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  1. Thinking Of You

    The Backyardigans - Castaways

    Trending heavily and soon to be the #1 song on TikTok! This bop
  2. RideOrDie

    AURORA - "Runaway (Lvl.2)"

    2021/05/07, then her new single 2 weeks after that
  3. Edibles.

    Tove Lo - "The One"

    Leaked late last night, floating around. Sunshine Kitty era reject
  4. Ava Max

    Ava Max - "Wild Thing"

    The song Ava scrapped from Heaven & Hell last minute for Rumors just leaked in LQ. Update: It leaked in HQ now!
  5. Witchpop

    Tove Lo - ‘Crypto Tits’

    I’m assuming it’s a song maybe an album or EP??….
  6. it’s on her official channel which one of you did this??? edit: he’s a whole a** swiftie check this: https://instagram.com/koushal_goswami_?igshid=c9oer17gj1to AND THIS!!!
  7. just leaked, from 2011. a cute bop.
  8. elvenOCEAN

    Yebba - My Mind

    MY MIND Yebba The studio version of this MASTERPIECE from 2016 has finally been uploaded to Spotify. Everyone needs to listen to this! Yebba delivers one of the best performances of all times.
  9. Edibles.

    Foxes - “Love’s Not Enough”

    Glorious era outtake
  10. LikeAChampion

    Sabrina Carpenter - Birthday

    New track from SC5. Snippet:
  11. dangerousalex

    Doja Cat - "Werewolf"

    this old gem finally got released
  12. crossbonezolo

    WILLOW f/ Avril Lavigne - "Grow"

    Full interview: https://www.wmagazine.com/culture/willow-smith-transparent-soul-interview On WILLOW's upcoming album. Inspired by this iconic bop:
  13. Goddxss

    SZA - Wrangler

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-4sJyvmdb8 "A" sessions.
  14. dangerousalex

    SZA - "Wavy" (Full Demo Version)

    after years of waiting we finally have the extended version of the "Wavy" interlude
  15. nooniebao

    Camila Cabello - “Anyone”

    Snippet: This was an outtake from her 2019 album Romance that Justin Bieber ended up releasing last month:
  16. dreamofyou

    Charli XCX - "i hate all this gravity"

    the full is finally out there outtake from how i'm feeling now
  17. babyboy44

    Lana Del Rey - “French Restaurant”

    Born to Die outtake
  18. stephen1108

    Cassie f/ Pharrell - “Hide”

    Finally l**ked in full.
  19. Back in 2013, Brooke Candy was rumored to be featured on Kylie's lead single for her 12th album but it was scrapped. the presumed demo finally leaked a few days ago
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