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  1. Thanks to @Coolada for the list ATRL Username: Pokémon GO Trainer Name: Trainer Code: aayAlex 4997 3923 3041 ALΞX itsalexney 5422 0622 9097 Azealia Banks 0426 8212 5199 BadMonster 2639 5289 9588 bestfiction 8035 8881 5548 Billie Joe 6858 1818 5084 Butters 0641 9043 5875 Can’t_M!ss_This 7225 0659 9722 Coolada ErcKth 4097 1735 5474 craven92 DCrayoflight 0925 4250 1722 Cuneytb Cuneytb22 6547 9857 3488 dabunique Diva519 5985 4157 5801 Diesel MarvelJon 1541 6748 3207 Edibles. SethTyler 8525 5282 7122 Eggy. 8926 5942 7918 EriKills evrz5 2025 0762 8964 Fetch 7699 6657 0968 Finn Contre Nature 2879 0251 8560 FOCK 3437 1277 4262 greeneyedsoul VidoRH 7897 0870 7033 Grim 4018 7977 1061 Heldenzeit 7417 6115 6191 Ichinaru19 4454 9391 6722 Ihdang2000 7336 7646 2256 itsnickcray 1961 1702 4769 Jozip Sineus 2330 8408 9631 jpow jrpow 1799 1176 6528 justin. Jwhet 2356 5387 3307 J-esper Jespervw 8977 3063 3185 Lost In Paradise 6625 1803 2760 LoveLiveMusic SimonVenekeo 1931 2004 6584 MihQl 0006 0349 6691 Mouni9248 MK924812 4339 3992 5438 Orfeo 8287 0836 4895 PAD 4057 5837 8672 Prince George Ge0v 2726 8141 4194 Revenge 1848 9359 6078 Right Now 7530 8675 7476 RihannaRTT RihannaRTT 7593 6165 4633 simmnfierzig 6755 9302 8661 stevenisFADING 5200-1999 6358 Tuli 2481 5759 7573 UnusualBoy 9142 0958 2359 Unusualyou 2661 1251 6266 Vanderpump 1536 0174 5908 Who_Run_The_World 7575 4676 3184 Witchpop Teejayiscool 0788 7359 0710
  2. Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter by Blizzard Entertainment. The game emphasizes cooperative gameplay using a cast of various "heroes", each with their own abilities and roles within a team. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Essentially a hero-based shooter, Overwatch assigns players into two teams of six, with each player selecting one of 24 (so far) pre-defined hero characters with unique movement, attributes, and abilities whose roles are divided into four categories: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map and/or escort a payload across the map in a limited amount of time. With 25 million players as of January 2017, Overwatch is considered one of the best games released in 2016. It was the fastest selling game digitally during its release month. The game received universal acclaim upon release and numerous accolades, including being awarded Game of the Year at The Game Awards, D.I.C.E. Awards, and Game Developers Choice Awards, as well as from numerous publications. It was considered the best game of 2016 by numerous publications, including IGN, GameSpot, Game Informer and Eurogamer, receiving 98 game of the year awards across critics and reader polls. Since its release, Overwatch has become recognized as an eSport, where in addition to sponsoring tournaments, Blizzard has announced plans to help support professional league play starting in 2017. The cast of playable characters in Overwatch was selected to portray diverse representations of genders and ethnicities, including males, females, and non-human characters such as robots and a gorilla. The need for a diverse cast was important to the developers, and Overwatch's diversity also extends to other character facets. Blizzard has said that some of the characters have LGBT identities. Tracer, the face of the game, was the first identified as one of the LGBT characters via one of the promotional online comics. Similarly, the character of Symmetra is considered autistic by the development team, saying "we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be." Players choose one of several hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and role classes. The four character roles include: offense characters with high speed and attack but low defense, defense characters meant to form choke points for enemies, support characters that provide buffs and debuffs for their allies and enemies respectively (such as healing or speed alterations), and tank characters that have a large amount of armor and hit points to withstand enemy attacks and draw fire away from teammates. Overwatch features several means of gameplay, including tutorials and practice modes against computer-controlled opponents, casual matchmaking, weekly brawls, custom games, and competitive play. Blizzard has plans to add new characters, maps, new game modes and cosmetics, such as sprays and skins, among other things. Themed limited-time modes and cosmetics have also been made available for events and holidays, such as the 2016 Summer Olympics, Halloween and Christmas. The backstory to Overwatch is described through animated shorts and other information (like comics) distributed by Blizzard in promoting the game. Overwatch is set sixty years into the future of a fictionalized Earth, thirty years after the resolution of the "Omnic Crisis". Prior the Omnic Crisis, humanity had been in a golden age of prosperity and technology development. Humans developed robots with artificial intelligence called "Omnics", which were produced worldwide in automated "omnium" facilities and put to use to achieve economic equality. The Omnic Crisis began when the omniums started producing a series of lethal, hostile robots, which turned against humankind. The United Nations quickly formed Overwatch, an international task force to combat the omnic threat and restore order. Several allegations of wrongdoing and failures were leveled at Overwatch, leading to UN passing the Petras Act, which dismantled Overwatch and forbade any Overwatch-type activity. The game is set some years after the Petras Act; without Overwatch, corporations have started to take over, fighting and terrorism have broken out in parts of the globe, and there are signs of a second Omnic Crisis occurring in Russia. Former members of Overwatch decide to reform Overwatch despite the Petras Act, recruiting old friends and gaining new allies in their fight. Animated Shorts Comics BUY http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/ PSN | Xbox
  3. Mostly known for their The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us games, looks like the company will be shutting down pretty soon they also fired a lot of people, from 250 being left only 25 https://www.usgamer.net/amp/report-telltale-games-shutting-down-the-wolf-among-us-2-and-stranger-things-canceled?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Release date: January 25, 2019 (Japan), January 29, 2019 (Worldwide) Platforms: PlayStation 4/Xbox One Theme song: Oath/Don't Think Twice by Utada Hikaru Box Art: Confirmed Worlds: NEW Trailer:
  5. $40 dollars, September 21st. PS4 & XBox One
  6. BretTheBest

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Leon Kennedy looks so great here. Such a highlight for me from this year's E3. What were y'alls fav from the expo? Control looks super dope too I'm glad we are seeing more games with female leads. Gears Of War, Control, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Sea of Solitude, The Last of Us.
  7. Usernames ATRL --- PSN conseeded ... yarnbrothel Doogle ... iamdoogle Oxygen ... oxy-gxn znake ... alejoperez89 Gee ... geemarty £than ... findingethan Haus_of_Will ... Cubowner Alena ... muffinie Phunk ... wiggiytuffs Attitude ... Attitudious Ares ... aerys9 Kanji ... AlaskaHunty Antinemesis ... Tombwarrior97 Lyrical Liar ... TannyLH Tiziano's Boy ... JonJo576 OhMyAlf ... evilalf Edibles. ... Opt1musPrimeRib feuxtography ... fauxjavs
  8. BigBangStan

    Soul Calibur Vl

    Queen Sophitia is back
  9. With the announcement of Animal Crossing coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019, I figured we could have a base to discuss the upcoming game and the previous installments in the series! Website 🎈 Twitter Main Series Animal Crossing GameCube - 2001 Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS - 2005 Animal Crossing: City Folk Wii - 2008 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS - 2012 Untitled Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch - 2019 Spin-off Games Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Nintendo 3DS - 2015 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Wii U - 2015 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp iOS, Android - 2017 News Animal Crossing is Coming to Nintendo Switch! Isabelle revealed to be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!