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Found 43 results

  1. Welcome to The Return Of... ATRL's Song Contest, the landmark twelfth season of the hit ATRL game. After a break of almost eighteen months, it's time to say welcome back to ATRL's Song Contest - the first time the game has been brought to NewTRL. This is the third season of Song Contest that I have hosted, after Season 10 (won by @URBAN) and Season 11 (won by @Navyofbadgals). It is my pleasure to be hosting another season of this game after having the game passed down to me by the wonderful @sumthintoxic82. The Return Of... ATRL's Song Contest is sure to bring more twists, turns and surprises than ever before. Be prepared for anything. You have been warned. THE FORMAT. ATRL's Song Contest does not have an application stage. We start the game off with however many contestants sign up, and each contestant must submit a song (preferably as an mp3 file or a YouTube link) to me each round via PM. After everyone has submitted, each contestant will be given a .zip link with every song (with all data removed so that artists/titles are anonymous) and they must then listen to them and rank them (not including their own song). Based on these rankings, all scores from each contestant will be combined and the contestants with the lowest overall score will be eliminated. This format will continue (with surprises throughout) until we are left with the winner of ATRL's Song Contest. THE RULES. 1) No singles (ask if you're unsure with promo singles/instant grat tracks) 2) Each round will have a category for the song(s) that you must submit, such as a foreign language song or a song by a male artist 3) Once you use an artist, you cannot use them again in the season 4) If more than one contestant sends the same song, the contestant that sent the song first gets to use it, so remember to send one or two back-up songs just in case this happens 5) Please keep all your PMs to me in one PM thread so that it doesn't clog up my inbox - hosting a game like this is an inbox killer! 6) You must send a working link to the song 7) When sending the song, you must include the name of the song and artist (these will be anonymous to the other contestants) 8) You must be able to download the folder of songs each week to rank them 9) You must be able to send your songs and rankings in on time each week 10) No homophobia, transphobia or racism will be tolerated @jpow @Paramore @Lémur @Aurora @Loveyoubxtch @Navyofbadgals @Verge of Obscene @K$Ellie @Legend E @minho @Diarrhoea @Speezy @Noah @thecptz @moonlight. @Lucky#17 @Lukey @Kamil24 @fiercE @theREALslimSHADY @MusicLoverDude @Tom Vercetti @Xedretinz Lododnz @Truce @Denis Stoff @theycallmemaraj @Santaus @sumthintoxic82 @Hug @Girlicious @Prismee @prézli @Gospel @URBAN @Chill Bill @Kxvk @Cypher @macrocycle @Satan @Bloomers @Ashrock @Yvess @wesleywalrus @lynx @-mUsIcLoVeR- @VDK @eteru @Remmy @Dante™ THE CONTESTANTS. 01. Satan 02. Legend E 03. Fruity 04. Loyalty 05. Verge of Obscene 06. Lukey 07. Diarrhoea 08. thecptz 09. K$Ellie 10. MusicLoverDude 11. Kylie Jenner 12. PoKiTaurus 13. Alena 14. Riri. 15. Queen Conchita 16. Fa1x Intelectual 17. EJQL8 18. Lémur 19. Santaus 20. Noah 21. Yomaku 22. potent 23. -mUsIcLoVeR- 24. Loveyoubxtch 25. fiercE 26. Henry 27. Kamil24 28. Denis Stoff 29. Luck#17 30. eteru 31. theREALslimSHADY 32. prézli 33. theycallmemaraj 34. rl321 35. Xedretinz Lododnz
  2. ATRL Mafia: Stars vs. Flops - Signups Thread General idea of the game. It has come to my attention that there is a similar game going on on ATRL, called Slasher. If you played it, please read the rules to notice some significant differences. A number of players are thrown into a situation where you don't know who to trust. There are two teams in the game: the Stars and the Flops. The Flops will be aware of the identities of their team. There is also one role not aligned with either team. There are two phases in the game: Day Phase and Night Phase. During Day Phase, all players deliberate and vote to lynch (eliminate) one player from the game. During Night Phase, the Flops deliberate and decide to kill off one player. Some players will also have special abilities which are also usable during Night Phase unless their game card states otherwise. The Stars win if they manage to eliminate all Flops. The Flops win if their number is greater to or equal to that of the Stars. For the purpose of parity, the third party is counted as a Star. The third party has their own goal, which is stated on their game card. Game size. 26 players of which: 1 third party 19 stars 6 flops Roles. Revealed star roles: Revealed flop role: Note: These are not all special roles in the game. Phases. Each Day Phase lasts 36 hours and each Night Phase lasts 12 hours. They will begin and end at 6AM or 6PM GMT. There will be a timer set to mark the end of every Day Phase. Posting is allowed during all phases. Voting. Every Day Phase, all players must submit a valid lynch vote in the thread. It must be bolded and underlined and state the name of the player. Here is an example of how a valid lynch vote should look like: Lynch Jan. If you don't want to lynch anyone, you may submit No lynch. Votes may be changed as many times as you wish until the end of the Day Phase, the last one submitted counts. Elimination. Once you are dead by lynch or kill, you may no longer post in the game thread. You will be allowed to post again only after the game is over. You are strictly not allowed to coach any remaining players in the game. Your role and allegiance will be revealed when you die. Disqualification. Players are disqualified at the end of the phase, during which I made the decision to do so. Disqualified players are treated as if they were lynched or killed and may suffer extra consequences. If: You don't submit a valid lynch vote during Day Phase you will receive a warning. Failure to do so for the second time results in a disqualification. You are caught discussing the game outside of: the game thread, the Flop chat or the Spectator's Chat should there be one, you are out without warning. If you are dead in the game and cheating by talking to players who are still alive, I may no longer allow you to play in any game I may host in the future. You edit a post you will receive a warning. If you edit a post for the second time, you will be disqualified! You make a screenshot of any PM I send you and share it, directly quote any PM I send you, or post an image of your role card, you will be disqualified. However, posting images of cards which have been revealed (Madonna, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Azealia Banks and any card held by a dead or disqualified player) is allowed. Other information. Role and ability claiming is allowed, however you may not post an image of your card in the thread. In case the number of lynch votes cast at the end of a Day Phase is equal for two or more people, no player is lynched. This is a game which requires active participation. If you're not able to contribute, don't sign up. If you have any questions about the game rules, feel free to ask them here. If you wish to sign up, state so in this thread. Game start. Depends on how soon we manage to fill all the spots (if we manage to fill them in at all). Most probably second week of February. Tags. @Opium @Dessy Fenix @gxnesis @Wonderland @HotHeaven @Kylie Jenner @PoKiTaurus @Hooker Barbie @Latinazza @waterslide @KillingYourCareer @Jacketh @AlexisNeiers @rzal @Badboidami @Vigoorian King @Dekkan @UFO @Pendulum
  3. Welcome to the eighth season of one of ATRL's biggest games -- Let's Spoon! The hiatus is OVER! _________________________________________________________________________________________ Has anyone ever played the card game Spoons? This tournament is based on that card game. _________________________________________________________________________________________ THE GAME! This card game will be converted into an ATRL game! The overall concept is simple. You will compete in various challenges, and the first person to complete the challenge will be guaranteed a spot in the next round. After this person wins the challenge, the first spoon will be posted in the thread. Once you see the "First Spoon" in the thread, all of the other players must post the word "spoon" in the thread. Pictures or other creative representations of the word "spoon" are acceptable, as well. Posting your spoon now becomes the only way to save yourself and advance to the next round. Similar to musical chairs, there will be one less "spoon" than there are players in the round, and the last player remaining without a "spoon" will be eliminated. If more than one player does not post "spoon" before the next challenge, all of them will be eliminated, or there will be a vote from the contestant who won the challenge. This game will require you to be an active player! If you are not active, there is a good chance that you will get eliminated early. The time of the challenges will be determined on a round-by-round basis, in order to accommodate people from different time zones throughout the world. The challenges will be LIVE. Remember, you want to be the first person to complete the challenge. You will also want to be aware of what is happening in the thread during the challenge period, because it could become a "spoon" war very quickly. Players who are a little slower/in a bad time zone will have until the next challenge (24 hours later) to post in the thread. However, there is a high possibility that all the spoons will be taken within an hour or two of the challenge being posted, especially after the first few rounds. _________________________________________________________________________________________ RULES! _________________________________________________________________________________________ PAST SEASONS! Season 1 ○ Winner: dimitriusSeason 2 ○ Winner: SebasSeason 3 ○ Winner: StaryuSeason 4 ○ Winner: RemmySeason 5 ○ Winner: alexanderaoSeason 6 ○ Winner: Legend E Season 7 ○ Winner: shelven Mini Season ○ Winner: Sam _________________________________________________________________________________________ SIGN-UPS! Sign-ups will close at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, March 8, 2018. The first challenge will be held the next night, at 9 PM EST on Friday, March 9th!By signing up, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and will abide by the rules of Let's Spoon, which have been posted above. (Do not erase) am looking forward to a GREAT season! _________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Bring back my WOMEN. After four groundbreaking, record-smashing, show-stopping, ratings-bringing, controversial and gag-worthy seasons, your favorite Internet-reality series has Ru-turned with a new purpose: To find the best of the best, ATRL's Drag Race's first All Star. Adapted straight from the show to the Internet, this season will have no repeat challenges. To make things extra interesting, our queens will be competing for more than just bragging rights-- ATRL's First Drag All Star will also receive a $25 gift card of the winner's choosing (Maybe iTunes, so you don't have to be mopping Ru's latest album from shady download sites, okurr?). The Rules Queens (contestants) will be given a challenge each week to test their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. After the judges have deliberated, the top 3 and bottom 3 (Or other combinations, as challenges go) will be announced, and soon after, a winner, and a bottom 2, will be determined Once the bottom 2 has been announced, those two queens will have 24~ hours to show me why they deserve to stay. And trust and believe, plain ol' sob stories aren't cutting it this time around. This season, only past contestants will be allowed to compete. Are you ready to stitch, act, shade, and sissy your way to becoming ATRL's First Drag All Star? Gentlemen, start your engines... and may the best woman win! The Legacy Season 1: Contestant Progress Winner: Carrie Messiah (@feelslikeadream) Runner-Up: Chanel DiAngelo (@C/H/A/N/E/L) Runner-Up: Scarlett LaPierre (@Moonchild) Miss Congeniality: Carmen Scarlett (@mxtthewdelrey) Season 2: Contestant Progress Winner: Aciid Rose (@Aciid) Runner-Up: Carbön (@Vulnicura) Runner-Up: Koko Khalyan (@jpow) Miss Congeniality: Dame Rose (@PinkBox) Season 3 (And Part Two): Contestant Progress Winner: Tangerine (@Subomie) Runner-Up: Pixel Dark (@Hug) Runner-Up: Eve Saint Laurence (@tigerlily13) Miss Congeniality: MoonChild (@Moonchild) Season 4 Contestant Progress Winner: Faye Shull (@True Skarlet) Runner-Up: Lola Cabezas (@DripDrip ♀️) Runner-Up: Gladys Lux Maure (@Rhisiart) Miss Congeniality: Gladys Lux Maure (@Rhisiart) *OP designed by @Clueless
  5. Hey there! Search for the Best Artist is back! are you excited? the most acclaimed unfinished MC has turned into a tournament! Unfinished because of the lack of voters . I might continue that someday Well basically, this will be my first time hosting a tournament cause I usually do MCs and Survivors. I think why not? Change is good isn't it? As what the title states, this tournament will be a search for the best artist, for the word best what it means is how diverse the artist is and how good the players at picking songs, music videos, albums, covers, etc. for their chosen artists to survive all the rounds and crown as the winner! Do you think you have the guts to win this? then participate now and show 'em what you've got! - Basically, each player will choose one artist which will be their companion throughout their journey on the game. - Each round, there will be themes like best single, best love song, best album cover, best sad music video and such. Each player must send in the requirement for that round by their artists. The score criteria is as follows: 60% coming from Judges Scores - the entries will be judged by your lovely panelists from a rate of 1 to 10 in which 10 as the highest accompanied with comments. 40% coming from co-players scores - the entries will be scored by your fellow contestants by ranking the entries from best to worst. - NOTE: STRICTLY NO BIAS WHILE VOTING The finale will be composed of three players in which they are required to send entries based on the category. The finale will have two parts meaning two categories will be used for the finale. The person with the highest combined scores will be crowned as the Best Player along with his Best artist. The points in percent will be added. The player with highest overall points wins the round and will have + 10 additional points for the following round the player with lowest overall points will be eliminated from the game. it could be a triple, double or single elimination depending on the number of players. Good luck and may the best player and artist wins! #1 #2 #3 #4 @prézli @mxtthewdelrey @Xedretinz Lododnz @MusicLoverDude CONTESTANTS 1 @Loyalty - Ariana Grande 2 @Selenurr - Marina and the Diamonds 3 @rl231 - Beyoncé 4 @Queen Conchita - Little Mix 5 @Fa1x intelectual - Adriana Calcanhotto 6 @PinkBox - Céline Dion 7 @Kylie Jenner - Lady Gaga 8 @thecptz - Lorde 9 @PoKiTaurus - Britney Spears 10 @Speezy - Jorin Sparks 11 @Satan - Rihanna 12 @fiercE - Maroon 5 13 @KatyCatPH - Katy Perry 14 @rooby.booby - Nelly Furtado 15 @lhdang2000 - Demi Lovato 16 @PrinceMichaelFan - Culture Club 17 @Fruity - Madonna 18 @Overprotected - Mariah Carey 19 @Lukey - Lea Michele 20 @EriKills - Natalia Kills END OF LIST. -------------------------------------------------- Announcement #1 Round One: Love Songs Announcement #2 Round One: Love Song Entries
  6. Welcome to the ATRL Games Section! This is a place to test your skills, host a competition, showcase your talents and find out who's the top member. While we encourage friendly banter, please remember the general ATRL Rules still apply! Check out the Games Rules (pinned at the top of the section) before opening a thread, if you have any questions feel free to post them in this thread or send a Help Request. In this thread you can: - Discuss ideas for future games - Request advice / technical help for hosting games - Ask if a game has been done before / is claimed by another member - Have general banter relating to the section To reserve an Album Survivor, please go here! To announce the results of your Game, please go here! So what are you waiting for, enjoy yourself!
  7. Welcome to the new season of A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words! The game was originally created by @Ronaldista back in 2014 and is now hosted by @prézli with revamped rules and tasks. — Each round, contestants send in a song that fits the picture. — The judges will rate the songs from 1 to 10. The contestant's final score will be averaged. — Three contestants who have the lowest average scores of the round will be in danger, one of them will be chosen to be expelled from the tournament. — The contestant with the highest average score of the round will decide which contestant in the bottom three will leave the game. WINNER'S PRIZE: ATRL+ This prize will be given out anyway. If the winner will already own ATRL+, the highest placed ATRL Member of the tournament will win the prize. — Themes will be presented as pictures. — The picture could be anything, related to a person, an object, an event or an emotion being depicted. — The contestants will have to be creative as there's unlimited room for interpretation. There could be twists in certain rounds that will restrict as to what songs could be used. Once a song has been used, it's out of the game. prézli Clueless Legend E Navyofbadgals QUICK LINKS ROUND 1: #LINGERIE ENTRIES COMMENTS RESULTS #1 RESULTS #2 RESULTS #3 ROUND 2: #PEOPLE ENTRIES COMMENTS RESULTS #1 RESULTS #2 RESULTS #3 ROUND 3: #CHOICE #1 ROUND 3: #CHOICE #2
  8. Oh, you wanted a twist, eh? Back, back, back, back again! After three groundbreaking, record-smashing, show-stopping, ratings-bringing, controversial and gag-worthy seasons, your favorite Internet-reality series has Ru-turned with a fourth season: It's ATRL's Drag Race, hosted by the glamour cadaver herself, Chanel DiAngelo, and the original Ru-imitator, @Citrus! Adapted straight from the show to the Internet, this season still has your favorite familiar challenges and a myriad of new ones and dozens of other nifty obstacles, twists, turns, curves, swerves, and gags for all the kitty gurls around the globe. To make things extra interesting, our queens will be competing for more than just bragging rights-- ATRL's Next Drag Superstar will also receive a $25 gift card of the winner's choosing (Maybe iTunes, so you don't have to be mopping Ru's latest album from shady download sites, okurr?). You don't have to be an expert on the show to do well here, but all you non-watchers will find yourselves tucked to perfection by the finale! The Rules Queens (contestants) will be given a challenge each week to test their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. After the judges have deliberated, the top 3 and bottom 3 (Or other combinations, as challenges go) will be announced, and soon after, a winner, and a bottom 2, will be determined Once the bottom 2 has been announced, those two queens will have 24~ hours to show me why they deserve to stay. And trust and believe, plain ol' sob stories aren't cutting it this time around. Are you ready to stitch, act, shade, and sissy your way to becoming ATRL's Next Drag Superstar? Gentlemen, start your engines... and may the best woman win! The Legacy Season 1: Contestant Progress Winner: Carrie Messiah (@feelslikeadream) Runner-Up: Chanel DiAngelo (@C/H/A/N/E/L) Runner-Up: Scarlett LaPierre (@Moonchild) Miss Congeniality: Carmen Scarlett (@mxtthewdelrey) Season 2: Contestant Progress Winner: Aciid Rose (@Aciid) Runner-Up: Carbön (@Vulnicura) Runner-Up: Koko Khalyan (@jpow) Miss Congeniality: Dame Rose (@PinkBox) Season 3 (And Part Two): Contestant Progress Winner: Tangerine (@Subomie) Runner-Up: Pixel Dark (@Hug) Runner-Up: Eve Saint Laurence (@tigerlily13) Miss Congeniality: MoonChild (@Moonchild) *OP is under construction, pending work from the lovely @Aciid
  9. Welcome to the Cash n' Guns game thread! This game will be hosted by yours truly. - You don't know what lead you to a life of crime, but here you are. You are apart of the 'Amorous Twinks, Rarely Loved Syndicate' (aka, The ATRLers) And your gang has just pulled off the greatest heist this city has ever seen. CASH is nearly pouring out of all your Lootboxes as the ATRLers speed away from the scene. After evading the police, your getaway car arrives at the meeting place. Its here that you stand among your fellow thieves in the abandoned warehouse. The Lootboxes are gathered in the center of the room. Your eyes shift from member to member as they all do the same to you. Brandishing their Guns. You know exactly what they're thinking. Because you're thinking the exact same thing... "It should all be mine..." - Game Introduction Starting a Round Each Round starts off with the Host opening 1 of the Lootboxes The Lootboxes will show how much CASH is in it. (Example: $10,000) Once revealed, The Showdown begins. Click each Spoiler in order below to see the how the game progresses - - - - - At the end of the Week (Round 7), the Player who collected to most CASH while still being Alive wins - Additional Rules and Tips: - Cash n' Guns uses the 3 Strikes approach to a standard elimination. If you are Injured 3 times, you are Killed. The only exception is the Lethal Bullet, as a successful hit is an automatic elimination. - Bullets are ONE time use. Even when you Back Out, your Bullet will be taken away. - If you happen to Back Out while you have under $5,000 your CASH will go under into the negatives. For Example: If you Back Out Round 1, you would have -$5,000 going into Round 2. - Not being Targeted this Round? Stay in to have guaranteed safety and CASH - The TL:DR How to Play Section - Signups List: 1: @Satan 2: @Dibbles 3: @Queen Conchita 4: @Fa1x intelectual 5: @Alena 6: @Xedretinz Lododnz 7: @fiercE 8: @Kylie Jenner 9: @PinkBox 10: @PoKiTaurus 11: @Lukey 12: @K$Ellie 13: @Verge of Obscene 14: @Diarrhoea -
  10. ✮ WELCOME TO THE FIRST SEASON OF SINGING WITH THE STARS ✮ In this game, ATRLs will have the opportunity to coach their favorite artists, choosing their best live performances to take them into the grand finale. The game is very simple, but it will have some twists and turns. Each week coaches will have to post a video of a live performance from their act. After Entries Time judges will post their opinion and grades for each performance taking every aspect into consideration. The three acts with the lowest grades will be at risk of elimination, and ATRLs will be able to save their favorite contestant with their votes. You are NOT be able to change your act. Each performance has to be of a different song unless it is a medley. Some weeks you will have to post an additional video of your act that could get you some extra points. Each week, one judge will have Secret Vote. His or her grades will be revealed on Results Night. If you don't post a video during Entries Time, your act will be automatically at risk of elimination. No act can have Immunity two weeks in a row. You CAN ask other ATRLs to save your act from elimination. @Oxygen @Verge of Obscene @Pol McCutie @ceremonials sumthintox82 / Blue Velvet / Satan / Queen Conchita / Marnstar PoKiTaurus / Dr. Luke / Courtney Love / Mr. Weatherwox / Actorguy21 / Noah
  11. Hosted by rl231 & Element ~ borntodie | Adr | -brian | Yvess | Element | URBAN ~ Welcome to Survivor: ATRL Edition (Season 7)! After a year-long hiatus, Survivor has returned to ATRL with brand new hosts, judges, and twists! Since 2012, ATRL Survivor has crowned six winners (borntodie, Adr, -brian, Yvess, Element, & URBAN). Now it's time to begin the seventh installment of the Survivor franchise that began five years ago. How does the game of Survivor work? The Game: 24 contestants will be placed into tribes during the pre-merge phase Each round before the Merge is quite simple to complete - you will be given a theme and must submit a song that best represents that theme. The judging panel then rates your song on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how well it fits the theme. You and your tribe members' scores are tallied up, then averaged into one final number. The tribe with the lowest overall average then heads to Tribal Council where one member is voted off. The process repeats until a certain number of you remain (called the Merge) and your challenges then become more complex. Contestants will become part of the Jury where they eventually vote for the winner when only 3 castaways are left standing. Reminders: We give the contestants 24 hours to send in a song (although it often takes less) during the beginning rounds. That may sound like a short amount of time, but all you are doing is sending a song with no explanation required. Some rounds you'll submit within a couple minutes. Others you may have to think for a little while. If you are a member that is often banned and want to join, only join if you plan on not getting banned during this process. If you are banned from ATRL, you are eliminated and can not continue playing via outside contact. Double eliminations will happen to ensure the game keeps moving. Anyone can sign up regardless of how many times they have played previously. The Panel: rl231 Element Dylan’ -brian URBAN T-Swizz ethan Alongside the hosting shakeup this season, the judging panel will be configured a bit differently than in the past. Your two hosts, rl231 (S6: Runner-Up) and Element (S5: Winner), will be permanent judges throughout the season. To create a mixture of opinions throughout the season, there will also be rotating judges! Please give a round of applause for: Dylan’ (Survivor host emeritus), Brian (S3: Winner), URBAN (S6: Winner), T-Swizz (S5: Runner-Up), and our backup judge, ethan (S1: 5th Place | All Stars: Top 4). Welcome to the panel everyone! These are the people who will be judging all of your entries this season. Each round will feature a different panel! Here's to a seventh season filled with alliances & betrayal: but most of all... survival. Sign-ups are now open to those interested. There are 24 spots up for grabs. We will have all those who sign up complete an application to help us get to know you better and so we can select the most exciting, competitive cast. Add your name to the following list, then refer to the section below to complete the application. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. And so on... The Application: Below is the application for this season. This is not meant to be a novel when completed. It is just meant to get a feel of your personality, your interest in playing, and your music taste. You will answer six questions by using this Google survey: Only rl231 and Element will view your responses. None of the applications will be posted in the thread, so please feel free to divulge secrets/strategies that you wouldn’t want your competitors to know! 1. Tell the hosts a little about yourself. Introduce yourself. What are you like? What qualities do you like about yourself? What’s your Myers-Briggs type (if you know it)? Just a short intro into your personality, since social clashes are a big part of Survivor gameplay. 2. What’s your music taste like? This game is all about music. What do you like to listen to? Fave artists? Albums? 3. Have you played in any tournaments before on ATRL? ATRL is home to many tournaments besides this one. Have you played in any? If so, how'd it go? 4. How familiar are you with the show/game Survivor? Have you ever watched Survivor before or played it online? If you do watch it, what is your favorite moment from the show? If you don’t, please feel free to ask us any questions about the concept of the game. 5. What will your strategy be for this game? Here are some questions to get you thinking: Are you going to be a strategic mastermind? A social butterfly? Rely on challenges to propel you ahead? Are you a big move maker, or more likely to fly under the radar? 6. What do you see yourself as: a hero or a villain, and why? One of the most popular labels in Survivor… do you see yourself as a heroic, loyal figure, or are you planning to get blood on your hands? Everyone has both heroic and villainous qualities, so feel free to discuss both sides of yourself! You all have 48 hours from now to sign up in the thread. Applications will be due one day after sign ups close (72 hours from now) so there is no huge rush.
  12. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ATRL'S #1 TOURNAMENT GAME IS BACK! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to SEASON 11 of ATRL's most popular game franchise ever. After a widely popular tenth season, successful half season, and a longer than usual summer break, we return with the first full-length installment of Platinum Hit since the March finale of our Diamond season. This time around, get ready for another dose of the classic Platinum Hit experience alongside a few new, exciting elements. If you're new to the game, here's a brief rundown of how it works: Each week the contestants receive a new theme or challenge in which they are allowed 4+ days to write a song for the round and submit their entry. Entries will be judged by a panel of accomplished judges over a roughly 3 day period, after which a results show will commence to reveal the top scoring songs of the week. This season also features an exciting new elimination method. After round 1's "audition" period, the rest of the game (sans the finale) will be divided into three "phases". Eliminations will only be held at the end of each phase, meaning only FOUR eliminations will be held throughout the game (after R1, R4, R7, and R10). At this point averages of the three rounds in a phase will be taken to determine eliminations. Each phase will feature distinctly different challenges. PHASE 1 will feature more fun, inspiration based challenges to help new writers settle into the Platinum Hit process. PHASE 2 will focus on skill building, while PHASE 3 will challenge writers with challenges created to test limits. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE PRIZE The winner of Platinum Hit 11 will win an iTunes copy of Katy Perry's smash hit Feels (feat. Calvin Harris), or 2 tickets to Witness: the Tour, whichever is worth less by the time the game wraps up in November. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ JUDGES @Jackson @ceremonials @Citrus @feelslikeadream ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Welcome to Season #4 of Slasher Season! It's my Back to Basic's Era Hosted by yours truly! - SLASHER is a community-forum game were a team of Campers are pitted against an evil team of deadly Slashers Each Day and Night, the Campers & Slasher vote out a player in hopes of eliminating the enemy team. For the Campers, if they Kill all the Slashers, the Campers win! For the Slashers, if they Kill all the Campers, the Slasher Win! Roles: Your Role in the Game will be given to you via PM. If you are given a Slasher Team role, I'd advise to keep your role a secret from others If you are given a Camper Team role, I'd advise to find fellow Campers asap Special Roles: Some Players will be given Special Roles besides a standard Camper or Slasher. These Players will be given Special Abilities that will aid their team during the game. - Camper Team Roles: - Slasher Team Roles: - CAMPER Team Abilities: Vote to Kill "It's you! You're a killer!" You are allowed to Vote to Kill 1 Player every Day Slash Proof Vest [COP] "Protect and serve." Choose 1 Player each voting period to Protect against a Slasher Attack. Can only protect against 1 successful Slasher Attack Super Hot [HOTTIE] "It's all natural babe." You're so attractive that your Votes count as Three Votes. Mind Reader [PSYCHIC] "I see you for what you are." Choose 1 Player per Day to see what Team they are on. Seance [PSYCHIC] "Campers never die!" Choose 1 Player for bring back to life. [Once per Game] Slasher Scoop [TABLOID REPORTER] "I'm going to spill all the tea." View the Slasher's communications each Day. First Time [VIRGIN] "Be gentle, I've never experienced this before." If you are chosen to be killed, you are not, but can only happen once. SLASHER Team Abilities: Vote to Kill "Lets paint the Camp red." You are allowed to Vote to Kill 1 Player every Night. Fake Alliance [SICKO] *Pretends to be Shocked* If you are the target of Mind Reader, it will reveal you as a Camper Team member instead of Slasher Team member - Signups: Host: @Canon Player Sign-Up: @Dibbles @Queen Conchita @Kathlen♡ @Fa1x intelectual @Alena @PinkBox @Verge of Obscene @Citrus @Fenrir @thecptz @Fruity @Guero @URBAN @RandomName @Lukey Lawson -
  14. Boo! Did I scare you? Well I'm here to shock, slay, and pray that the gays don't sway this away like season seven! After y'all did @Hug wrong, I'm going to try to host this game back into life. I don't really have new rules, but I have to attract the gays. Here's the gist: With every new round will come a new challenge (obviously). These challenges will share a common theme from which you will create "a trinity – three songs [unless otherwise stated] that work together to represent the challenge. These interpretations should be creative, but not over our heads. All entries will be posted in the thread," (Hug). If the judges think you slay you'll place high, maybe even in the top 3, colloquially known as the Golden Trinity. If you go from Prism to Witness, you'll land yourself in the Flop Trinity. Nobody wants that. Because we love circle jerks and elitism, the top 3 of that week will emotionally abuse and manipulate the bottom 3 until one is declared the biggest loser and will consequently be killed, or worse, expelled from the game. So how does the finale work? The remaining four contestants will go head to head in the final round and the top 3 scorers will be declared as one big winner, kind of like if Camila, Lauren, and Ally merged into one big Beyonce. Will you have what it takes to be part of ATRL's Holy Trinity? This season, we will go further and have a final round for the trinity to have official 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements. Examples of rounds and entries in the link below: To quote our previous host's wise words: "Use this advice to help you make important decisions in the game. T H I N K C R E A T I V E L Y Try not to use the immediately-expected songs. Interpret challenges in unique ways. Surprise us, in a good way! Be unique like the special snowflake you are(?). T H I N K S T R A T E G I C A L L Y When you're in the Golden Trinity, you can eliminate anyone you want in the Flop Trinity, and in some cases beyond just that. Develop stratagem and create allies. Remember your fellow contestants are the ones ultimately deciding who gets eliminated every round. T H I N K S E N S I B L Y You might love an idea, but is it going to work out? Is it a risk that won't pay off? Are you just choosing a song because you love it and not because it's the best fit? Keep your best wits with you as you proceed." @swiftie13 @Lémur @PoKiTaurus @Legend E Sign Up Now! 1. @Noah 2. @Queen Conchita 3. @Hugbecause you need someone to sign up, I'll quit if people actually play x 4. @Lukey 5. @Dessy Fenix 6. @Fa1x intelectual 7. @Losing my ground 8. @Tsareena 9. @Prismee 10. @bestfiction 11. @Caprice 12. @Speezy 13. @Girlicious 14. @MusicLoverDude 15. @Marnie 16. @Xedretinz Lododnz 17. @KatyCatPH 18. @Future Lover ... keep signing up until the first round's deadline! COMMUNITY CHAT ROUND 1 - Challenge - - Entries - - Comments - Lémur swigie Legend E PokiTaurus - Results - - Elimination - ROUND 2 - Challenge -
  15. 9th Tournament Best Female Single October 2016 - September 2017 IS BACK!!! Welcome Everyone! 1st a Quick Recap from the last Years THIS YEAR LIST LIST: - Adele – “Water Under the Bridge” - Alessia Cara – “Scars To Your Beautiful” - Alessia Cara – “How Far I’ll Go” - Anne-Marie – “Ciao Adios” - Ariana Grande ft. Future – “Everyday” - Bebe Rexha – “I Got You” - Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne – “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)” - Becky G ft. Bad Bunny – “Mayores” - Beyonce – “All Night” - Britney Spears ft. Tinashe - “Slumber Party” - Camila Cabello – “Crying In The Club” - Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug – “Havana” - Cardi B “Bodack Yellow (Money Moves)” - Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut The Feeling” - Charli XCX ft. Lil Yachty – “After the After Party” - Charli XCX – “Boys” - Demi Lovato – “Sorry Not Sorry” - Dua Lipa – “Blow Your Mind” - Dua Lipa ft. Miguel– “Lost In Your Light” - Dua Lipa – “New Rules” - Fergie – “Life Goes On” - Fergie ft. Nicki Minaj – “You Already Know” - Hailee Steinfield – “Most Girls” - Hailee Steinfield ft. Alesso & Florida Giorgia Line – “Let Me Go” - Halsey – “Now Or Never” - Halsey – “Bad At Love” - Iggy Azaelia – “Mo Bounce” - Iggy Azaelia ft. Anitta – “Switch” - Jennifer Lopez ft. Gente de Zona – “Ni Tu Ni Yo” - Jessie J – “Think About That” - Julia Michaels – “Issues” - Julia Michaels – “Uh Huh” - Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley – “Chained to the Rhythm” - Katy Perry ft. Migos – “Bon Appetit” - Katy Perry ft. Swish Swish – “Swish Swish” - Katy Perry – “Save As Draft” - Kelly Clarkson – “Love So Soft” - Kelly Clarkson – “Move You” - Kesha – “Praying” - Lady Gaga – “Million Reasons” - Lady Gaga – “The Cure” - Lana del Rey – “Love” - Lana del Rey ft. The Weeknd – “Lush For Life” - Lorde – “Green Light” - Lorde – “Perfect Places” - Lorde ft. Khalid, Post Malone & Sza – “Homeade Dynamite” - Mariah Carey ft. YG – “I Don’t” - Meghan Trainor – “Im A Lady” - Miley Cyrus – “Malibu” - Miley Cyrus – “Younger Now” - MO – “Nights Without You” - Nicki Minaj ft. Drake & Lil Wayne – “No Frauds” - Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – “Changed It” - Nicki Minaj – “Regret Your Tears” - Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth – “Make Me (Cry)” - Noah Cyrus – “Stay Together” - Noah Cyrus ft. XXXTentacion – “Again” - P!nk – “What About Us” - Rihanna – “Love On The Brain” - Rita Ora – “Your Song” - Sabrina Carpenter “Thumbs” - Sabrina Carpenter “Why” - Selena Gomez – “Bad Liar” - Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane – “Fetish” - Shakira ft. Maluma – “Chantaje” - Shakira – “Me Enamore” - Shakira ft. Nicky Jam – “Perro Fiel” - Shania Twain – “Life’s Is About To Get Good” - Sia – “Move Your Body” - Sza – “Drew Barrymore” - Sza ft. Travis Scott – “Love Galore” - Sza – “The Weekend” - Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do” - Tinashe – “Company” - Tinashe – “Flame” - Tove Lo – “True Disaster” - Tove Lo – “Disco ****” - Zara Larsson – “I Would Like” - Zara Larsson ft. Ty Dolla Sign – “So Good” - Zara Larsson – “Don’t Let Me Be Yours” Round 01: VOTE OFF 7, SAVE 4 (7 WILL BE ELIMINATED)
  16. I INTRODUCTION After more than a year of no Family Feud, ATRL's favorite non-elimination game is back again! After 3 seasons, the beloved host Prismee/Prismatic/Prismy/Slinky has stepped down and I will be taking over this season! So I welcome you to the 6th season of FAMILY FEUD! (previous seasons: I △ II △ III △ IV △ V ) HOW TO PLAY There will be a total of 20 rounds, each consisting of 15 questions To gain points you have to submit answers you think other players will also submit. Thus, to gain points, the answer doesn't need to be correct, it just needs to be submitted by other players too! The number of players who have submitted the same answer as you will be the points gained for that particular question. For example, if the question is ''Who is the best politician?'', you wouldn't want to answer with Donald Trump, even though he (unfortunately) may be your favorite. Instead, go for a safer answer like Barack Obama that will guarantee you points. The player with the most points in the end will be declared the winner of ATRL's Family Feud 6 __ POWERS___ DISCLAIMER: You can still participate even if you did not sign up at the start. New players are welcome!
  17. sᴇᴀsᴏɴ ᴏɴᴇ, sᴇᴀsᴏɴ ᴛᴡᴏ, sᴇᴀsᴏɴ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ, sᴇᴀsᴏɴ ғᴏᴜʀ, ᴀʟʟ sᴛᴀʀs Welcome to the fifth season of The Color Game. Each week, the contestants will submit a photo of their celebrity wearing an outfit that best matches the theme of the round. Themes can range from a specific color, patterns, occasion or even something unexpected. The judging panel will rank each outfit and decide where the contestants fall on the rankings. Twists are always waiting around the corner, so it's vital everyone stays on their toes as only three of them will make it to Fashion Week, where the judges will look at their portfolios from the entire season and decide a winner. The winner of The Color Game will receive a fictional crown and digital pride. @Fenrir @URBAN @Buddy! @PinkBox ------------------------------------PREVIOUS JUDGES------------------------------------ @Scorpio @kitt.™ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▾ ▾ ▾ RESULTS
  18. Welcome to the One Night Ultimate Werewolf Thread! "The Werewolves Curse has infected a small village and its up to it's Townspeople to find and execute the afflicted" - How the Game is Setup: If you wish to play. simply post that you'd like to Sign-Up! Once all the Players are gathered, the Game begins and everyone receives a Role Card (Via Pm) I will then post an image of a Table and where everyone is sitting at the Table (this determines who sits next to who) Any unclaimed roles will be displayed as Role Cards flipped face-down in the center of the Table. - How this Game is Played: The game is played out in 3 parts : Dawn, Night and Day Dawn When the Game begins, Dawn will also begin. Dawn starts when you receive your Role Card. You may take this time to formulate a strategy using your Abilities (if you have one). Night After some time has passed, Night will fall. During the Night, all Players must use their Abilities as they see fit. **IMPORTANT** During Night, abilities are activated in a predetermined Order as follows: The Roles below do not perform any action during the Night: Villager Morning Once some time has passed, Morning will begin. At this time everyone discusses what they did during the Night. Weather or not people are telling the truth are for you to determine Execution After deliberating among the players, everyone must Vote 1 person to Execute. (Majority Vote wins) (Players cannot Vote for themselves) - Winning the Game: If the person Executed holds a Werewolf Role Card, all Players holding Townspeople Team Roles Cards Win If the person Executed holds a Townsperson Team Role Card, all Players holding Werewolf Team Roles Cards Win If the person Executed holds the Minion Role Card, the Minion Wins If the person Executed holds the Tanner Role Card, the Tanner Wins - The Role Cards - The Table:
  19. Welcome to the premiere season of POSE! To sign up, pick a celebrity you want to use as your model the entire season. There are no limits to who you can choose, as long as you think there are enough shots that can get you through the tournament. Famous actors, singers, models, social media celebrities- you name it, you can play. What is most important is a diverse portfolio of professional shots you can submit during the game. Every round, there will be a different theme or topic that you must submit an entry for. It may be a colour, an emotion, or even an abstract idea. Using your celebrity, you must find ONE SHOT (not an entire selection of shots) that you think looks great and best fits that theme. Submissions should, preferably, be from a professional photoshoot. Candids and red carpet fashion shots are not allowed unless specified, as an example, for a fun candid or red carpet pose round. Think of the game as America's Next Top Model meets ATRL's own Colour Game. I'm ready to start; are you ready to pose? @talent @Alena @Queen Conchita @Noah @Buddy! @Clueless
  20. Hello! Welcome to Create A Label, the game where you can create your own label, sign artists and promote them as you see fit! All you have to do in order to join is post your label name here, the artist you are signing, and add a label logo and profile picture for your artist if you want bonus points. More people can join at any time! Here are the rules: -You must create a fictional album or EP, that can feature new songs, cover songs, or even an artist's old songs. -You can't sign someone that already got signed by someone else. -You may have features, you may even collab with someone else in the game (with their consent). -You may create fictional producers, writers and magazines. -You may have a buzz/promo single before an album is released. ALL genres are available and every week there will be a trends list that will affect how well a song will do. The trends will be very broad "main" genres. Week 1 Trends List: 1. Tropical 2. Dance 3. Pop 4. EDM 5. Alternative 6. Rock 7. RnB 8. Rap 9. Country 10. Hip Hop In this spoiler you will find guidelines for each type of release: Promotion: There are several ways for you to promote your artists. Each type focuses on a different type of promotion. You may use the one that seems the most fun, or most fitting for your artist. Streaming: This focuses on social media presence, videos and shock values. Digital Gain: This focuses on selling albums. It includes interviews,live performances, and any other type of promo that will encourage people to buy full albums. Airplay: This focuses on "payola". If you wish to play this way, each week you will have to sacrifice either the creativity/visuals aspect or be a sweetheart who doesn't cause any controversy. Participants so far:
  21. Welcome to Liar Game - Season 3! Based off the popular manga, participants are pitted against one another and fight to be the best liar! Forming allies are encouraged, however there may be back-stabbings. Rules 1. Participants are to join all games. 2. Participants may find a representative to substitute/take over their place. 3. All agreements need to be Pm'ed to me in a group chat with the intended parties. 4. Tokens (Points) are used to keep track the progress of participants. This is important in the Finale. 5. Participants are assigned a Alphabetical player code. They may choose to disclose it. You are encouraged to think outside the box and Pm me any course of action you might want to take. Season 2 Thread : Season 1 Thread : Participants @Dibbles @M A R N ✮ @Kathlen @Queen Conchita @mike3009 @Fruity Games Downsizing Game Contraband game Bid Poker
  22. ATRL's original game "Choose The Album, Then a Song" is back for its anticipated ninth season. After a few months hiatus and a cancelled season, I am ready to bring back the game that we all love and dedicate ourselves into on its original concept... Just with a few changes. Keep in mind that this post will be constantly updated with the season's results, hot links and possible news. Even though a lot of you are familiar with the concept, I understand that not everyone is on the same page. Therefore, let me quickly remind you of what "Choose The Album, Then a Song" consists of. It is a very wide game. We welcome diversity, knowledge, music of all types and we are welcoming to everyone who is willing to get to know their favorite albums better and willing to share their music taste (and sometimes curiosities) with us... But just like in everything, there's rules to follow. 1. There's not such thing as bad losers; We are all here to have fun and share our favorite music with everyone. 2. Every contestant must cast a vote each round; The main purpose of the game is to introduce everyone to new music. If this rule isn't applied, only the judges will benefit from it. 3. Every entry must contain a written part; To fully understand your decision, you will be required to send in an essay along with the song chosen. 4. A song can only be used twice and can only be use three rounds after; This will allow you to explore your album further. 5. Deadlines must be respected by contestants and judges; There will be three updates throughout the week. 6. There's no space for stan wars or called voters; The main purpose of this game is to introduce everyone to knew music. Therefore, we don't want any fights or any type of voting manipulation. 7. The vote process is build up of two parts; Every round the judges votes will be mixed with the public votes. 8. Be fair and do not be biased. If you want others to respect your work and game, make sure you respect others too by not allowing your personal taste affect your votes. Besides the contestants votes, we will have a studied and prepared judging panel to evaluate your decisions and help you improve on the game. PEDRO LAZULI KAVISH PLUS: A guest judge every new round. 1. shelven: Sia - "This Is Acting" 2. Verge of Obscene: Britney Spears - "Glory" 3. MusicLoverDude: Samantha Jade - "Nine" 4. Alena: Melanie Martinez - "Cry Baby" 5. Rihlana: Halsey - "Badlands" 6. theycallmemaraj: Ariana Grande - "Dangerous Woman" 7. sumthintoxic82: Kelly Clarkson - "Piece By Piece" 8. ReachOut: Hilary Duff - "Breathe In. Breathe Out." 9. M A R N ✮: Asking Alexandria - "The Black" 10. Vulnicura: Robyn - "Body Talk" 11. Queen Conchita: Conchita Wurst - "Conchita" 12. Lion: Troye Sivan - "Blue Neighbourhood" 13. Tymps.: Lemon Demon - "Spirit Phone" 14. Speezy: The Weeknd - "Starboy" 15. lhdang2000: Adele - "25" Round One: Shape Of You intro entries results Round Two: Chained To The Rhythm intro entries results Round Three: Hello intro entries results Round Four: Better Together intro entries results Round Five: Dance Again intro entries results Round Six: Symphony intro + bonus round entries results Round Seven: Chantaje intro + bonus round entries results final results Round Eight: Bon Appétit intro entries results Round Nine: Famous Last Words intro entries results Round Ten: Magic intro entries results
  23. Welcome to SEASON 5.5 of The Photoshop Game! Here you will test your Photoshop and graphic design skills, as well as learn a few new tricks in the process. How Does the Game Work? To start out you will select a celebrity that you will use throughout the game. Each round the judges will score your entry out of 10 points. All of the scores will be averaged together to give you your score for your entry. To get a better idea of how this season will go you can take a peek at the previous seasons: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 This season's twist We're going to try something different this season. You're going to be making an album era over 5 rounds. In round 2, you'll be making an album cover and tracklist that'll be used for the rest of the season. We're telling you this now so you'll have time to plan it thoroughly before you have to make it. After that round, you'll be making various forms of promo and other things for the album. On top of that, there's not going to be any eliminations. The winner will be whoever has the highest cumulative score at the end. Rules 1. You must have Photoshop on your computer. It doesn’t matter what version. 2. Once the signups are closed you will not be allowed to change your celebrity. 3. Unlike previous seasons, you will NOT have to send in the picture you would like to use for the challenge to be approved. This is your entry and we’re trusting your judgment. 4. Every round will have a deadline and, thus, we expect everyone to meet it. We understand things come up, emergencies happen, and if an extension must be made then EVERYONE will get a few extra days to work on the challenge if need be. To keep the game running as seamlessly as possible, though, we ask that everyone starts working on a new challenge ASAP in order to meet the deadline and turn it in early if you can so we don’t run into any of these issues. 5. You can help one another if you want, we’re all here to learn and grow together – BUT at the end of the day this is still a competition. Keep that in mind.
  24. Back again! I’m happy to debut the first mini season of Platinum Hit! Intended to reinterpret Platinum Hit in game changing ways, with ".5" seasons the focus is to bring a fresh and exciting update on the Platinum Hit format, without taking away from the simplicity that we appreciate from main seasons. With PH 10.5 the concept is simple - no eliminations. This season will run for 6 challenges - over the course of the game nobody will lose their place, instead the winner will be calculated using your overall average from each round. This offers both new writers and veterans a chance to take something away from the game. New writers have the opportunity to hone and improve their writing without fear of elimination, while veterans enjoy the chance to write outside of the box and try new styles. Ultimately, the season can be whatever you want from it - everybody who signs up has a place here from the start until the final, with the in between filled with the usual PH creative achievements and fun. Welcome back! If you’ve never played before and don’t know what this is - Platinum Hit is simply ATRL’s songwriting game. Each week players are presented with a challenge, for which they write a song suited to. For example, a song focused on a specific area of writing eg. imagery or storytelling, a song focused on a specific topic, etc. Entries are then reviewed and scored by the judging panel of PH alumni and results are revealed. Each round will run for a week - new challenges are posted on monday, with the challenge deadline on friday, giving 4 days to write for whatever the challenge is that week. Judging takes place over the weekend, with results taking place just before the next challenge is posted on Monday. Judges @keshaspearsxo @ughgabriel @Aurora @Temporal Sign Ups 1. swiftie13 2. Hug 3. Lemur 4. ceremonials 5. UFO 6. DripDrip 7. Dylobs 8. Lane Boy 9. mxtthewdelrey 10. Witch Privilege 11. Corsola 12. OreGuy 13. ughgabriel 14. EmojiClothes 15. Pecinta Mariah 16. Erotic 17. Jaxswim 18. Obsession 19. Gastrondonatella 20. Phreshdiamond 21. Lucky#17 22. Auburn 23. beatinglikeadrum 24. Speezy 25. ICEY 26. Highdefinition 27. Courtney Love 28. Temporal 29. SaintWest 30. Verge of Obscene 31. Nait Phoenix 32. jpow 33. Moonchild 34. theycallmemaraj 35. URBAN 36. Beyonce1814 37. FCKNAmbrosia 38. Cupid 39. Funnellegs 40. RihsusChristATG 41. CountryBritney 42. 8thPrince etc...
  25. WELCOME TO THE FIRST EDITION OF ATRL'S LEGMEAT 3THREE i WAS decided to start my first ever original game after I saw some complaints that the "game section was dead" (R.I.P.) WELL she's alive now bitch! I was inspired to begin the game by Halsey's wonderful new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom which is inspiring Here is a bit of my backstory. I am an ATRL member called mxtthewdelrey and I live in North Wales. I am a dancer and I also love to paint Now that's enough about me, back to LEGMEAT 3THREE JUDGES mxtthewdelrey mxtthewdelrey mxtthewdelrey wonderlust In this game, there will be three(3) rounds lasting a total of TBC days per round. It will be a very quick game because time is important Each round, each contestant will have to submit a picture of my choice which is based around a certain subject. Then, this picture will be judged by the judges and some contestants will be eliminated for being awful It is quite simple - just submit the best pictures. Thank you Round One1: SUBMIT A CAT Round Two2: SUBMIT A SALAMI Round THREE3: SUBMIT A PEPPA PIG | REMIX | PODCAST Then, The FINAL RAHSULHTIES winner: a trinogmous relationship of mxtthewdelrey, keshaspearsxo and keshaspearsxo* *haunted by thecptz for the rest of eternity first runner-up: remmy second runner-up: kathlen 5th: girlicious 6th: genetic fail 7th: talent 8th: devonroars 9th: lemur (TAPPED OUT) 10th: kathlen 11th: wonderlust 12th: thecptz before she became a ghost