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  1. Eternium

    Britney vs. Gaga: Better Longevity

    Simple question. Britney Spears (The Princess of Pop) Lady Gaga (no honorific yet)
  2. Weld_E

    Bigger legend: Cher or Madonna

    Both women have had undeniable impact on pop-culture. Cher has been able to transcend time and venture into multiple domains successfully. Madonna is the undisputed queen of pop, and has reshape the pop landscape multiple times. Overall, who do you think is the bigger legend?
  3. I love Blackout but never loved it to the point of being my top favorite albums from her but I just realized...instead of ITZ and Blackout being considered her top 2 albums it should be ITZ and Britney. Many may disagree but I discovered a new found love for the Britney album that just didn't get enough attention before. It's seriously one of her best. I can't decide though which is better. I love them both. For those of you who listened to both albums which one do you think is the better album?
  4. We always disregard our faves earlier work especially if they released them during a younger age because we see them as maybe dated and childish but when I objectively listen to all of her albums I would say her earlier albums are some of her best. Oops is her best album to me plus her best era. She was at her best in all aspects IMO. Do we agree? should we stan?
  5. Both are #3 peaking singles of JLo's early 2000s music career. Which one do you prefer?
  6. Which duo is bigger? Which served us more quality? Which one is more iconic? Beyoncé & Jay-Z '03 Bonnie & Clyde Crazy in Love Déjà Vu Drunk in Love Apesh*t Rihanna & Drake What's My Name Take Care Work Too Good Lemon
  7. naval23

    Poll: Check On It vs. SOS

    Both are their least streamed and most forgotten #1 singles in the USA and both were 2006 #1 hits. But which one do you prefer?
  8. ReverseWarholian

    Free Your Mind vs. Queen of the Night

    'Free Your Mind' is a song by American female group En Vogue. Released on September 24, 1992, it is the third single released from their critically acclaimed hit album Funky Divas. The anti-prejudice new jackswing-rock song became a Top 10 smash on the Billboard Hot 100 and a Top 20 on the UK Singles Chart. Billboard named the song No. 41 on their list of 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time. 'Queen of the Night' is a song co-written and performed by American singer Whitney Houston. It was the fifth and final single released from the soundtrack album Th
  9. Safe&Sound

    Next positions single?

    with second Top 2 hit with 34+35 (and big chance it will be its peak), what should Ariana release next from the album? It can be also a remix, just suggest what do you think what should follow next
  10. the 1 vs willow cardigan vs champagne problems the last great american dynasty vs gold rush exile vs 'tis the damn season my tears ricochet vs tolerate it mirrorball vs no body, no crime seven vs happiness august vs dorothea this is me trying vs coney island illicit affairs vs ivy invisible string vs cowboy like me mad woman vs long story short epiphany vs marjorie betty vs closure peace vs evermore hoax vs right where you left me the lakes vs it's time to go 1 month later, which album is better?
  11. naval23

    Poll: White Flag vs. Bleeding Love

    Which iconic female global ballad by a 2000s UK artist is your favorite?
  12. Miss Anthropocene

    Favourite/least favourite song from Born This Way?

    Please vote for your favourite and least favourite track from Born This Way. I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of this album when it was released. It was just so so different to The Fame/Monster. As soon as I heard Government Hooker at the Mugler show I was obsessed. However I started to appreciate it about 4 years ago and I've been listening to it a lot in quarantine recently. Do you have anything to share about this album?
  13. naval23

    Crazy In Love vs. Umbrella

    Both are some of the biggest classics of the 2000s, and Jay-Z is featured on both. But which one do you prefer?
  14. I can see the similarities between them. They are talented but both painted as villains.
  15. FailSafe

    Bigger: Driver's License or Bad Guy

    Both released by their respective artists at the age of 17; but which one is bigger???
  16. Who do you guys think is the best performer among these girls. For me, its Doja Cat: I love how she changes up her aesthetic and style
  17. Angelo

    Work B**ch vs. A Little Bit Alexis

    Which of these bops do you prefer?
  18. 808s

    Silk City: Dua vs Ellie

    Which one of the two Silk City(Mark Ronson and Diplo) do you prefer? Electricity ft. Dua Lipa or New Love ft. Ellie Goulding
  19. Felipesf

    Best song bashed by a fan base?

    There is always a song in a singer's catalogue that is bashed by her fan base. Which one is the most underrated of them? Which one is actually the worst? What is the most hated song by your fave if she wasn't listed?
  20. Which BFF anthem do you prefer?
  21. jdmc219

    Ashanti vs Keyshia: So who won?

    FIrst and foremost, a celebration first of both women! But who took it tonight?! I Changed My Mind vs Happy I Should Have Cheated vs The Way I love You Enough of No Love vs Don’t Leave Me Alone Shoulda Let You Go vs Rock With U I Remember vs Southside Last Night vs Ain’t It Funny! Playa Cardz Right vs. Pac’s Life Love vs Rain On Me Trust and Believe vs Down 4 U You Changed vs Runaway Heaven Sent vs Baby Brand New vs Only U Trust vs What’s Luv I Changed vs Into You Give It Up To Me vs Movi
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