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Found 2,487 results

  1. sunbathinganimal

    Better actress - Mariah vs J.Lo

    Both of these chanteuses have delivered well-received performances, but who do you think is the stronger actor overall?
  2. Released a few months before the millennium this Australian bop ended up becoming a UK #1, EU #9, AU #2 and #1 Club in the US. It's got a great message way ahead of its time, choreo that gives Dua a run for her money and charted higher on the Hot 100 than Ice Spice did with "Munch (Feelin You)" Do you remember it or are you just discovering it now?
  3. Anvarie

    Do you agree 1989 > BEYONCÉ

    According to Apple Music's ranking, 1989 is the superior album, sitting at #18. Beyoncé's self titled, is further up at 36. Do you agree that as an album (lyrically, vocally, production, artistry, impact, accolades, legacy), 1989 ate up the Levi's Jeans singer?
  4. Since 2010, the female albums that got lower than a B- average on Metacritic but still yielded a #1 hit: Teenage dream/Katy 52 Animal/Kesha 54 New classic/Iggy 56 Title/Meghan 59 Unapologetic/Rihanna 61 Bangerz/Miley 61 Prism/Katy 61 Stronger/Kelly 62 Kiss/Carly 63 Talk that talk/Rihanna 64 Which one best fits what Christina said about Bionic?
  5. UseYourIllusion2002

    Vogue/Justify My Love Vs. Erotica/Deeper and Deeper

    Both of these singles were released in 1990 and served as lead singles for I'm Breathless and The Immaculate Collection. The music videos become legendary instantly, with Justify My Love's video being banned by MTV due to it's sexual nature. Both singles were also musical firsts for Madonna, with Vogue being her first original song that she worked with Shep Pettibone on after he remixed two Like a Prayer singles. It pioneered the early 90s house sound that become popular in pop music. Justify My Love was also different for Madonna because of its upfront sexual lyrics, heavy bass, and most of the lyrics being spoken. Both songs were massive hits spending multiple weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1992, Madonna released her Sex book and Erotica album. The first two singles, Erotica and Deeper and Deeper, both were like retreads of Vogue and Justify My Love. They both even borrow samples from their 1990 companions. Both were successful, with Erotica peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and entering the Radio Songs Chart at #2, which it still holds the Billboard record for the highest debut on that chart. Deeper and Deeper peaked at #7. Which duo do you prefer?
  6. Both doing a no single album release within a month of each other. Fortnight has spent two weeks at #1 and is doing 7-8m after a fortnight. Can Billie give us another Bad Guy and have a bigger hit?
  7. Katamari

    Is 360 Janet coded?

    I can see Janet really slaying this with her Feedback voice do you see the vision? someone get the AI engines revving pls!
  8. I think everyone would agree that being able to hear the actual album when it's finally out is the most exciting thing. But apart from getting the actual music, what aspect of an album era & rollout excites you the most? What are you usually looking most forward to?
  9. Which Dedicated Side B song, with the same lyrics but different production and melodies, do you think is better?
  10. NoOneDiesFromLove

    Dua vs. Billie. First 3 albums

    Both mpgs released their third studio albums during the month of May. Now that you've heard both... are you feeling radically optimistic or hard and soft? vs.
  11. The alt girls are serving explosive outros. Which is the best for you? RANK RESPECTFULLY!!!
  12. Both albums are considered to be the "flops" when compared to the considerable successes of their previous projects. Which is better? 1. Witness vs I Forgot That You Existed 2. Hey Hey Hey vs Cruel Summer 3. Roulette vs Lover 4. Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) vs The Man 5. Déjà Vu vs The Archer 6. Power vs I Think He Knows 7. Mind Maze vs Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince 8. Miss You More vs Paper Rings 9. Chained To The Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) vs Cornelia Street 10. Tsunami vs Death By A Thousand Cuts 11. Bon Appétit (feat. Migos) vs London Boy 12. Bigger Than Me vs Soon You'll Get Better (feat. The Chicks) 13. Save As Draft vs False God 14. Pendulum vs You Need To Calm Down 15. Into Me You See vs Afterglow 16. Dance With The Devil vs ME! (feat. Brendan Urie of Panic! At The Disco) 17. Act My Age vs It's Nice To Have A Friend
  13. Which teen prodigy turned Album Of The Year winner made the better first 3 albums, ATRL?
  14. sciencemagic

    What 1989 vault song fits best on the OG?

    Though the production on the 1989 vaults is kind of giving Midnights side B, which song(s) do you think fit best on the OG? Say Don't Go is my favorite of the bunch, but I don't think it quite fits. Honestly with another title and no titular word, **** could've fit -- no chance in hell Scott Borchetta was letting her say that on an album. The way they're all about Harry Styles also I feel like it was unlikely she wrote "You were so magnetic it was almost obnoxious/flushed with the currency of cool" in 2013/4
  15. Did you buy an album yet? Which album did you buy? How many copies?
  16. Prince George

    L'AMOUR DE MA VIE v. loml (Live from Paris)

    L'AMOUR DE MA VIE (FINNEAS Version) v. loml (Live from Paris)
  17. What's your favorite pop girl album from Apple Music's #100BestAlbums List, ATRL? Beyoncé - Lemonade (#10) Adele - 21 (#15) Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) (#18) Billie Eilish - WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (#30) Beyoncé - BEYONCÉ (#36) Janet Jackson - Control (#42) Rihanna - ANTI (#55) SZA - SOS (#72) Madonna - Like A Prayer (#77) Lana Del Rey - Norman ******* Rockwell! (#79) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (#89) Lorde - Pure Heroine (#96)
  18. which one do you think is the better from the two songs that got released today with the purpose of winning the #1 album war?
  19. Taylor fanboy

    Mariah's 2024: Made for Me vs. Yes, And?

    Mariah is slowly feeding us this year. Which remix is better?
  20. What's the better and the worst lead hit single from a female pop girl released during these past months?
  21. Hector

    All About You Vs. Boom Clap

    Ten years since these bops were singles. All About You being a nice charting single (feels more of a "lead" for her 2015 album Breathe In, Breathe Out compared to Chasing The Sun) while Boom Clap was written for Hilary Duff but was rejected by her team for not being "cool enough" for her even though Hilary says she would have accepted the song had it been offered to her. Which song is better?
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