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  2. From MacRumors: “A serious design flaw and security vulnerability has been discovered in Intel’s CPUs that will require an update at the operating system level to fix, reports The Register. All modern computers with Intel chips from the last 10 years appear to be affected, including those running Windows, Linux, and macOS. … Full details on the vulnerability aren’t yet known as the information is currently under embargo until later in the month. The Register has unearthed some data, however, and it seems the bug allows normal user programs to see some of the contents of the protected kernel memory. This means malicious programs can potentially, in a worst case scenario, read the contents of the kernel memory, which can include information like passwords, login keys, and more. It’s not yet clear how severe the bug is, but The Register speculates that it’s significant given the rapid changes being made to Windows and Linux.” Sorry for the weird article quoting; this was posted on mobile. UPDATE 1/3/18: Apple apparently issued a partial/work-in-progress fix in its macOS 10.13.2 update on December 6 (): Intel officially responds; claims that other manufacturers’ chips are also affected, clarifies exploit actions:
  3. The Dosh app has gone viral due to people getting $400+ in just referals Use my link or JOEYS Article source: While still in beta, Dosh’s app lets users enter their credit card information and then they get cash back on purchases from businesses that partner with Dosh. On Thursday, the startup raised an additional $4.9 million, which closes their fourth seed round. The new round was led by Menlo Park, Calif.-based Goodwater Capital. Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Extol Capital and Austin’s Next Coast Ventures also participated in the round.
  4. Tidal is going free for 12 days from Christmas on Get ready to stream Lemonade
  5. Are you using it?
  6. Now that the iPhone has been out for 10 years, looking back, the design of the iPhone 6-8 seems a little bit experimental compared to the rest of the phones (besides the X). They are the phones that offered the most colors and the design is a quite industrial. Are they Apple's experimental era?
  7. So peeps, I'm thinking about buying the iPhone 6S Plus. Why? My main reason is that all my life I have used Samsung phones and I am sick of them and their laggy ass OS (plus I've always wanted an iPhone and I love their cameras) Is it worth it? I'm not sure about the newer models, they don't interest me, plus no headphone jack is a big no-no for me. Also, I have big hands so I need the + What do you say? Is it worth it? Will I have any problems, like compatibility, about up-to-date OS, anything such?
  8. From Time's "The Top 10 Gadgets of 2017" Nintendo Switch Apple iPhone X Microsoft Surface Laptop DJI Spark Samsung Galaxy S8 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Amazon Echo (second generation) Xbox One X Apple Watch 3 Sony Alpha A7R III Both with the top two as well as multiple entries on the list. Do you stan for talent?
  9. ...including a "budget" model and X Plus Source
  10. So I’m supposed to be editing this article for a magazine. The article is about overturning parts of a bill and now allowing ISP’s to sell your info to digital advertisers. My editor wants me to dumb it down and make it relatable/understandable to the average reader, however now that I’m editing it, i don’t really understand the bill anymore. What is the issue with ISPs selling your info to digital advertisers? More ads? If you feel there is no issue, what does the other side say is their issue? What information are they exactly getting? Please help, we go to press in two days.
  11. Hello sisters, I recently have downloaded some unreleased, mixtapes, etc., I am not sure of how to get them on my iPhone now? If I have iCloud activated should they just automatically download to my phone when I put the songs in my iTunes library? They won't even sync whenever I plug my phone in to my laptop lol. The songs appear on my phone but are greyed out and say "song not available" :( Please help me!!!!
  12. I think it is. Lots of these ‘revolutionary’ features are features other Android phones have had for years. The iPhone X just isn’t all THAT and this is coming from someone who’s been with Apple since the 4 (I had the 4, 5s and now the 6s Plus). Plus a £1000/$1000 price tag is just absurd. I’d be sold if it was £899. I think I will get the 8 Plus on Friday via the Apple Upgrade Programme and probably upgrade to the next version of the iPhone X in 2018, which I suspect will be immensely refined and will have Touch ID integrated into the display, as it was planned to have for the iPhone X. The 8 Plus for me seems like a great upgrade. The camera is still bomb compared to the competition, the battery life is improved, the display is improved slightly with TrueTone, the speakers are awesome, the Touch ID button feels nicer to me, the processor is much faster and the design is so sexy. It also supports wireless charging which is convenient. Not too hyped about the bezelless design in Android phones. They still lack the finesse, convenience and simplicity that iOS has IMO.
  13. A la Christina Aguilera's Bionic? Were they eras that were experimental and will surpass time?
  14. Every website I go to on both Google Chrome and Safari I get: "This site can't be reached" I can't even go to imgur to upload the screenshot to show you what it looks like. I know it's not my internet because all the other devices in my apartment are not having this issue. Please help