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  1. So, did you update? I'm hesitant to do it cuz I don't know if it's working fina since it was just released some days ago.
  2. Apple will have at most 3 million iPhone Xs next week, KGI says, and that won't meet immediate demand KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says just 2 million to 3 million iPhone X units will be available next week. Apple sold 13 million iPhones during the opening weekend of the iPhone 6s, the last time it disclosed opening weekend figures. Kuo says the camera circuit board is partially to blame.
  3. Following reports this morning that channel checks show iPhone 7 outselling iPhone 8, Taipei-based Economic Daily News reports that orders for iPhone 8 and Plus have been slashed by around 50% for November and December, citing an unidentified official at the supply chain Not very surprising to be honest. What are your thoughts on the subject. Is Apple on the decline?
  4. How many of you still use Microsoft’s magnum opus?
  5. I don't know, as a die hard WP user, the iPhone X seems.. very enticing to me
  6. Wireless charging is something that has been around for awhile. But after Apple used the standard charging tech, its expected to finally blow up every where. Imagine being in a restaurant, and the tables all have charging ports. Absolute wireless is where phones are going, and I expect in the next few years phones will no longer have ports at all. While this may suck, you don't have a choice. Bookmark this thread, I bet within 5 years Apple, Samsung, or some other company won't have ports for charging.
  7. Wow tbh I can't say I'm shocked
  8. So i've seen a lot of talking regarding the "fast charging" iphone 8 and X bla bla bla. And let me tell you, if you do at least a good research, you'll find that there is many tricks on how you can charge quickly your iphone, it doesn't matter if you're an 7 or 5s, all you need is a good computer at least. just download, install and then restart the pc. try if for yourselves and thank me later. and no, it won't harm your iphone. I did a lot of researches regarding this, and the only thing that might ever and if so is your computer (this if you're using a computer with a CPU or any **** from 2005, don't expect much). it's recommended to be an ASUS, HP computer to be more effective.
  9. my utube is saying i'm from the gb. i do not know what gb is, what is this? how can this happen? i do not like it, i want my utube back
  10. Link for full in-depth review: DXOMark is the number one source for image quality measurements. They're the same company that Google used to boast their Pixel phone as the highest rated camera in a smartphone. Very interesting!
  11. Nearly twice as fast as the most powerful Android phone. Source:,news-25835.html
  12. Do you agree, Atrlers?
  13. Google Play is Google's official app store for devices running the Android operating system. Source:
  14. Apple Event 12th September 2017 How to watch: Mac and PC users using Safari or Microsoft Edge respectively can simply visit Apple's event page to watch the live stream once it goes live a few minutes before the keynote. The live stream cannot be viewed on alternative web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Likewise, the event can also be streamed on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7 or later. Simply open the Safari app and navigate to Apple's event page to watch the live stream once it goes live. Third-party browsers may not work. On the fourth-generation Apple TV, the live stream can be watched by downloading the free Apple Events app from the tvOS App Store [Direct Link]. Third-generation Apple TV users will likely have to wait until the Apple Events app automatically appears on their home screen. No software update is required. Time Zones + Starting Times
  15. Hoping someone can help me. I bought a 4k TV a little while ago and I've been experiencing an issue with it. I'm not sure if it's normal or if there's something simple that needs to be done in order to fix it. I have my PS4 connected to my TV via hdmi cable. When I don't have the TV on game mode it has pretty severe input lag. Putting the TV on game mode gets rid of the input lag when it comes to the display, however the sound still lags behind, and it's very noticeable. Shouldn't putting the TV on game mode eliminate the input lag for both the picture and the sound, not just the picture? Or is this normal?
  16. I used the present tense because the next quarter isn't over yet, so as of today Samsung IS the world's most profitable tech company. Talent and quality WON.
  17. From respected cyber security company, Avast: Avast uses "mobile" and "Android" interchangeably throughout the report. Source:
  18. More info:
  19. I hope Apple will release a brand new iPod touch. The 6th generation looks great but we (or I) need more. This time with Touch ID, Taptic Engine, Portrait mode, better battery life. If ever, I hope they will not remove the headphone jack.
  20. hope it happens and it works out for them!