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  1. NOW

    Lana del Rey - "Damn You"

    Kind of a discography highlight, no?
  2. ReverseWarholian

    Machine Gun Kelly feat. Halsey - "Forget Me Too"

    From MGK's Tickets To My Downfall. Produced by Travis Barker. Available now. Lyrics: https://genius.com/Machine-gun-kelly-forget-me-too-lyrics Punksey is back y'all!
  3. Beyonnaise

    Slayyyter - "It Girl"

    New song featured in a Christian Cowan fall fashion / Motorola Razor campaign. No word on if it will be officially released
  4. Both new leaked tracks, Disco Darling from early Dedicated sessions and Favourite Night is an E·MO·TION outtake No streaming link available yet but it's out there
  5. Ampersand13

    Delete Please

    Surfaced recently
  6. Michael196

    FLETCHER - “On Fire Again”

    will this follow ‘I Like Me Better’ and ‘Moral of the Story’ to become the breakout song of the prequel? last year they pushed Marina’s ‘About Love’ but Ashe’s ‘Moral of the Story’ became the hit and she even got Niall Horan to feature on it later! this time they’re pushing Leah Nobel’s ‘Beginning Middle End’, which will win?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKjsWBiJno4/ new track from his EP dropping tomorrow. whole EP dropping in March
  8. Ampersand13

    On Top of Everything - Ariana Grande

    Surfaced recently
  9. 2 new leaks supposedly from the Sweetener Era
  10. easy HME

    Britney Spears "Satisfying"

    Stay tuned. Thanks @JordanBreatheHeavy
  11. kelly-clarkson

    Charice (Jake Zyrus) - "All By Myself"

    Released now under Warner Archives.
  12. LCTV

    Danity Kane - I Wish

    Another "Warner Archives" release.
  13. nooniebao

    Men I Trust - “Tides”

  14. dangerousalex

    Doja Cat f/ Smino - "Won't Bite"

    catching virality on TikTok stay tuned if it actually takes off!
  15. nooniebao

    Camila Cabello - “Anyone”

    Snippet: This was an outtake from her 2019 album Romance that Justin Bieber ended up releasing last month:
  16. recorded in 2019 for Romance, 2:46, it's out there tropical pop sounds similar to Inside Out EDIT: three others leaked, all from 2017 - Died (3:28) - Who Knows (3:15) - Witness (2:39)
  17. Ampersand13

    Ariana Grande - Incline

    Incline, scrapped from Sweetener sessions 2016 I think
  18. Edibles.

    Ryn Weaver - "Child King"

    Just leaked. It's like Christmas coming early!
  19. dreamofyou

    Camila Cabello - "The Boy and Anyone"

    Demo of Anyone for her album Romance and scrapped song from her debut, The Boy are out there Both bops
  20. Leaked today, produced by Pharrell, originally featured on their now scrapped collaborative project.
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