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  1. chosensparkles

    Billie X Rosalia: 1,2M first day on Spotify

    Billie and Rosalia's collaboration which was immediately put on TTH top spot opened its first partial day to 1,257,602 non discounted streams thoughts?
  2. Source: RIAA 6 days ago:
  3. RIHANNA Spotify Numbers 05/04/2020 (1 month update) May the 4th be with You! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Followers: 36,967,623 (+31k) Monthly listeners: 41,944,503 (#15) (+3,191M) This is Rihanna playlist: 1,849,394 Tracks above 100M streams: 31 (47 with features) Tracks above 300M streams: 10 (18 with features) TOTAL STREAMS ON SPOTIFY: 19,845,563,172 (remixes & features included) Total on her page: 13 289 129 752 (*calculated by me on excel) --------------------------------------------
  4. The queen of streaming now has all of her studio albums above 1 Billion streams (6 albums)
  5. Most iconic female song of the century me thinks
  6. Nestor 13

    MTVLA Discussion Thread (2021)

    Check the last thread (2020)
  7. Ariana Grande - 7 (#3 34+35 combined, #6 positions, #100 pov, #118 stuck with u, #120 rain on me, #130 7 rings) Billie Eilish - 6 (#18 therefore I am, #64 lovely, #76 lo vas a olvidar, #105 bad guy, #153 everything i wanted, #186 when the party's over) Dua Lipa - 5 (#14 levitating, #27 prisoner, #46 don't start now, #74 un dia, #121 break my heart) Doja Cat - 4 (#30 34+35 remix, #37 streets, #58 best friend, #172 say so) Megan Thee Stallion - 3 (#30 34+35 remix, #34 wap, #99 body) Karol G - 3 (#7 bichota, #101 ay dios mio, #122 tusa
  8. With his duet, "Better Days". King. http://www.livepopbars2.com/
  9. Hi. I used to be a frequent visitor of this thread, but i just found out it was deleted or something? I asked the mods about it but received no response, so i decided to start it from scratch. Keep in mind this is very hard to do, so i'm gonna start doing it with Chartmasters' tool and add the missing songs (collabs) later. If your fave is missing / has missing songs, please tag me to let me know and i'll update it accordingly. Hope you enjoy it! #1 Ariana Grande (58 songs): #2 Nicki Minaj (57 songs): #3 Rihanna (54 songs): #4
  10. Renan90

    Stupid Love goes Gold in US

    SHARE LADY GAGA STUPID LOVE January 14, 2021 STREAMLINE / INTERSCOPE SINGLE MORE DETAILS Release Date Previous Certification(s) | Date(s) Category Type Certified Units Genre FEBRUARY 28, 2020 Gold | January 14, 2021
  11. in 3 months queen of streaming
  12. US itunes: 9. Katy Perry - Firework Inauguration Day's impact
  13. H.E.R. & Daniel Caesar's grammy winning song "Best Part" was certified 4x Platinum by the RIAA https://www.riaa.com/gold-platinum/?tab_active=default-award&ar=&ti=best+part&lab=&genre=&format=&date_option=certification&from=2021-01-12&to=2021-01-21&award=&type=&category=&adv=SEARCH#search_section
  14. I've decided to revive the Z100 thread from oldATRL and add KIIS from Los Angeles as well since it's the second biggest pop staton in the US and arguably has just as much influence on US pop radio as Z100 does. I'll try to remember to post the adds and power rotation for each of these stations every week
  15. Ger-55

    HTV Discussion Thread (2021)

    (A petición de @MUSIC_MUSIC he abierto el tema correspondiente a este año, aportaría si tan solo el canal mejorara, pero bueno )
  16. These are the female artists, who have had the most weeks with over 100M US streams since Jun. 21, 2019 (the first week of Rolling Stone's streaming-based Artist 500 chart) so far. To make everything visually more appealing, I only included the first day of the week. So e.g., Dec. 25 would mean Dec.25 – Dec. 31 The list will be updated continuously... Taylor Swift 13 weeks 322.4M – Jul. 24, 2020 294.3M – Dec. 11, 2020 250.9M – Aug. 23, 2019 179.4M – Jul. 31, 2020 164.3M – Dec. 18, 2020 141.4M – Aug. 30, 20
  17. chosensparkles

    Million Reasons reaches 500M on Spotify

    Lady Gaga's "Million Performances" just reached 500 million streams on Spotify, a quick reminder, the song was never pushed on big playlists during its release she did THAT https://twitter.com/chartgaga/status/1351938694404595718?s=20
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