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  1. Superbitch

    Brie Larson - “Black Sheep”

    the full version finally came out officially today. Love it. It’s out on streaming services too
  2. teenagecraze

    Rye Rye - 'What It Taste Like'

  3. Yours Truly outtake, from Kesha's mother's TikTok
  4. Superbitch

    Akon - “Hey Ma"

    so theres three versions of this? camila, pitbull and Balvin britney, Romeo and pitbull and now This
  5. DatChickDoe

    Morisette X Nelson - On The Road Again

    If this is a duplicate thread I apologize I didn’t see it elsewhere. Alanis Morisette and Willie Nelson team up on a tune to celebrate the return to touring on a reinvisioned classic.
  6. atrlxcx

    Taylor Swift - "Willow (90s Trend Mix)"

  7. BlackJesus

    Charli XCX - "You For Me"

  8. CTRL era leak.
  9. Her solo version is now out!
  10. Edibles.

    Madison Love - "Sour Candy"

    Writers demo just surfaced, just shy of 2 minutes long
  11. private radio

    Olivia Rodrigo - "enough for you"

    she'll perform it on #RELEASEonYT and seems like a music video is also coming. i honestly don't know what they mean by "music video drop" girl let the others breathe
  12. sxmescudi

    Cassie - "Make Up"

    another song which was previously teased a few years ago got released on Spotify
  13. Not sure if this qualifies here but omg please watch
  14. Junlin

    Kesha - "Cannibal"

    https://www.tiktok.com/music/Cannibal-5000000000529843558 it’s stomping Tonight’s neck and placed #1 on Kesha’s playlists.
  15. New song for the Cruella Soundtrack
  16. lovedaddy

    Alanis Morissette - "Rest"

    out Friday
  17. Bass_Haze

    Erica Banks - “B*ss It”

    She’s going crazy on tiktok and the song slaps!
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