/10) Fun Tonight (7.5/10) 911 (8.5/10) This song could have been in the 9-10 range but it's missing something don't know what Plastic Doll (9/10) It grew so much for me, from a 5/10 when the album came out as my top 3 of the album Sour Candy (8/10) Enigma (8/10) Videos of the live version made me discover that song ans I really love it now Replay (8/10) Sine From Above (6.5/10) 1000 Doves (7/10) Babylon (9/10) The groove that song have is just perfect CHROMATICA (8/10)
  12. The year is 2010. The Dance Pop resurgence is officially here. This year set the tone of the 2010's and gave us so many bops. Throughout this decade, we saw MANY women reign supreme on the Hot 100. We started this decade with Ke$ha and ended with the Queen, Mariah Carey. Lots of women who debuted in 90's & 00's that had their first #1 this decade, including Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez & Sia. It was historic and THE defining decade for ATRL. After all of the shade, success, stan wars and skull dragging, we can finally answer the question: Which pop girl REALLY had the greatest #1 single of the 2010's? This one will be incredibly competitive, so make sure you get your scorecards ready. But first, here's some info. -As a Lead act, there were 24 different women who went #1. -There are 50 female-led songs that went #1. -Women were #1 for total of 203 weeks! -Katy Perry is leading the pack with 8 Songs. -Rihanna closely follows with 7 Songs (9 with features). -The Longest charting #1s belong to Rihanna & Adele with 10 weeks for We Found Love & Hello respectively -3 women had the Year-End #1; Ke$ha in 2010, Adele in 2011, & Kimbra (as a Feature) in 2012 -2011 had 37 weeks with women at #1, while 2018 only had 9 weeks with women at #1. -16 of the songs on this list are Diamond. -29 of the songs on this list have 1B+ streams on Spotify Rules & Guidelines -Listen to and Rate every song from 1-10. Two decimal places are allowed (i.e. 7.25) -For 5 special songs, you may give a 10.25, 10.5, 10.75, 11 and 0. Be strategic and wise with this. -No Trolling or Sabotage. Please be honest, fair and just in your rankings -Have fun & Discuss, but do not SHARE your rankings in the thread. **No features were allowed, but if I forgot a song that has a lead credit, feel free to let me know** Song List: [2010] Ke$ha - Tik Tok Rihanna - Rude Boy Katy Perry - California Gurls Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Ke$ha - We R Who We R Rihanna - What's My Name? Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World) P!nk - Raise Your Glass Katy Perry - Firework [2011] Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me Lady Gaga - Born This Way Katy Perry - E.T. Rihanna - S&M (Remix) Adele - Rolling in the Deep Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Adele - Someone Like You Rihanna - We Found Love [2012] Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Katy Perry - Part of Me Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Rihanna - Diamonds [2013] P!nk - Just Give Me a Reason Katy Perry - Roar Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball Lorde - Royals [2014] Katy Perry - Dark Horse Iggy Azalea - Fancy Taylor Swift - Shake it Off Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass Taylor Swift - Blank Space [2015] Taylor Swift - Bad Blood (Remix) Adele - Hello [2016] Rihanna - Work Sia - Cheap Thrills (Remix) [2017] Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Cardi B - Bodak Yellow Beyoncé - Perfect Duet [2018] Camila Cabello - Havana Cardi B - I Like It Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next [2019] Halsey - Without Me Ariana Grande - 7 Rings Lady Gaga - Shallow Billie Eilish - Bad Guy Camila Cabello - Señorita Lizzo - Truth Hurts Selena Gomez - Lose You to Love Me Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You PM Friendly List: Spotify Link to Listen: DEADLINE March 1st, 2024
  13. Why wasn't a single? like it's so damn generic good I don't remember if she ever performed it actually, when Big ft David Guetta was the song that had video, she was performing Bang Bang on TV
  14. Hikaru Utada is the standard when it comes to J-Pop. Having started on a musical career while in their teens, Utada has written and produced almost every single song they've put their name to - and sold over 40 million records in the process. Not only that, Utada's debut album, First Love, remains the best-selling album of all time in Japan to this very day. Not half bad. Additionally, as a multilingual chanteuse, Utada has released projects in both Japanese and in English and has become especially adored by western listeners thanks to contributions to the Evangelion Rebuild films and the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Their 25-year-long career has given us bops and ballads alike, drawing from R&B sounds, cutting edge dance-pop, soft rock influences, and many more! And ATRL is about to undertake the impossible - we are going to rate all 118 songs in their discography. THE RULES 1. Copy and paste the list provided below and begin listening to each song and assigning them scores. 2. Each song should be rated with a number from 0 - 10, with any decimals you wish. 3. You may assign one song, your absolute favorite, with the elusive 11 score. 4. Send your finalized scores in a PM to me at any point before the deadline for them to be included. 5. The preliminary deadline for submissions will be set at January 14th, 2024. 6. You may include commentary with tracks if you feel inspired to do so, just place it after your score. & The PM-Friendly List (use this!!) Happy rating, sistren.
  15. I’m doing an incremental update of a multi-era Spotify playlist of my favourite Kylie vocal (mainly club) length mixes whenever possible and seek a fresh perspective over the perceived quality of some ancient deeper cuts I am considering working in-to the sequence. I have zero perspective over them as I have lived with them forever and they were never “Hits” or even singles and therefore never had their popularity tested by a younger demographic out-with a physical media age. If you have the time to listen, do these sound like dull filler to your ears or do they bop? Should I avoid cheese at all cost? I’m only curious to gauge the opinions of fans who have been on board since the Parlophone era and are mainly only familiar with her material from 2000 onwards, who have zero memories or nostalgia attached to them. Do these hold up as compositions/ arrangements (or not)? I’d appreciate it (if you have time) if you could rank/ critique (positively or negatively) any you find too dull for me to even consider as playlist additions. One: “Things Can Only Get Better” Two: “We Know The Meaning Of Love” Three: “Let’s Get To It” Four: “One Boy Girl” Five: “Too Much Of A Good Thing” Six: “I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)” Seven: “It’s No Secret” Eight: “All I Wanna Do (Is Make You Mine)” [w/ Jason Donovan] Nine: “Enjoy Yourself”
  16. RECAP: #1 NewJeans - OMG #2 IVE - I Am #3 Le Sserafim - Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard Wife #4 NewJeans - Super Shy #5 NewJeans - ETA #6 Jeon Somi - Fast Forward #7 XG - Shooting Star #8 aespa - Spicy #9 G-IDLE - Queencard #10 XG - Left Right #11 IVE - Kitsch #12 Kiss Of Life - Sugar Coat (Natty Solo) #13 NMIXX - Roller Coaster #14 Red velvet - Chill Kill #15 RIIZE - Get a Guita #16 aespa - Drama #17 aespa - Hold On Tight #18 RIIZE - Memories #19 ZEROBASE - In Bloom #20 Kai - Rover #21 Seventeen - Super #22 VIVIZ - Maniac #23 TripleS - Rising #24 Le Sserafim - Perfect Night #25 NCT DOJEAJUNG - Perfume #26 FIFTY FIFTY - Cupid #27 Odd Eye Circle - Air Force One #28 NMIXX - Love Me Like This #29 ENHYPEN - Bite Me #30 Le Sserafim - Unforgiven #31 aespa - Thirsty #32 StayC - Bubble #33 Jennie - You and Me #34 IVE - Baddie #35 fromis_9 - Attitude #36 Billie - EUNOIA #37 aespa - Welcome To My World #38 Jisoo - Forever #39 Jung Kook - Seven #40 NewJeans - Cool with You #41 EXO - Let Me In #42 Twice - Moonlight Sunrise #43 aespa - Salty & Sweet #44 Lee Chaeyeon - Knock #45 KISS OF LIFE - Shh #46 IVE - Blue Blood #47 HYO - Picture #48 Taeyeon - To. X #49 Red Velvet - Will I Ever See You Again #50 Kwon Eunbi - The Flash #51 StayC - Teddy Bear #52 Jihyo - Killing Me Good #53 IVE - Either Way #54 The New Six (TNX) - Kick it 4 Now #55 RIIZE - Talk Saxy #56 EXO - Cream Soda #57 aespa - Better Things #58 IVE - Off The Record #59 BOYNEXTDOOR - One and Only #60 H1-Key - Rose Blossom #61 tripleS LOVElution - Girls Capitalism #62 ATEEZ - Bouncy #63 MISAMO - Do Not Touch #64 (G)-IDLE - I Want That #65 BSS (Seventeen) - Fighting #66 JungKook - Standing Next To You #67 JINI - C'mon (feat Amine) #68 FIFTY FIFTY - Barbie Dreams (feat Kalii) #69 fromis_9 - #menow #70 NCT U - Baggy Jeans #71 Twice - Hare Hare #72 Twice - Set Me Free #73 TXT - Tinnitus #74 NMIXX - Party O'Clock #75 XG - New Dance #76 NCT DREAM - ISTJ #77 ODD EYE CIRCLE - Je Ne Sais Quoi #78 tripleS EVOLution - Invincible #79 Stray Kids - LALALA #80 Stray Kids - S-Class
  17. crymelanie

    Your SOS trinity?!?!?!

    Dear listeners,pitchspooners,gays and ex-homosexuals of TRL what is your trinity from R&B Goddess SZA's sophomore album ?
  18. Kern

    Best song on PF2?

    Everybody? Big Difference? Or one of the others?
  19. Mattyboy

    Rate Nicki’s albums

    For me: Pink Friday 2 > The Pinkprint > Pink Friday: RR > Pink Friday > Queen
  20. This thread is best viewed with ATRL Dark Mode! It's finally here! The basé has been asking for it throughout the whole tour, so we're doing this! Beyoncé showed up and showed out this summer during her Renaissance World Tour that showcased an array of noteworthy fashion moments, ranging from vintage pieces to bespoke outfits and almost everything in between. The artist's wardrobe seamlessly merges her distinctive style with the visual theme of her album 'Renaissance,' characterized by abundant sequins, silver accents, sleek catsuits, and the occasional bee-inspired ensemble. This time we're only gonna look into the different looks she pulled off during the first act of her show. There are 52 looks to choose from, so we're gonna do things nice... and funky. In order to build up some hype, there will be 5 different rounds that will eventually lead up to november 26th when we'll have our winning look! You'll find the form in the post below. The rules: - Fill up the Google form by picking your favorite looks to continue on the race. - Only vote once per round. - If by any chance there's a tie between two looks, I'll use an online randomizer to choose which one will proceed. The dates: (The schedule above might change a bit depending on my availability!) Go ahead and post in here so I know you're interested and I can ring you a bell when another round is starting! Also, tell us for which look you're gonna fight for the most! At the end of the day, this ultimate face-off is just an elaborate plot to take out those who lack taste... This is my first time doing something like this, so I hope everything will run as smoothly as possible. Let's go get'em.
  21. Year of Shadow

    Kylie Minogue: The Singles Rate (On Pause)

    Hello, music enthusiasts and devotees of the illustrious Kylie Minogue! A melodious spectacle awaits, for I am poised to host a grand gathering—a Kylie Minogue Singles Rate! I beseech thee to share your discerning scores for each of her singles, as together, we weave a tapestry of musical appreciation. Let our collective judgments unveil the gems that have captured our hearts, for in this sonic journey, each score is a brushstroke upon the canvas of Kylie's renowned discography. Join me, and let the musical adventure commence! RULES: Please provide a score on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the following tracks. The higher the score for a track, the more this means you love it. You may use decimals (it helps to break ties). You may give 1 track a score of 0 (your least favorite of them all). You may give 1 track a score of 11 (your favorite of all). Feel free to add comments, will share them with the reveals. Send this to me in a PM please. If for some reason you are unable to send PMs, request assistance from mods via ATRL HQ or a help request. I will check for average scores. I would like a minimum average of 5.5 for all your scores to prevent a potential tank of averages across the board. If you want to edit your scores after you sent them, please list your desired edits in a follow up message to me. FORMAT: It will be very helpful if you can maintain such a format: track name - score - comment For example: Red Blooded Woman - 0 - Whew, what was she thinking?? THE LIST: For this rate we have 108 singles. Here's the list: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Here's a Spotify playlist I've created with most tracks. Spotify only allows me up to 100 tracks, so I had to put the last 8 in an additional playlist: YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: If you prefer a more visual experience while listening, here are links to YouTube videos. The vast majority of these have some form of visuals to enjoy. Also a good alternative if you do not use / don't like Spotify. I found a playlist with about 70 of the tracks. The rest are individual links. Let me know if I accidentally messed up any links. NOTES: This rate has gone through the Rate Signup thread. If you wish to be reminded of this, please state so. I will do weekly reminders. Yes we have promo singles here. Keep On Pumpin' It official version seems to be "Angelic Remix Edit" so that's the version we will use. SCHEDULE: My plan is to reveal the #1 before Christmas December 24th. The bubbling under 100 will be revealed as a list in 1 post. If they didn't make it to the top 100, we can assume people (for the most part) won't care for individual posts for these. Then, We can do 25 reveals per day for the top 100! To spice it up, once in a while I will provide a clue as to which track is about to be out. For example: "A or B, which track missed the top 50?" DEADLINE: For now, I will set the deadline to November 13th. However, I am open for a one week extension if multiple requests are made. So far I only made an @ list of folks I am familiar with who have shown interest in Kylie lately. If you know more people that you believe would like to join, feel free to @ them here! I'll also keep doing more promo for this.
  22. ccfan007

    Is this Ciara's best single since...

    ... Body Party (2013) Is an instant repeat/smash and features a long-time awaited collaborator, Chris Brown. Thoughts?
  23. IYKYK. If you don't, let me let them explain. For anyone browsing the internet this century, TSJ was a touchstone. Vital and engaging, even if you virulently disagreed. A place to learn, a place to discover, a place to feel accepted. We won't be the same without them, and this series will honor them. If you've rated with me before, you know how we do things - rate all songs from 1-10, with four 'favorites' allowed. (10.25, 10.5, 10.75, 11.) I'm pleading - in the spirit of TSJ, no scores under 5. Nothing here is bad - you may just be unfamiliar with it. So, GROW. Let's do this! SPOTIFY PLAYLIST
  24. In this rate, we will be ranking four of the best pop albums of 2022 by beloved ATRL faves. Please listen to each of these albums in full and then give each song a score between 1 and 10 based on your opinion of it, decimals are allowed. You can also give just one 11 and one 0 to the songs you feel especially strongly about. You can also add comments for some/all of the songs if you wish and I will try to include some of these in the reveals! Once you have given all 58 songs a rating, please send your ballot to me via DM. An average will be calculated between everyone's lists and the songs will be ranked from highest to lowest. The albums included in the rate are below: Full Song List The due date will be July 17th for now, but it might be extended depending on how many lists we get by then. If you want to participate, reply below and I'll tag you in reminders. Playlist with all songs
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