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  1. Today it would've been Christine McVie's birthday and Stevie Nicks performed at BST Hyde Park. She brought Harry Styles as a guest during her encore and they performed Stop Draggin' My Heart Around and Landslide together Stevie gave this speech: "At the end of the show, since the end of last year and since Christine passed away, I would say something about her, and I asked Harry to do this with me and it's a lot to ask someone to sing a heavy song about a best friend that died so suddenly and so sadly. What I want to say to you is that Christine was Harry's girl, she was my girl, she was your girl, and she loved all of you, and today would've been her birthday […] Harry thank you, I thank you." Harry wore a songbird on his lapel in memoriam of Christine
  2. 4:57! Chanté sang that from the depths of her soul! She called on her Chinese ancestor, Jessie J, to hit that note!
  3. This is going to be so camp! I hope they move to Broadway! I'd go see it!
  4. Sara and Alyssa are calling for Biden to step aside and be replaced. Sunny says maybe Biden needs to go and bow out with grace and dignity. But it's his decision. Ana is not giving up on Biden. Joy seems to have lost confidence in Biden but didn't outright call for him to step down. I fear most left leaning independents and dems are likely feeling the same way as Sara and Alyssa.
  5. Michael Moore, the professional protester, film director, producer, screenwriter, author, and Academy Award winner, is calling out those who are committing elder abuse against Biden. Is it time for Michael to go through his Hollywood rolodex and call on Olivia to join him in calling out those who are abusing Biden? He made several points in this segment.
  6. 2:51. and I love how the entire crowd is living their best life.
  7. This was at the Bet awards for Usher lifetime achievement award. Victoria Monet got Beyonce to the tea.
  8. Paris Hilton testified before the House Wednesday (June 26) on the importance of modernizing child welfare programs—a cause she has been vocal about in recent years after opening up about her own trauma and abuse from facilities she stayed in as a teenager. Hilton encouraged lawmakers Wednesday to reauthorize Title IV-B of the Social Security Act, which provides funding for child welfare issues, and to pass the Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act, which would create an interagency Federal Work Group on Youth Residential Programs to support best practices in residential programs. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mollybohannon/2024/06/26/paris-hilton-was-back-on-capitol-hill-talking-about-child-abuse-heres-why/ I know some people have mixed feelings about her, but she is doing good work out there. She's actually making a difference for children.
  9. Oh wow. She really went there. "They are trying to bring the draft back! Who do you think they're going to draft first?!?" But will the Black vote (if most choose to vote for Biden) be enough to stop Trump?
  10. I cannot believe this is the same woman I just watched in I Am: Celine Dion
  11. Kelly learns OG pronunciation of Björk's name Although I've never heard it pronounced that way before… Laufey
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