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Found 183 results

  1. I think it is. Lots of these ‘revolutionary’ features are features other Android phones have had for years. The iPhone X just isn’t all THAT and this is coming from someone who’s been with Apple since the 4 (I had the 4, 5s and now the 6s Plus). Plus a £1000/$1000 price tag is just absurd. I’d be sold if it was £899. I think I will get the 8 Plus on Friday via the Apple Upgrade Programme and probably upgrade to the next version of the iPhone X in 2018, which I suspect will be immensely refined and will have Touch ID integrated into the display, as it was planned to have for the iPhone X. The 8 Plus for me seems like a great upgrade. The camera is still bomb compared to the competition, the battery life is improved, the display is improved slightly with TrueTone, the speakers are awesome, the Touch ID button feels nicer to me, the processor is much faster and the design is so sexy. It also supports wireless charging which is convenient. Not too hyped about the bezelless design in Android phones. They still lack the finesse, convenience and simplicity that iOS has IMO.
  2. A la Christina Aguilera's Bionic? Were they eras that were experimental and will surpass time?
  3. Every website I go to on both Google Chrome and Safari I get: "This site can't be reached" I can't even go to imgur to upload the screenshot to show you what it looks like. I know it's not my internet because all the other devices in my apartment are not having this issue. Please help
  4. Do you like it? I kinda dont understand it. Once you pay 12 payments, they say you can upgrade to the new iPhone, so then do you not have to pay the rest of the 12 payments and instead you just get the new iPhone and start a new 24 monthly payments on the new iPhone you get?
  5. Re-upload: Post-firing vlog: The Verge
  6. Apple issued a statement to MacRumors indicating that customer demand is "off the charts" x
  7. 21 years ago, Lara Croft debuted in the best PSone game ever! And her legacy still lives on. Let’s celebrate the queen of video games!
  8. Update 10/23 According to the CIRP, the Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus accounted for 16% of all iPhone sales during the last quarter. Compare that to the 24% achieved by the Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus, and you can see how poorly the latest iPhone model is performing sales-wise. Usually, the latest iPhone models are generating much stronger sales than older models. For example, last year during the same time period, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus accounted for 43% of total iPhone sales in the period. In 2014, the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus represented 46% of all iPhone models rung up during its launch quarter. Source Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) older iPhone 7 models are outselling the recently launched iPhone 8 ahead of the early November debut of the premium iPhone X, broker KeyBanc Capital Markets said, citing carrier store surveys. U.S. wireless carrier AT&T (T.N) said last week its third-quarter postpaid handset upgrades were fewer by nearly 900,000 from a year ago, and brokerage Jefferies attributed it to weak iPhone 8 demand. Source And before a certain base throws the "but the iPhone X" card, I wonder why new customers would rather buy today an iPhone 7 than an iPhone 8 while waiting for the X coming in a few weeks.
  9. Since we haven't had one of these threads in a while Mine is pretty simple at the moment Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Nova Launcher What's yours?
  10. Any of you Pixel stans here, explain..
  11. So, did you update? I'm hesitant to do it cuz I don't know if it's working fina since it was just released some days ago.
  12. Apple will have at most 3 million iPhone Xs next week, KGI says, and that won't meet immediate demand KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says just 2 million to 3 million iPhone X units will be available next week. Apple sold 13 million iPhones during the opening weekend of the iPhone 6s, the last time it disclosed opening weekend figures. Kuo says the camera circuit board is partially to blame.
  13. Following reports this morning that channel checks show iPhone 7 outselling iPhone 8, Taipei-based Economic Daily News reports that orders for iPhone 8 and Plus have been slashed by around 50% for November and December, citing an unidentified official at the supply chain Not very surprising to be honest. What are your thoughts on the subject. Is Apple on the decline?