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Found 179 results

  1. SevenFootSounds

    Davina Michelle - "Driver's License" (cover)

    Dutch YouTube-star and currently famous singer Davina Michelle just covered the hit of the moment. WDYT?
  2. JustHoran

    DREAM - "Higher"

    Dream back when they had a comeback planned in 2016 recorded some songs. One of the songs they recorded for the new (scrapped) album was called "Higher" and it was quietly leaked. The song was NOT finished - and was not mastered, etc. and this was basically just the demo of it they did while on the road. What do you think? Would you have supported the comeback??
  3. Ampersand13

    Miley Cyrus - Not My Vibe

    Surfaced recently
  4. Ampersand13

    Selena Gomez - Expressing Myself

    Snippet is out there, might surface soon
  5. Demo just leaked. Song is reportedly titled “Expressing Myself”. It could be either from 2018’s Pharrell Williams sessions where “Goals” came from or from Anitta’s crossover album, Girl from Rio.
  6. Ampersand13

    Miley Cyrus - Sagittarius

    Surfaced in full
  7. Ampersand13

    Charli XCX - Never Felt Better

    Just surfaced
  8. Ampersand13

    Five Justin Bieber Tracks Surface

    Live in the Moment, Change the Weather, Don't Say Goodbye, Get it Right, and No Sense leaked
  9. aegyo

    Selena Gomez - Goals

    demo recently leaked was released by Anitta in 2018
  10. josesuxx

    Miley Cyrus - "Mary Jane"

    Miley posted it in honor of her dog Mary Jane's passing. Produced by Mike Will Made It, Andrew Wyatt and Emile Haynie. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJxDWAaJmDV/ A piano version of the track leaked a few weeks ago.

    Cruel Youth - This Christmas

    A snippet of a Christmas cover by Cruel Youth surfaced online https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ7av33pUvF/?igshid=tyyo7uzv52rn
  12. Ampersand13

    Charli XCX - Real Love (HQ)

    Surfaced recently along with a couple others
  13. Junlin

    Kesha - "Cannibal"

    https://www.tiktok.com/music/Cannibal-5000000000529843558 it’s stomping Tonight’s neck and placed #1 on Kesha’s playlists.
  14. Ampersand13

    Bebe Rexha - Sabotage (Demo)

    Surfaced a little while ago
  15. This being their best song too...
  16. It's out there. There's a whole new verse including "I hope you know I like being a slut" line. Scrapped for a good reason.
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