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  1. Scrapped song from 'I Am Me'. Also the first mix of L.O.V.E. surfaced (with some changes and an extended bridge):
  2. selena_lavigne

    Selena Gomez - Buscando Amor

    Just announced on her insta live to be the name of her favorite song on Revelacion She also was singing a song lyric "Sale pa que la vean" Idk which song that's for but yaaaasss.
  3. kelly-clarkson

    Dr. Luke - "Since U Been Gone"

    The stems of the song surfaced and Dr. Luke is singing the choruses of the song:
  4. NOW

    Lana del Rey - "Damn You"

    Kind of a discography highlight, no?
  5. Holiest Dreams

    HAIM & Taylor Swift - “Gasoline”

    Out now on Apple Music! https://music.apple.com/us/album/gasoline/1550175828?i=1550175845
  6. stephen1108

    Aaliyah - “They Say (Quit Hatin’)”

    Unreleased track from the Aaliyah recording sessions, penned by Static Major and Keybeats. It was also re-recorded at one point and that’s where “He Keeps Me Shakin’” comes from (IDK which version came first tbh). It leaked last month via a SoundCloud page, but I’m just happy that we finally got a leak from this era that hasn’t been finger f**ked by other producers or hands not involved in the original creative process
  7. Beyonnaise

    Slayyyter - "It Girl"

    New song featured in a Christian Cowan fall fashion / Motorola Razor campaign. No word on if it will be officially released
  8. snippets leaked today so good, i really cant believe she scrapped all of this
  9. Ampersand13

    Delete Please

    Surfaced recently
  10. dangerousalex

    Kali Uchis - "telepatía"

    miraculously debuted at #60 on US spotify charts https://spotifycharts.com/regional/us/daily/latest Hit incoming?
  11. Michael196

    FLETCHER - “On Fire Again”

    will this follow ‘I Like Me Better’ and ‘Moral of the Story’ to become the breakout song of the prequel? last year they pushed Marina’s ‘About Love’ but Ashe’s ‘Moral of the Story’ became the hit and she even got Niall Horan to feature on it later! this time they’re pushing Leah Nobel’s ‘Beginning Middle End’, which will win?
  12. Ampersand13

    On Top of Everything - Ariana Grande

    Surfaced recently
  13. kelly-clarkson

    Charice (Jake Zyrus) - "All By Myself"

    Released now under Warner Archives.
  14. LCTV

    Danity Kane - I Wish

    Another "Warner Archives" release.
  15. 2 new leaks supposedly from the Sweetener Era
  16. nooniebao

    Men I Trust - “Tides”

  17. easy HME

    Britney Spears "Satisfying"

    Stay tuned. Thanks @JordanBreatheHeavy
  18. dangerousalex

    Doja Cat f/ Smino - "Won't Bite"

    catching virality on TikTok stay tuned if it actually takes off!
  19. recorded in 2019 for Romance, 2:46, it's out there tropical pop sounds similar to Inside Out EDIT: three others leaked, all from 2017 - Died (3:28) - Who Knows (3:15) - Witness (2:39)
  20. Both new leaked tracks, Disco Darling from early Dedicated sessions and Favourite Night is an E·MO·TION outtake No streaming link available yet but it's out there
  21. This isn't new actually, not either a leak. If you have visited Britney's repertoire on BMI, you surely noticed this title before. "Britney Spears Calls Thrill" is a track by artist Thrill. It's track 5 on his album "HipOpera & Tom Foolery" from 2007. Not an actual song but an interlude, where he listens to a voicemail by Britney. I'm making this a thread because I could never find it on the internet before yesterday, so thought to let know it's now of easier access. This "leak" is not in full tho, it's only 50 seconds while the whole track is noted to be
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