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Found 10 results

  1. Canon

    Liar Game 3.5 : Mayhem Mansion

    Welcome to the Liar Game Tournament! Participants play in various thread-based challenges that pit each other against one another while also forcing you to cooperate. Alliances may form, however theres a reason why its called Liar Game. Trust is fickle as multiple participants are eliminated at the end of each game. - Mayhem Mansion The Mansion the Players are locked in is booby-trapped with bombs in 8 of the 16 available rooms. However, Players receive a Card with valuable information on which Rooms are Safe, or Unsafe. Each Room can only hold 1 person each, and its first come-first serve! Good Luck! The Scale of Greed Players must accumulate 10 points before the third Round using a sinister Scale The Side of the Scale with the most Players lose their Points The Side of the Scale with the least Player gain their Points The Player who lost the most Points in each Round is Eliminated Infection A pandemic breaks out as everyone fights for the majority. Heal or Infect fellow Players in order to be in the group with the most people. - Signups List: 1. @Loyalty 2. @jamesfog 3. @Queen Conchita 4. @KatyCatPH 5. @Dibbles 6. @Moonlightbae 7. @Alena 8. @Xedretinz Lododnz 9. @Nacht 10. @EriKills 11. @RandomName 12. @K$Ellie 13. @thecptz 14. @Prismee 15. @Ciel 16. @Girlicious - F.A.Q. How can I join? Simply post the you wish to participate. 16 Player Maximum. How do I submit my answers during the games? @Canon will send out PMs to each Player before the Games begin. Please use that PM to submit any of your answers Can I make alliances? Sure. But just watch your back🔪 Can I use the PM system to message other players? Yes. You may also use the thread as an open discussion. Can I post images (Cards, etc.) that I received from Canon in the thread? No. However, you may discuss what you've received. Use this as an advantage to lie the other Players. Weather or not they believe you is another story. I, as a Player, have an additional Question about the Game Mechanic PM @Canon the question. If it regards a clarification in how the Games played, I will post the answer in the thread as well for everyone to see.
  2. Prismee

    ATRL's Family Feud 7 | welcome (pg. 4)

    introduction welcome to the seventh season of atrl's favorite non-elimination tournament, family feud after a wildly successful season by navyofbadgals last year, i am back as your host previous seasons: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 game rules 20 rounds, 15 questions per round your answer to each question should be what you think is the most popular answer among other players number of players with same answer = points earned e.g. 'name a destiny's child member' good answer - beyoncé bad answer - farrah franklin potatoes potatoes act as the in-game currency they can be won every round and in minigames too accumulate potatoes to exchange for special powers
  3. Navyofbadgals


    Hello and welcome to a new season of ATRL's The Mole! The game is based on the TV show of the same season. It's a tournament with unique games that call for strategy, integrity, intelligence and most of all.. teamwork! One of you however will secretly sabotage the games. The end goal for the players is to guess the mole, the end goal for the mole is to fool every single contestant out there and sabotage the games. Do you have what it takes to be the last contestant standing.. or to be the one and only mole? The season will start with a maximum of 24 players.. after the full cast is revealed, one of you will be picked as The Mole. Unlike last season there are no fixed starting teams for the first few rounds. You will be doing the first few challenges in different kinds of teams, where one team will win something (like immunity from taking the elimination test!). It's up to you how you want to play this game.. both as mole or as contestant. Take a look at the Previous Season to get some ideas of what you could expect. You could be the fanatical player, the mole-acting player, the silent mole and so on. It's all up to you as this season there will be no special roles with the exception of The Mole of course. There are however some powers; The Freebie The freebie will correct one of your wrong answers on the test.. and could possibly save you from elimination in the process! The Green Exemption The green exemption will correct ALL your answers, thus basically granting you with immunity. There is however a catch.. The Black Exemption And the catch is the Black Exemption! Whilst immunity in the first few rounds probably won't be affected by this black exemption.. it could affect you in later rounds. The Black Exemption will render the frihbies and exemptions usless that were used during a test. That means that later on you still need to make the test with the Green Exemption. It's up to the player with The Black Exemption to use it whenever he wants. All powers, when obtained, can be used throughout the season with the exception of the final two rounds! Now let's get it on, hope you guys have fun with me on the 2nd Season of the Mole! The Cast: 1. Dibbles 2. RandomName 3. Alena 4. Loyalty 5. Lukey 6. KatycatPH 7. PinkBox 8. Queen Conchita 9. Fruity 10. Kylie Jenner 11. rl231 12. Mike3009 13. K$Ellie 14. DevonRoars 15. Noah 16. Nacht 17. mokitsu 18. jamesfog 19. fiercE 20. Xedretinz Lododnz 21. Aurora 22. Unoriginal 23. Thecptz 24. Diarrhoea
  4. INTRODUCTION: Hello girlies and welcome to Big Brother 13 The winner will receive 6 months of HUGS HOW THE GAME WORKS: HoH (head of household)- This housemate has the power to nominate two people for eviction. Everyone competes each week (except for the outgoing HoH.) Each week housemates will compete for the ultimate power. HoH's will be revealed! Power of veto- Each week nominated housemates will be able to compete to save themselves from elimination. Along with 4 (or more) other housemates. POV winner has the option of vetoing a nomination, and choosing the replacement. Eviction- Each week two housemates will be up for eviction, however, only one will go. Everyone except for the nominated housemates and HoH will vote, and in the event of a tie the HoH will break it. Weekly twists- Almost every round house guests will have a side competition, whether that be a mini game or a simple questionnaire, you will all be fighting for extra bonuses. These include immunity, voting powers, and much much more. You don't want to miss out on these. Some rounds these will be optional, while others you will be required to compete This season will be a bit more interactive than before. Which means popping in here more than just twice a week. There will be some challenges where you only have 12-24 hours to complete.
  5. After getting approval from Cantaloupe., I present to you, Welcome! As we are entering the final quarter of 2018, Moneybags is hosting his annual Gem Gala, a fashion event taking place in many locations across The Dragon Kingdom. He is looking for celebrities to present looks according to the color or theme of every week of the event. If for example the color of a certain week is red, you will have to send an outfit who's main color is red. The rules are simple; sign up with a celeb that you will represent in this game, and then send to me in a PM the outfit you chose for each round. We will now leave behind the human world that was presented in past Color Game rounds, and enter a new realm! You don't have to worry, you can still send in normal outfits, but in this realm the rules are quite different. Each round the judges and fellow participants will create a list ranking all outfits from best to worst. The higher you are on each list, the more points you will get. The person who gets the most points by the end of the game, after all rounds have finished, will be crowned as Best Dressed of Gem Gala 2018! No one will be eliminated from the game. Your determination to win will be the driving force behind choosing to try your best, or quitting the game whenever you want/need to. This opportunity will allow you to take new risks that you might have been too worried to take in past seasons of Color Game. Following reactions to Color Game 6, Dragon Kingdom has a cast of judges! In alphabetic order: @Alena @Buddy! @Legend E @Noah @PoKiTaurus Sign ups will be open until the deadline of round 1, which will be posted soon. The following celebs are banned since they have won past seasons of Color Game: Jordin Sparks Zoe Saldana Jennifer Lopez Paris Hilton Rihanna Karlie Kloss Fan Bingbing Sign Ups List: #. - Your Name (name of celebrity you choose) 1. - 2. - 3. - 4. - 5. - 6. - 7. - 8. - 9. - 10. - 11. - 12. - 13. - 14. - 15. - 16. - 17. - 18. - 19. - 20. - Please add more spots as necessary Good luck, and have fun!
  6. Queen Conchita

    ATRL's Hunt or Hide | Round 6 Results

    Welcome to Hunt or Hide, may your stay here be a pleasant one. Game originally created by legend Prismee. Players are trapped in the woods and take turns each round to either hunt or hide. The player who manages to stay alive throughout all the rounds will run out of the woods and be crowned as the champion of ATRL Hunt Or Hide. HOW TO PLAY Each round, two players will be randomly selected to be the hunters. The rest of the players will have to hide in the woods. The woods consists of 10 different sections. Hiders have to PM me the section they would like to hide in. Meanwhile, the hunters will PM me the section they would like to hunt. Any hider(s) in the same section will be attacked by the hunters and die. If both hunters choose to attack the same section, both of them would kill off each other and all hiders in the section. ALLIANCES Alliances are encouraged in Hunt Or Hide to ensure your survival in the woods, make connections with players because you'll never know when you might need to rely on them or their powers. ADDITIONAL RULES Players are given 24 hours to PM me the section they would like to hunt or hide. POWERS Each round will have atleast one power up for grabs ... but not all will benefit you. Below are descriptions of a few of the different powers you may encounter in the game.
  7. Cupid

    Games Discussion

    Welcome to the ATRL Games Section! This is a place to test your skills, host a competition, showcase your talents and find out who's the top member. While we encourage friendly banter, please remember the general ATRL Rules still apply! Check out the Games Rules (pinned at the top of the section) before opening a thread, if you have any questions feel free to post them in this thread or send a Help Request. In this thread you can: - Discuss ideas for future games - Request advice / technical help for hosting games - Ask if a game has been done before / is claimed by another member - Have general banter relating to the section To reserve an Album Survivor, please go here! To announce the results of your Game, please go here! So what are you waiting for, enjoy yourself!
  8. ATRL Member's World Cup 2018 ● 32 members. ● 8 groups of 4 members play the Group Stage. ● The first and second place members of each group go on to the next round. ● There is a match for third place (the two loser semifinalists). Gameplay ● You just have to vote for the winner. Rules of the Game (Group Stage): ● The 32 players will be divided into 8 groups (the groups were organized by all the referees), from Group A to H. The first round, or Group Stage, will see the thirty-two teams divided into eight groups of four teams. Each group will compete in a round-robin of six games, where each team will play one match against each of the other teams in the same group. Teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat. The teams finishing first and second in each group will progress to the Round of 16. Tie-breaking criteria The ranking of each team in each group will be determined as follows: Greater number of points in all group matches Goal difference in all group matches Greater number of goals scored in all group matches Greatest number of points in matches between tied teams Goal difference in matches between tied teams Greatest number of goals scored in matches between tied teams Knockout stage (Round of 16) The Knockout stage will involve the sixteen members that advanced from the Group Stage of the tournament. There will be four rounds of matches, with each round eliminating half of the teams entering that round. The successive rounds are the Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and the Final. There will also be a Play-Off to decide third and fourth place. For each game in the Knockout stage, any draw after of 9 votes there will be a penalty shootout to determine who will progress to the next round. Vote Mechanism ● In soccer, you win scoring goals, here we will apply: ¿How to Score? 3 Votes = 1 Goal Needed 10 votes (at least) or 6+ Hours to end the match after the ten votes ends anytime. Note: ● Remember, this is a game. The winner between each other does not mean it is better than another. This is a game, so have fun! ● For now, just need to register. 2018 Member Groups List Group A @JGibson @Losing my ground @Lukey @KatyCatPH Group B @Mr. Loco @lhdang2000 @Sunderland 4ever @Riri. Group C @Gratitude @Green @MusicLoverDude @♥jONE731&#9 Group D @Queen Conchita @Legend E @AshleeSimpsonFan @davidcg20 Group E @TheArgonaut @PAD @thecptz @Edi_Shak Group F @SIMon1120 @Fa1x intelectual @Lazuli @K$Ellie Group G @Orfeo @Prisoner @Kylie Jenner @Xedretinz Lododnz Group H @jamesfog @Moonlightbae @Unoriginal @Dibbles Hashtags: #ATRLMWC2018, #ATRLMWC 2014: Winner: Holyground | Golden Boot: Orfeo (12 Goals) | Golden Glove: ♥jONE731♥ (10 Points) | Best Player: Zune (Celebrate) (17 Points) | Best Referee: SIMon1120 (19 Points) | 2014 Participants
  9. DevonRoars

    The Color Game 6 | R2 Entries p. 11

    Fashion Welcome to the sixth season of The Color Game. Each week, the contestants will submit a photo of their celebrity wearing an outfit that best matches the theme of the round. Dedication, Strategy, ..and Community? This season the power is in the hands of the community so strategize wisely. The contestants and the general public of ATRL will rank each outfit and decide where the contestants fall on the rankings. The top three scorers will find themselves on the Best Dressed List. The top three will decide who among the bottom three will be eliminated. Contestant Chart - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t0BcRhmP3H1Hhd82EstxhyPAEpOLsUOqxkuIiSJHh0w/edit?usp=sharing (courtesy of @Kylie Jenner) R1: Yellow - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-le-scores-p-8/?page=3#comment-9877204 Entries - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-le-scores-p-8/?page=6#comment-10002141 Scores - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-le-scores-p-8/?page=8#comment-10084307 Results - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-le-scores-p-8/?page=8#comment-10096247 27th MusicLoverDude 26th Bxtch 25th jamesfog R2: Black - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-r2-black-p-9/?page=9#comment-10098424 *jamesfog returns and takes Noah’s place in the competition. Entries - https://atrl.net/forums/topic/169570-the-color-game-6-r2-black-p-9/?page=11#comment-10191331 Scores Results 25th Noah R3: Entries Scores Results R4: Entries Scores Results R5: Entries Scores Results R6: Entries Scores Results R7: Entries Scores Results R8: Entries Scores Results R9: Entries Scores Results R10: Entries Scores Results R11: Entries Scores Results R12: Entries Scores Results R13: Entries Scores Results R14: Entries Scores Results
  10. Rhisiart

    ATRL's Drag Race Season 5

    There's a new sheriff in town, ladies... ATRL's Drag Race 5 ...a sheriff with a sparse budget. OP under construction y'all. Welcyum to the long-awaited, mildly anticipated Ru-vival of ATRL’s Drag Race! I am Rhisiart, but I am better known as my drag alter-ego, Gladys Lux Maure. This past year, I crawled my way to the finale in ADR Season 4, and scored a (very distant) 2nd Place in ADR All Stars. And now, with the blessing of our creator @Citrus and the hexes placed upon me by previous host and All Stars winner @GlamourCadaver, I am now your host for Season 5! Based on the smash hit VH1 reality competition show, ADR has been going fast and strong for about 3 years at this point, and after a small hiatus to regroup after a grueling season, we are back with the most gag-worthy season yet! Prepare your wig glue and duct tape now, or you can consider your wig FLEW. How To Play: To start off, you do not have to have seen the show to play this game, but it will help to understand a lot of the reference and jokes we use. So, in this game, we test you on your C.U.N.T. That stands for Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. Each week, we give you two tasks to complete: the main challenge of the week, and a theme for a drag outfit you strut your stuff in on the runway. Our panel of judges will then grade your entry as a whole, as well as rank them from each of our favorites to least favorites. And by compiling your weekly scores and your overall rank each week, we crown a challenge winner. For you two unfortunate souls that land in the Bottom Two, you must Lip-Sync For Your Life! The two girls up for elimination are given the freedom (and 24-hours, give or take) to send in anything they’d like for their potential final entry. The goal is to show (not tell) me why you deserve to win this lipsync and continue to the competition. Did you have a hidden talent you have yet to share? Did you want a do-over on the challenge you just failed? Have an idea you never put into motion? It is your LAST chance to impress me, so go for it! Just remember to not **** it up! The winner of this season will receive $25 in a format of their choice. (Past seasons had the prize as an iTunes gift card, but those can only be redeemed in the same country of purchase, meaning US only.) They will also be added to our Legacy and our Hall of Fame, and given the choice to become a judge for the following season! We will also be providing you with a first this season: a list of the runway themes! When sign-ups end, I will edit this OP and add a list of the potential runway themes for you all. These are for you to get brainstorming early. A lot of these challenges can get pretty time consuming, so I’m hoping that with this list, you can try to prepare a couple of outfits beforehand to make your lives easier if you so desire. Note: this list will not include the fashion challenges like the ball. Also, not every single theme on the list will end up being used, but the ones that will for sure be happening will be bolded. So, are you ladies ready to stitch, act, shade, and sissy your way into becoming ATRL’s Next Drag Superstar? Gentlemen, start your engines… And may the best woman win! The Legacy Season 1 Contestant Progress Winner: Carrie Messiah (@feelslikeadream) Runner-Up: Chanel DiAngelo (@GlamourCadaver) Runner-Up: Scarlett LaPierre (@Moonchild) Miss Congeniality: Carmen Scarlett (@mxtthewdelrey) Season 2 Contestant Progress Winner: Aciid Rose (@Aciid) Runner-Up: Carbön (@Vulnicura) Koko Runner-Up: Khalyan (@jpow) Miss Congeniality: Dame Rose (@PinkBox) Season 3 (And Part Two) Contestant Progress Winner: Tangerine (@Subomie) Runner-Up: Pixel Dark (@Hug) Runner-Up: Eve Saint Laurence (@tigerlily13) Miss Congeniality: MoonChild (@Moonchild) Season 4 Contestant Progress Winner: Faye Shull (@True Skarlet) Runner-Up: Lola Cabezas (@DripDripDied) Runner-Up: Gladys Lux Maure (@Rhisiart) Miss Congeniality: Gladys Lux Maure (@Rhisiart) All Stars Contestant Progress Winner: Chanel DiAngelo (@GlamourCadaver) Runner-Up: Gladys Lux Maure (@Rhisiart) Runner-Up: Stone (@Buddy!) Miss Congeniality: Carbön (@Vulnicura)