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  1. Disclaimer #1. By being religious I mean practicing ones, not lapsed Christians/Muslims/whatever. Disclaimer #2. Being gay and being religious is not inherently mutually exclusive. I don't disagree. Some gays are religious. Some are not. That said, I myself am an atheist and while I try not to say that the reason I'm an atheist is because I respect myself well enough as a gay man, I wanna say that there will be inevitably disagreements and "buts" or contradictions put against the two identities of being gay and being religious. (Because no matter how many cherry picking you wanna do, being gay is universally frowned upon by the mainstream schools/denominations of most religions). Now back to the question, can you date another gay who is religious? What's your definition of 'religious gay', and where do you draw the boundaries of your comfort level of dating one? Thoughts girlies and please try to be as civil as possible so the mods don't close my thread lols.
  2. Do you think a big celebrity is behind an atrl account ? Do you think it's possible ?
  3. What other predictions do you have for 2025 politics?
  4. Regardless our political views, while watching what happened, did you felt bad or empathetic towards Trump?
  5. So today I had a little bit of beef with a gay on tiktok and he said it's not a big deal and that no gay will take it in a bad way if you're being asked THEE question. And when I thought about it a little I came to the conclusion that I actually do? Like first of all, why is it relevant to them? Why do they feel they have the right to ask ? I think it also plays along stereotypes because if you're being asked out of the blue, it's probably bc you act a certain way and that's the reason why they felt they have the right to ask. Like it's not a huuuge deal to me, especially not now as an adult and it's not like i stop talking to people after that, but back then it made me feel VERY uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY before I came out. Imo it's very invasive and lbr nowadays there's no need to ask anything like this in the first place. I also think most gays aren't exactly thrilled with this question. But what do you think about it ? Am I taking this too seriously ?
  6. I'm not listening to anything except for the sound of my own tears falling down my face.
  7. JonginBey

    Boys Love

    BL King 2020 Best Kiss Rate/Couple Ranking 2020 Best Series Rate • Sub-Categories 2020 Best Series Rate • Top Ten 2020 BLammys 2020 BL King 2021 Best Series Rate 2021 BLammy Awards 2021 BL King 2022 BLammy Awards 2022 BLammy Awards 4th Annual *results can be viewed starting on page 834. A master list is in development.
  8. Unknown User

    The Depression Lounge

    A thread for depressed users to share stories and tips to overcome their depression. -- Tips to help with Depression: 1.
  9. ATRL Entertainment presents.. 2023 Box Office
  10. Virgos Groove

    Funniest day on the internet?

    Not just on ATRL, but the whole internet. Off the top of my mind, my top-3 would be: Elizabeth's death (more specifcally the anticipation) Trump getting Covid Trump getting shot Classics.
  11. Some of the best TV i've ever seen. Who are your favorite characters on both shows?
  12. EDIT - its gonna stay a Patreon exclusive. https://www.patreon.com/posts/kesha-chappell-p-108119378 07/10 - Kesha "Joyride" - 3:28 10/10 - Chappell Roan "Good luck, babe" - 7:21 Charli XCX, Lorde "The girl, so confusing version" - 13:13 10/10 - Lisa "Rockstar" - 18:55 03/10 - Katy Perry "Woman's World" - 23:37 10/10 - RAYE "Genesis" - 28:10 10/10 - Quavo, Lana Del Rey "Tough" - 36:36 she did not give a number rating to Charli/Lorde but i would think she gave them a 10/10
  13. That look like this: or this: I have seen a lot of these in the gay scene lately. What are your thoughts?
  14. Hi, just wanted to get your opinion on certain things: I started talking to this guy from Tinder 2 months ago, we met like a week later and it was really fun, we both had a great time and great chemistry from the get go. We spent the rest of the afternoon kissing and talking. The next day we decided to see each other the following day and that 2nd date went extremely well. We talked every day, laughing and sharing personal stuff. He always made sure to check on me and let me know everything he was doing. That weekend we had another talk where we both admitted to each other that we really liked each other and that even though we both werent looking for a relationship right now, we were open to it. He was more insecure than I was about the whole thing, not being sure I really liked him. Anyway we saw each other again a few days later and we went to his place and almost had sex. He was the one to stop it bc I had to catch my train. and the following Sunday, we made plans to have a 4th date the next day. During those weeks, we really opened up about liking each other and the feeling we got when we were together. 4th date happens and it goes really smoothly, he makes sure to let me know we wouldn't have sex that day cause he likes how we are taking it slow and getting to know each other. That same week, we once again talked about where we were at in terms of feelings and stuff and both came to the conclusion that we still very much liked each other, but that for now, we need to get to know each other better but that we both liked what we were experiencing. A few days later, I'm at a party with a my best friend and she decides to get my phone and send him messages while I'm drunk. At first it's all fun and games on both sides but then she texts him that he's too vague on his feelings for me and that she wants to know what are his intentions... he doesn't reply and the next day I text him that I just found out about those texts. He replies way later and tells me that we need to talk about that and I send him a long text to let him know where I stand: I like him, he's fun and I like that we take things slow BUT not ready to be in a relationship yet and if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't. He reacts with a heart and then sends me vocal notes to let me know he agrees and feels the same way. The following week, everything is fine, we talk and he sends me a text to ask me to see each other the following week cause he really wants to see me. We schedule a date the following week, at night and I'd stay at his place to sleep. He tells me how happy he is and excited, he calls me that same night over facetime cause he misses my face. That weekend, he goes to Disneyland with his friends and we still talk. When we get to spend the night together, something's off. I just went through a medical exam that left me scattered and I'm kinda anticipating about he and I having sex cause ya know down there, it won't be possible. While I see him getting lost in his thoughts, we still spend a good night, tho kinda looking like an old couple. We go to sleep, he holds me in his arms the whole night, always making sure to keep me there. The next morning, I ask him how he felt and he said he was very happy that I was there. When I get out of the shower that morning and come back to find him on his couch, he looks stunned by me and we say goodbye, we kiss and he tells me "see you very soon, really loved last night." The whole day I have no more news and he sends me 3 texts in the evening, apologizing for being distant but that he's scared he can't handle the intensity of it all and that he's responsible for this but that he started to get really anxious about the whole thing during the night. and that probably by fear, he prefers to let me know he might not be ready. I reply to him that I do not understand the intensity he's talking about and that we should talk cause hello I'm scared too about all this. He replied with a whole "I felt that we weren't on the same page and that prevented me from trying a move sexually by fear that you'd think I only wanted to have sex with you. I think it's best for the sake of both our hearts that maybe we put a halt to this. But if you want to talk about it, we can" I tell him that I do at some point he sends me that his anxiety got the best of him and that he's taking some time off to get back to his old self and we'd talk the following week. We did a few days ago and basically he told me he got all scared by the messages from my best friend, that he thought I wanted to be in a relationship with him right away and he got scared that he'd get trapped. That he finds me beautiful, funny, smart and loves to spend time with me but his fears got out of control. We talked and were literally on the same page but then it was extremely late and we said goodbye and he told me we'd talk the next day by texts. We didn't much except when he posted a story on his IG with that meme of that cactus door with the caption my therapist "you should let people in." me: "it's not locked". and yesterday he sent me a picture of him in his suit for a wedding and I sent him "well you look handsome" and he replied with a big red heart. We talked slightly but nothing too major. And when I fell asleep he texted me my name with a question mark. But Idk if he wanted to tell me something or if he wanted me to say something. What are your thoughts on all this? Do you think it's possible to work things out? I know it's not a question of him not liking me anymore or me not liking him but my bf's message messing his head up. But he heard on the phone that we were still on the same page...
  15. Kisuke


    We discuss manga and Anime in here. http://i.imgur.com/UmIQI2U.png
  16. Kitt

    Best AVI on ATRL

    Will you switch it up for NüATRL? Anyway, you know what this thread is for.
  17. Post your weekly album collages based on your last.fm plays, the link below might be helpful. Oh and the old thread got deleted for whatever reason. http://tapmusic.net/
  18. I'm thinking: 3 days Rome 5 days Tuscany + Florence 2 days Venice 2-3 days Lake Como/Milan I have around 12 days there and would love suggestions!
  19. After so many attempts , pr moves and her working again with dr puck , it's obvious that her new lead single didn't perform as well as her and obviously her label wished from it , should katy just accept the fact that she is a throwback act from the 2010s and embrace the fact that she gave one of the biggest pop albums in history of music and stop trying to recreate that success, thoughts ?
  20. Craig A Williams, a historical academic researcher pointed out a common finding of anthropological studies: it is a widespread phenomenon for societies to think that masculinity is an achieved status, and a tenuous accomplishment. Boys must be made men, while girls just become women. There are constant struggles involved not only in attaining masculinity—one thinks of the often painful and always challenging rites of passage by means of which boys are made men—but also in maintaining one's masculine status. Threats lurk everywhere, and a man can all too easily slip and fall. And if he does, according to the relentlessly binary logic of this system he is behaving like a woman. Indeed an insinuation or, worse, outright declaration that a man is "not acting like a man" or is "acting like a woman" is one of the most devastating weapons that can be used by masculine cultures around the world in their campaign to mold "real men" and keep them that way. To describe a woman as "not acting like a woman" or as "acting like a man" is another matter entirely, and, in fact, is often a compliment. If a man loses control in just one aspect of his life—if he displays any one of the effeminate traits or any combination of them—he is susceptible to being called effeminate, and can be suspected of any other effeminate traits. Do you agree with these takes?
  21. Gay men of ATRL, who's that one female artist in the industry that makes you question your sexuality???? that one woman who makes you wish you were straight, even if temporarily. Mine is the Greek goddess, Marina. She's so insanely gorgeous and IMO flawless. I don't think I've ever known anyone hotter. This music video makes me want to be straight so badddd
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