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  1. After a six month social media hiatus Jesy returned to TikTok with a cover of 'Silent Night'. She sounds great.
  2. He posted a full song on his finsta it sounds SOOO GOOD wtf an another hiphop reset is coming I NEVER doubted him https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0nT7y_Ic4O/
  3. JayRockafella

    Nicki x 50 Cent next week

    she’s really doing whatever she wants this is such a victory lap album
  4. a greatest hits album called science fiction is coming along with tour soon. see you in 2024!
  5. Alleged new album is set to come out on a later date now
  6. JoeAg

    Kimbra - A Reckoning

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CjQjjFprdLP/ something is coming on October 21st at around midnight EST and all of her other posts have been archived!
  7. memo90061

    Belinda - 'Indomable'

    A radio host from Exa, popular in Mexico, said that he listened to Belinda's new album "Indomable." He said the following: Will be out in January Different genres Personal album I hope he's right! Belinda will be performing at Besame Mucho Fest in Austin, TX in March 2024 along with Gloria Trevi, Belanova, Danna Paola, Ha-Ash and more!
  8. via Amazon Music France.
  9. reputaoty

    Selena Gomez says SG3 is coming in 2 months

    i mean theres room for everybody i think thanks BENNY
  10. TayDuaStan

    Taylor Swift - Music Stems

    Music stems from the following songs l-worded recently: - Gorgeous - Bad Blood - Style - 22 - Wildest Dreams - Red - I Knew You Were Trouble - All You Had To Do Was Stay - Teardrops On My Guitar - Forever & Always - The Way I Loved You - Fifteen - Fearless - Getaway Car - The Best Day
  11. Unoriginal

    Share Your Music

    A thread for all of ATRL's musicians to share their singles, albums, and other musical releases Don't spam a release. One post per single/album is enough If you don't have anything positive to say about a member's music, keep it to yourself
  12. She mentioned in her Spotify Wrapped video that new music is coming next year don’t think it’s That! Feels Good! deluxe since the tour just wrapped up. Hopefully it’s the harder-hitting dance/ club tracks that she previously teased
  13. VerdantHue

    Kelela Teases New Release

    https://www.instagram.com/p/C0cXKKaPt6X/ Kelela shared a post via Instagram on 12/04/2023. Not sure if it's the remix album or another song (most likely the latter).
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