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  1. ATRL Member's World Cup 2022 ● 32 members. ● 8 groups of 4 members play the Group Stage. ● The first and second place members of each group go on to the next round. ● There is a match for third place (the two loser semifinalists). Gameplay ● You just have to vote for the winner. Rules of the Game (Group Stage): ● The 32 players will be divided into 8 groups (the groups were organized by all the referees), from Group A to H. The first round, or Group Stage, will see the thirty-two teams divided into eight groups of four teams. Each group will compete in a round-robin of six games, where each team will play one match against each of the other teams in the same group. Teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat. The teams finishing first and second in each group will progress to the Round of 16. When Teams Not Allowed To Vote Teams are not allowed to vote in for the same group's matches to prevent collusion. [ex.: When Group B's matches are conducted, no one from Group B is allowed to vote, and so on.] Tie-breaking criteria The ranking of each team in each group will be determined as follows: Greater number of points in all group matches Goal difference in all group matches Greater number of goals scored in all group matches Greatest number of points in matches between tied teams Goal difference in matches between tied teams Greatest number of goals scored in matches between tied teams If all criteria has been exhausted, especially if it is to determine who advances or gets top spot, a special tiebreaker game among the tied teams in question will commence. The winner of the tiebreaker game gets either the top spot or the 2nd spot, while the loser gets either the runner-up spot or is eliminated. If we are tied after regulation, the game heads straight to a penalty shootout. Knockout stage (Round of 16 onwards) The Knockout stage will involve the sixteen members that advanced from the Group Stage of the tournament. There will be four rounds of matches, with each round eliminating half of the teams entering that round. The successive rounds are the Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and the Final. There will also be a Play-Off to decide third and fourth place. For each game in the Knockout stage, any draw after 9 votes will result in a penalty shootout to determine who will progress to the next round. Refusal to submit penalty shootout guesses in a timely manner results in a 1-0 forfeit loss. Round of 16 Quadrants A (Groups A and B) B (Groups C and D) C (Groups E and F) D (Groups G and H) When Teams Not Allowed To Vote - In the Round of 16, teams are not allowed to cast a vote for the same quadrant's matches to prevent collusion. [ex.: When Quadrant A's matches are conducted, no one in Quadrant A (Groups A and B) is allowed to vote, and so on.] - In the Round of 8, the participating teams of a match are not allowed to vote. - In the Semifinals, all semifinals participants are not allowed to cast a vote to prevent collusion. - In the Final and 3rd Place Game, the participating teams of a match are not allowed to vote. Vote Mechanism ● In soccer, you win scoring goals, here we will apply: ¿How to Score? 3 Votes = 1 Goal Needed 10 votes (at least) or 6+ Hours to end the match after the ten votes ends anytime. Note: ● Remember, this is a game. The winner between each other does not mean it is better than another. This is a game, so have fun! ● For now, just need to register. Group Stage sorting rules: - If there are 8 or less players from one nation, then they are to be dispersed into different groups. If between 9 and 16 players from one nation, then two players are allowed in the same group. - If there are 8 or less players from 1 FIFA region: one player per region in the same group. If between 9 and 16 players from one FIFA region, then two players per region in the same group. Referee rules Referees are also permitted to participate as players; however, they cannot officiate games involving their team, quadrant, or group. [EX.: in Group Stage, if a referee whose team is in Group C, they are NOT allowed to officiate any game in Group C. Also, in the Round of 16, if a referee whose team is in Quadrant B (Groups C and D), they are NOT permitted to officiate games played in Quadrant B.] 2022 Recaps: 2022 ATRL Member's World Cup Awards 2022 Member Groups List 2018: Winner: thecptz | Golden Boot: thecptz (8 Goals) | Golden Glove: thecptz (13 Points) | Best Player: thepcptz (8 Points) | Best Referee: JGibson | 2018 Participants 2014: Winner: Holyground | Golden Boot: Orfeo (12 Goals) | Golden Glove: ♥jONE731♥ (10 Points) | Best Player: Zune (Celebrate) (17 Points) | Best Referee: SIMon1120 (19 Points) | 2014 Participants === Hashtags: #ATRLMWC2022, #ATRLMWC
  2. Cupid

    Games Discussion

    http://i.imgur.com/TI2VxhJ.png Welcome to the ATRL Games Section! This is a place to test your skills, host a competition, showcase your talents and find out who's the top member. While we encourage friendly banter, please remember the general ATRL Rules still apply! Check out the Games Rules (pinned at the top of the section) before opening a thread, if you have any questions feel free to post them in this thread or send a Help Request. In this thread you can: - Discuss ideas for future games - Request advice / technical help for hosting games - Ask if a game has been done before / is claimed by another member - Have general banter relating to the section To reserve an Album Survivor, please go here! To announce the results of your Game, please go here! So what are you waiting for, enjoy yourself! http://abload.de/img/bannerff95jpv.png
  3. Hello, I'm your host, Tilda Swinton and this is ATRL's Next Top Model, Season Five, All Stars 1. Miley couldn't make it this season, too many drugs. Players will pick a celebrity they want to represent, they can be male, female, or anything in between, all are welcomed. Each round you will submit a photo to the host that best represents the theme of that round. The judges will deliberate and make a decision as to who gave the strongest and weakest performance. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BE JUDGED ARE THE “MODELS”, THE POSE, AND WHAT THEY ARE WEARING. Please refrain from using candid shots. If you choose to use one, that is at your risk. This game, like most on ATRL require you to be active at least once a day. We encourage banter and drama (just keep it cute) in fact, it could keep you in the game longer. Share your opinions on the submissions when the pictures are revealed during the elimination ceremony. A winner, top three and bottom three (give or take) will be announces. The winner of each round will be decided by the panel of judges as well as a public vote where both players and audience can vote. A point system will be in effect, look below for more information on that. The winner of the season will be decided by the point system, the judges, and the audience vote. There will be twists and turns throughout the season, so I ask again, do you have what it takes to be on top? 1. Follow and respect ATRL’s TOS/Rules. 2. You model can be anyone who is real. Please DO NOT use any sort of drawing or cartoon character. 3. Follow the timeline, if a submission is submitted late there will be a judge’s penalty. 4. Though candid photos (paparazzi photos) are discouraged, they are still allowed. Use at your discretion. 5. Try to make the photo selected a full image from H to Tea (head to toe). It is not a requirement but if it half of a shot, make sure it’s one hell of a shot. 6. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me @dweebz 7. The Host can not do anything to get banned or leave his hosting duties because of Grindr. Each round will consist of three phases Phase 1: Submission Phase 2: Voting/Critiques Released Phase 3: Elimination This is a fast paced game that thrives on live interactions. Tilda Swinton @dweebz Miranda Priestly @sumthintoxic82 Jinkx Monsoon @D e v o n Kirsten Dunst @Littlejfrey Dylan Sprouse @Insanity Molly Sims l @Legend E Kiko Mizuhara l @Julia Fox Anne Hathaway l @Galactic Liu Wen l @Jai Karlie Kloss l @Thanatos Zendaya l @Billionaire Urassaya Sperbund l @Kylie Jenner Ebonee Davis l @Not Like The Movies Lady Gaga l @Douglas Booth Christina Aguilera l @Technicolor Allison Harvard l @Kylizzle Megan Fox l @Daniel767 Daria Werbowy l @Feather The JUDGES will rank each photo between 1-10. Each judge an equal amount of power during each round. -- The MODELS, both remaining and eliminated (if you chose to) will rank each photo from 1-10. They have the opportunity to give themselves a 10 as a freebie. The remaining models MUST vote each round. Giving yourself a 10 is very advantages, as it could be the only one you get. -- The SPECTATORS will also cast their votes by ranking each model from 1-10. -- Between the Models and Spectator, their vote will count as a single judge. -- SPECTATORS MUST POST AT LEAST ONCE FOR THEIR VOTES TO COUNT Episode 1 Episode 2
  4. Welcome to the INAUGURAL season of my new game: ARBITRARY SONG CONTEST! Inspired by this sections' "love" of song sending games, Arbitrary Song Contest flips the concept on its head, with each round asking for songs that fit a series of three completely arbitrary criteria. So while other games ask the contestants for broad themes, or others lack the budget to have all the letters, this game is completely random in the hopes that it can spur some creativity and surprises in the entries. HOW IT WORKS The rules are straightforward, each round will have three pieces of random criteria. Your entries (sent to me either via PM or Discord) must satisfy all criteria. Once entries are posted anonymously, you will give each song a proper chance, provide comments in the thread and send me your ranking. Ranks will assign scores to each entry resulting in a combined average across all participants, and each round the lowest scorers will be eliminated. As an example, a round may ask for a song that (1) has a female vocalist, (2) has only one word as the title, and (3) was released after 2016. I could send "Bags" by Clairo (and win the round obviously). When you send your entry (again, via PM or Discord), you must make sure it satisfies ALL criteria. You can send the name alone or send a streaming link if you have a specific version in mind. I will confirm if the entry is yours. Once I have all entries and no one wants to switch anymore, I will post the entries in the thread so that contestants can listen and share comments. You will then send your ordered list to me privately, blah blah blah. As this is a parody of song sending games, you must post comments in the thread. Failure to do so continuously will result in me arbitrarily halving your score~ SO SIGN UP!!! AND HAVE FUN. This is a casual game so enjoy yourself and send fun bops
  5. WELCOME EVERYONE!! BEST FEMALE SINGLE OF THE YEAR (OCT 2021 - SEPT 2022) I’ts Back! Like all Octobers Another year, A lot of new music this year But 1st a Recap of the last 4 years Top 10s 120 songs this year list If you dont see any song was either because was a big flop or I was not sure if the song was a single or not (biggest example Beyonce I dont know what was the 2nd single). Also I exclude Sept. 30 Releases… to be included next year There are flop songs but from ATRL fave Females, anyway I work hard on this list including ATRL faves (remember Girl Groups are never included before anyone ask) List: - Adele – “Easy On Me” - Adele – “Oh My God” - Alicia Keys – “City Of Gods (Part II)” - Anitta ft. Saweetie – “Faking Love” - Anitta – “Envolver” - Anitta – “Boys Don’t Cry” - Anitta ft. Chencho Corleone – “Gata” - Anitta ft. Missy Elliott – “Lobby” - Ava Max – “Maybe You’re The Problem” - Ava Max – “Million Dollar Baby” - Avril Lavigne – “Bite Me” - Avril Lavigne ft. blackbear – “Love It When You Hate Me” - Avril Lavigne ft. Machine Gun Kelly – “Bois Lie” - Billie Eilish – “Male Fantasy” - Billie Eilish – “TV” - Becky G & Karol G – “MAMIII” - Becky G – “Baile Con Mi Ex” - Beyonce – “Break My Soul” - Carly Rae Jepsen – “Western Wind” - Carly Rae Jepsen – “Beach House” - Cardi B ft. Kanye West & Lil Durk – “Hot ****” - Camila Cabello ft. Ed Sheeran – “Bam Bam” - Camila Cabello ft. Willow – “Psycofreak” - Camila Cabello ft. Maria Becerra – “Hasta Los Dientes” - Charli XCX ft. Christine and the Queens – “New Shapes” - Charli XCX ft. Rina Sawayama – “Beg For You” - Charli XCX– “Baby” - Charli XCX– “Used To Know Me” - Chloë – “Treat Me” - Chloë – “Surprise” - Christina Aguilera ft. Becky G, Nathy Peluso & Nicki Nicole – “Pa Mis Muchachas” - Christina Aguilera – “Somos Nada” - Christina Aguilera – “La Reina” - Christina Aguilera ft. TINI – “Sueltame” - Ciara – “Jump” - Coi Leray & Nicki Minaj – “Blink Blink!” - Danna Paola – “XT4S1S” - Demi Lovato – “Skin of My Teeth” - Demi Lovato – “Substance” - Demi Lovato – “29” - Doja Cat “Woman” - Doja Cat “Get Into It (Yuh)” - Doja Cat “Vegas” - Dove Cameron – “Boyfriend” - Dove Cameron – “Breakfast” - Ellie Goulding ft. Big Sean – “Easy Lover” - Em Beihold – “Numb Little Bug” - Emmy Meli – “I Am a Woman” - Gayle – “abcdefu” - Gayle – “Ur Just Horny” - Halsey – “Girl Is A Gun” - Halsey – “So Good” - H.E.R. – “For Anyone” - Jax – “Victoria’s Secret” - Jennier Lopez – “On My Way” - Jesy Nelson ft. Nicki Minaj – “Boyz” - Kali Uchis – “No Hay Ley” - Karol G – “Provenza” - Karol G – “Gatubela” - Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware – “Kiss Of Life” - Kylie Minogue & Gloria Gaynor – “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You” - Kylie Minogue– “Miss A Thing” - Lady Gaga – “Hold My Hand” - Lana del Rey – “Watercolor Eyes” - Lana del Rey – “Blue Banisters” - Latto – “Big Energy” - Latto ft. 21 Savage – “Wheelie” - Latto – “It’s Givin” - Lauren Spencer-Smith – “Fingers Crossed” - Lauren Spencer-Smith – “Flowers” - Leah Kate – “10 Things I Hate About You” - LISA – “Money” - Lizzo – “About Damn Time” - Lizzo – “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” - Lorde – “Fallen Fruit” - Lorde – “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)” - María Becerra – “Ojala” - Maria Becerra & Becky G – “Felices x Siempre” - María Becerra – “Automático” - Megan Thee Stallion – “Megan’s Piano” - Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa – “Sweetest Pie” - Megan Thee Stallion – “Plan B” - Megan Thee Stallion ft. Future – “Pressurelicious” - Megan Thee Stallion – “Her” - Muni Long – “Hrs & Hrs” - Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Baby – “Do We Have A Problem?” - Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Baby – “Bussin” - Nicki Minaj ft. Fivio Forgein – “We Go Up” - Nicki Minaj– “Supe Freaky Girl” - Normani – “Fair” - P!nk – “Irrelevant” - Rina Sawayama – “This Hell” - Rosa Linn – “Snap” - Rosalía ft. The Weeknd – “La Fama” - Rosalía – “Saoko” - Rosalía – “Chiken Teriyaki” - Rosalía – “Hentai” - Rosalía – “Candy” - Rosalía – “Despechá” - Sabrina Carpenter – “Fast Times” - Sabrina Carpenter – “Because I Liked A Boy” - Saweetie ft. H.E.R. – “Closer” - Shania Twain – “Waking Up Dreaming” - Sofia Reyes & Becky G – “Mal de Amores” - Sofia Reyes & Maria Becerra – “Marte” - Summer Walker ft. JT – “Ex For A Reason” - Summer Walker ft. SZA & Cardi B – “No Love” - SZA - “I Hate U” - Tate McRae – “Feel Like ****” - Tate McRae – “She’s All I Wanna Be” - Tate McRae – “What Would You Do?” - Tate McRae – “Chaotic” - Taylor Swift – “All Too Well 10 minute Version (Taylor’s Version)” - Taylor Swift ft. Chris Stapleton – “I Bet You Think About Me” - Tinashe – “X” - TINI – “La Triple T” - TINI, Becky G & Anitta – “La Loto” - Tove Lo – “No One Dies From Love” - Willow Smith & Avril Lavigne ft. Travis Barker – “GROW” - Willow Smith & Avril Lavigne ft. Travis Barker – “Maybe It’s My Fault” Round 01: VOTE OFF 10, SAVE 7 (10 WILL BE ELIMINATED) It's Round 01 can we try not to be messy?? its too early for a mess
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