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Found 327 results

  1. So good so good so good SO GOOD
  2. Track #5 from Cashmere Cat's debut album "9" Written by: Ariana Grande, Sia Furler, Benjamin Levin, Frank Romano & Magnus August Hoiberg 4:18 min (E) iTunes (x) Spotify (x) Official Lyric Video
  4. There was no thread so I've decided to create one.
  5. Last night while I went to see Saara at her show, she performed this new song which I only just found out that she performed at her other show in Finland. This ones more clearer though. Unsure of the name, I went with "Who We Are", but apparently some people are calling it "Big Dreams and Dirty Fingernails" It sounds so good! Even managed to say hello to the songwriter of this one
  6. New remix, released today on iTunes Available on iTunes
  7. Legend came thru with this experimental bop
  9. Lil Uzi Vert released four standalone tracks late last month, and XO TOUR Llif3 (one of the batch) has exploded since then. It's currently #1 on SoundCloud, garnering 7 million streams there in the last week; it is also top 10 on YouTube. The song was uploaded to Spotify on Friday, and has moved 163-75-41 in three days. Uzi is going for his third platinum single; both Money Longer and You Was Right have reached the milestone.
  10. Get ready for Sigrid's Adele moment everyone Out on iTunes NZ!
  12. The acoustic rendition is out in NZ.
  13. New single from Foster the People called "Sacred Hearts Club", from their upcoming third album due out this year. The song, which was premiered in a surprise show at El Imperial Club in Mexico City last month, is used in their tour announcement video.
  14. World Camila Cabello is stepping her editing game up woo that bridge
  15. Snippet of another song from the Spanish album.
  17. Soundtrack for the movie 'Ballerina' Supposedly coming in April with the release of the movie WW. EDIT: the movie will apparently be released on the 21-st of April under the title Leap! I ain't ready
  18. Performed at Coachella Extended clip: