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  1. Come one, come all… It's happening again… Welcome to the album survivor(s) for Taylor Swift's massive (in every sense of the word), record-breaking, generally acclaimed eleventh studio album The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology! Each round you'll be tasked with saving and eliminating a set number of songs, with the songs that receive the most off votes being cut from the contest. This will continue until a winner is determined. Please pay close attention to the voting instructions of each round, because I will not be counting your vote if you submit incorrectly!! Nor can I be bothered to notify you to fix any mistakes you make! You're on your own, kids, you always have been. Note: if you are not interested in participating, please feel free to simply ignore this message and you'll get no further notifications from me. After the first round, only active participants will be tagged.
  2. AMERIICAN REQUIEM BLACKBIIRD 16 CARRIAGES PROTECTOR MY ROSE TEXAS HOLD 'EM BODYGUARD JOLENE DAUGHTER SPAGHETTII ALLIIGATOR TEARS JUST FOR FUN II MOST WANTED LEVII'S JEANS FLAMENCO YA YA DESERT EAGLE RIIVERDANCE II HANDS II HEAVEN TYRANT SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN' AMEN *interlude tracks "SMOKE HOUR I, SMOKE HOUR II, DOLLY P, LINDA MARTELL SHOW, OH LOUISIANA" will not be included in this survivor. ______________________________ HELLO You all are tagged because you have posted in the album thread. Album survivor is a game you play to vote, save, and off songs on the album as stated in each round til we have a winner i.e. favorite track. It will be updated within 3-7 days per round and it will be fun so please participate. [ Not interested? Ignore this message. ] ROUND 1 SAVE 8 / OFF 6
  3. khalyan

    Album Survivor Request

    The admins have informed me that an automatic thread for album survivor registration isn't possible, so we'll be doing this manually from now on. Album Survivor Request: If you want to host an Album Survivor you must post in this thread before opening. You can only reserve an album once the date of release and title are officially known. Albums are reserved on a first come, first serve basis - whoever posts to request first gets it. You can only reserve 3 albums at a time. If you believe somebody has falsely reserved an album or is misusing the thread, please contact the mods. If you wish to host a survivor for an old album, contact the mods or post in the Games Discussion thread to find out if it has been done before. Repeats are not allowed. Check the Games Rules before posting a thread and direct any queries via the Contact Us button! How to format your request: "March 14th 2014: Kiss Me Once - Kylie Minogue" This thread is for requests only, all other posts should be directed to the Games Discussion thread. Rejected requests or off-topic posts will be removed. Your post will be kept if it's accepted, so just check back to see whether it's been deleted or not.
  4. Welcome to The Loveliest Time - Album Survivor Tracklist 1. Anything to Be With You 2. Kamikaze 3. After Last Night 4. Aeroplanes 5. Shy Boy 6. Kollage 7. Shadow 8. Psychedelic Switch 9. So Right 10. Come Over 11. Put It to Rest 12. Stadium Love 13. Weekend Love Each round you'll choose which songs to save and which will have to go! Each round most voted track will get immunity
  5. 1. Lavender Haze 2. Maroon 3. Anti-Hero 4. Snow On The Beach 5. You're On Your Own, Kid 6. Midnight Rain 7. Question...? 8. Vigilante **** 9. Bejeweled 10. Labyrinth 11. Karma 12. Sweet Nothing 13. Mastermind 14. The Great War 15. Bigger Than The Whole Sky 16. Paris 17. High Infidelity 18. Glitch 19. Would've, Could've, Should've 20. Dear Reader 21. Hits Different
  6. I Love Hollywood! Miss Belladonna Dramatic [Eliminated in Round 5] My Body Memories of You [Eliminated in Round 6] Rhinestone Heart [Eliminated in Round 2] Erotic Electronic Purrr Plastic [Eliminated in Round 4] Girl Like Me [Eliminated in Round 3] Tear Me Open [Eliminated in Round 1] Out Of Time ROUND 7 SAVE 3 Tagged you because you replied in the album thread
  7. 1. greedy 2. run for the hills [Eliminated R9] 3. hurt my feelings [Eliminated R9] 4. guilty conscience [Eliminated R8] 5. grave [Eliminated R7] 6. calgary [Eliminated R6] 7. cut my hair [Eliminated R5] 8. exes [Eliminated R4] 9. we're not alike [Eliminated R4] 10. think later [Eliminated R3] 11. messier [Eliminated R2] 12. plastic palm trees [Eliminated R2] 13. want that too [Eliminated R1] 14. stay done [Eliminated R1]
  8. Welcome to the Olivia Rodrigo's Guts album survivor. ROUND 1 All-American ***** Bad Idea Right? Vampire Lacy Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl Making The Bed Logical Get Him Back! Love Is Embarrasing The Grudge Pretty Isn't Pretty Teenage Dream SAVE 3 SONGS OFF 3 SONGS RULES: * Update every 7-10 days (except Round 2, since I will be adding users the whole week) * If you don't want to participate it, ask me and I'll remove you from the list. In the same way, if you want to be added to the list, ask me and I'll do it. * Immunity given until the Top 5 (only one song eliminated per round) Let's have fun and may the best song win!!!
  9. HTH Album Survivor RESULTS: WINNER: Midnight Dreams with 114 points! 2ND PLACE: By The End Of The Night with 106 points 3RD PLACE: Tastes Like You with 104 points #4 Easy Lover (feat. Big Sean) #5 Like A Saviour #6 Let It Die #7 Cure For Love #8 Better Man #9 Higher Than Heaven #10 Just For You #11 Temptation #12 Intuition #13 Love Goes On #14 All By Myself (with Alok & Sigala) #15 Waiting For It #16 How Long
  10. Hey. Welcome to my first ever ATRL album survivor! If you don't know how this works, every round each and every one of us gets to pick which tracks would we like to save, and which would we like to omit until we eventually crown the #1 track of the album. The tracklist: [track title] - [artist] Pink - Lizzo Dance the Night - Dua Lipa Barbie World - Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice with Aqua Speed Drive - Charli XCX Watati - Karol G feat. Aldo Ranks Man I Am - Sam Smith Journey to the Real World - Tame Impala I'm Just Ken - Ryan Gosling Hey Blondie - Dominic Fike Home - Haim What Was I Made For? - Billie Eilish Forever & Again - The Kid Laroi Silver Platter - Khalid Angel - PinkPantheress Butterflies - Gayle Choose Your Fighter - Ava Max Barbie Dreams - Fifty Fifty feat. Kaliii Push - Ryan Gosling Closer To Fine - Brandi Carlile and Catherine Carlile Spotify: Youtube: (If you open this in a new tab, it should have the whole playlist available to go through) How fast votes get in will determine how fast will we move on I'll also work on a @ list of ATRL members which I hope will be interested in this For round 1, please choose 3 tracks you would like to save, and 3 tracks you would like to omit. TWO tracks will go home! Have fun! Yes I made this gif myself in Sims 4 lmao
  11. AVRIL LAVIGNE - LOVE SUX album survivor 1. Cannonball 2. Bois Lie (Ft. Machine Gun Kelly) 3. Bite Me 4. Love It When You Hate Me (Ft. blackbear) 5. Love Sux 6. Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending 7. Avalanche 8. Déjà vu 9. F.U. 10. All I Wanted (Ft. Mark Hoppus) 11. Dare To Love Me 12. Break Of A Heartache
  12. Hello everyone! Act III of my Kylie2023 Project is here! (Act 1 is a Kylie Singles Rate in the Base Section. Check it out if you are interested!) THE LIST: Padam Padam Hold On To Now Things We Do For Love Tension One More Time You Still Get Me High Hands Green Light Vegas High 10 Out Of 10 (Oliver Heldens featuring Kylie Minogue) Story Love Train Just Imagine Somebody To Love PLAYLIST (Spotify option) PLAYLIST (YouTube option) For round 1, Choose 3 you want to save and 3 you want to omit.
  13. Round 2: https://atrl.net/forums/topic/434668-round-2-taylor-swift-the-eras-tour-survivor/?do=findComment&comment=23575063 Act I: Lover "Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince" "Cruel Summer" "The Man" (Voted off Round 1) "You Need to Calm Down" (Voted off Round 1) "Lover" "The Archer" Act II: Fearless "Fearless" "You Belong with Me" "Love Story" Act III: Evermore "'Tis the Damn Season" "Willow" "Marjorie" "Champagne Problems" "Tolerate It" Act IV: Reputation "...Ready for It?" "Delicate" "Don't Blame Me" "Look What You Made Me Do" Act V: Speak Now "Enchanted" Act VI: Red "22"(Voted off Round 1) "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"(Voted off Round 1) "I Knew You Were Trouble" "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)" Act VII: Folklore "Seven" (spoken interlude) / "Invisible String" "Betty" "The Last Great American Dynasty" "August" "Illicit Affairs" "My Tears Ricochet" "Cardigan" Act VIII: 1989 "Style" "Blank Space" "Shake It Off"(Voted off Round 1) "Wildest Dreams" "Bad Blood" Act IX: Taylor Swift "Tim McGraw"(Disqualified) Act X: Midnights "Lavender Haze" "Anti-Hero" "Midnight Rain" "Vigilante ****" "Bejeweled" "Mastermind" "Karma" Vote off 5
  14. Mine Sparks Fly Back To December Speak Now Dear John Mean The Story Of Us Never Grow Up Enchanted Better Than Revenge Innocent Haunted Last Kiss Long Live Ours Superman Electric Touch When Emma Falls In Love I Can See You Castles Crumbling Foolish One Timeless
  15. 1. skip this part 2. mine 3. high road 4. me 5. down to you 6. chemistry 7. favorite kind of high 8. magic 9. lighthouse 10. rock hudson 11. my mistake 12. red flag collector 13. i hate love (feat. Steve Martin) 14. that's right (feat. Sheila E) SAVE 3 OFF 3 You have been tagged because you have posted in the 'chemistry' album thread before. If you will not vote for the first round of the survivor, you will not be tagged again. Likewise, if you vote and request not to be tagged again, I also won't do it.
  16. 01. Feed the Beast 02. Alone (with Nicki Minaj) 03. King of Hearts 04. Thousand Pieces 05. uhoh 06. Revelations 07. Bait (feat. BANKS) 08. Sex Talk 09. Hit It from the Back 10. Claws 11. Minute 12. Coconuts 13. Castle in the Sky 14. brrr 15. Unholy (with Sam Smith) RANKING: - Claws - King of Hearts - uhoh 4th - Castle in the Sky 5th - Feed the Beast 6th - Hit It from the Back 7th - brrr 8th - Alone (with Nicki Minaj) 9th/10th - Revelations/Sex Talk 11th - Minute 12/13th - Thousand Pieces/Coconuts 14th - BAIT (feat. BANKS) 15th - Unholy (with Sam Smith) * I'll create a tag list starting from the next time and you'll automatically be added as soon as you post. * Each new round will be updated around Saturday/Sunday, lasting roughly a week.
  17. 1. Flowers 2. Jaded 3. Rose Colored Lenses 4. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile) 5. You 6. Handstand 7. River 8. Violet Chemistry 9. Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) 10. Wildcard 11. Island 12. Wonder Woman 13. Flowers (Demo) ROUND 1 SAVE 4 / OFF 3 The first round will be a double elimination! ~~~~ Anyone can join at any point in the survivor! You'll be added to the tag list once you post here for the first time. Not interested? Simply ignore this & you will be removed from the tag list! Tagging people I've seen around the ESV thread & people who participated in the Plastic Hearts survivor
  18. (I ******* LOVE THIS COVER ) ROUND 1 Something To Believe In Eat The Acid Living In My Head Fine Line Only Love Can Save Us Now All I Need Is You The Drama Ram Dass Interlude Too Far Gone Peace & Quiet Only Love Reprise Hate Me Harder Happy SAVE 3 SONGS OFF 3 SONGS
  19. ROUND 1 The Grants Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under The Ocean Blvd Sweet A&W Judah Smith Interlude Candy Necklace (ft. Jon Batiste) Jon Batiste Interlude Kintsugi Fingertips Paris, Texas (ft. SYML) Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of my Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing (ft. Riopy) Let The Light In (ft. Father John Misty) Margaret (ft. Bleachers) Fishtail Peppers (ft. Tommy Genesis) Taco Truck x VB SAVE 5 SONGS OFF 5 SONGS Some little rules: UPDATE EVERY WEEK. THERE WON'T BE IMMUNITY GIVEN IN THIS SURVIVOR. IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED OR ADDED TO THE LIST, JUST ASK FOR IT AND I'LL DO IT. PREVIOUS WINNERS AND RUNNER-UPS "BORN TO DIE" No winner announced. Top 4 was: Born To Die, Video Games, National Anthem, Dark Paradise. "BORN TO DIE + PARADISE" Winner: Blue Jeans. Runner-up: Cola. 3rd place: Ride. "ULTRAVIOLENCE" Winner: West Coast. Runner-up: Shades Of Cool. 3rd place: Brooklyn Baby. "HONEYMOON" Winner: The Blackest Day. Runner-up: Music To Watch Boys To. 3rd place: Salvatore. "LUST FOR LIFE" Winner: Get Free. Runner-up: Cherry. 3rd place: Heroin. "NORMAN ******* ROCKWELL" Winner: The Greatest. Runner-up: Happiness Is A Butterfly. 3rd place: Love Song. "CHEMTRAILS OVER THE COUNTRY CLUB" Winner: White Dress. Runner-up: Chemtrails Over The Country Club. 3rd place: Dark But Just A Game. "BLUE BANISTERS" Winner: Thunder. Runner-up: Blue Banisters. 3rd place: Dealer.
  20. 01. That! Feels Good! 02. Free Yourself 03. Pearls 04. Hello Love 05. Begin Again 06. Beautiful People 07. Freak Me Now 08. Shake the Bottle 09. Lightning 10. These Lips RANKING: Begin Again: +159 Free Yourself: +114 That! Feels Good!: +90 4th - Freak Me Now 5th - Hello Love 6th - Pearls 7th - Lightning 8th - Shake the Bottle 9th - These Lips 10th - Beautiful People * I'll create a tag list starting from the next time, let me know in the comments if you wanna be added. * Each new around will be updated around Saturday/Sunday, lasting roughly a week.
  21. Desire, I Want to Turn Into You 4. Welcome To My Island 5. Smoke 6. Sunset 7. Butterfly Net 8. Crude Drawing Of An Angel 9. Fly To You (feat. Grimes & Dido) 10.Pretty In Possible 11. Blood and Butter 12. Hopedrunk Everasking THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! I tagged you because you replied in the album thread x
  22. 1. That's Hilarious 2. Charlie Be Quiet! 3. Light Switch 4. There's A first Time for Everything 5. Smells Like Me 6. Left and Right 7. Loser 8. When You're Sad I'm Sad 9. Marks on my Neck 10. Tears on my Piano 11. I Don't Think That I Like Her 12. No More Drama You all know how this works..... Let me know if you wanna be added in the comments each round should last about a week and I've never hosted one of these before so it may take me a minute to update
  23. ROUND 1 When I Get There Trustfall Turbulence Long Way To Go (ft. The Lumineers) Kids In Love (ft. First Aid Kit) Never Gonna Not Dance Again Runaway Last Call Hate Me Lost Cause Feel Something Our Song Just Say I'm Sorry (ft. Chris Stapleton) SAVE 4 SONGS OFF 4 SONGS Some little rules: UPDATE EVERY WEEK. THERE WON'T BE IMMUNITY GIVEN IN THIS SURVIVOR. IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED OR ADDED TO THE LIST, JUST ASK FOR IT AND I'LL DO IT.
  24. 01. Million Dollar Baby 02. Sleepwalker 03. Maybe You're the Problem 04. Ghost 05. Hold Up (Wait a Minute) 06. Weapons 07. Diamonds & Dancefloors 08. In the Dark 09. Turn Off the Lights 10. One of Us 11. Get Outta My Heart 12. Cold as Ice 13. Last Night on Earth 14. Dancing's Done RANKING: 1st - Dancing's Done 2nd - Diamonds & Dancefloors 3rd - Maybe You're the Problem 4th - Sleepwalker 5th - Million Dollar Baby 6th - Get Outta My Heart 7th - Ghost 8th - Turn Off the Lights 9th - One of Us 10th - Last Night on Earth 11th - Cold as Ice 12th - Hold Up (Wait a Minute) 13th - In the Dark 14th - Weapons * I'll create a tag list starting from the next time, let me know in the comments if you wanna be added. * Each new around will be updated around Saturday/Sunday, lasting roughly a week.
  25. 1. Giddy Up 2. Brand New 3. Waking Up Dreaming 4. Best Friend 5. Pretty Liar 6. Inhale/Exhale Air 7. Last Day Of Summer 8. Queen Of Me 9. Got It Good 10. Number One 11. Not Just A Girl 12. The Hardest Stone 13. On Three 14. Done & Dusted *Let me know in the comments if you wanna be added* *Each new around will be updated lasting roughly a every week*
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