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  1. More power. More performance. More pro. New eighth-generation Intel 6‑core and quad-core processors. Up to 32GB of memory for running multiple pro apps. Stunning Retina display with True Tone technology. Touch Bar for working more productively. 15-Inch MacBook Pro Highlights 6-core Intel Core i7 and Core i9 processors up to 2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.8 GHz Up to 32GB of DDR4 memory Powerful Radeon Pro discrete graphics with 4GB of video memory in every configuration Up to 4TB of SSD storage True Tone display technology Apple T2 Chip Touch Bar and Touch ID 3rd Generation Butterfly Keyboard Bluetooth 5.0 13-Inch MacBook Pro Highlights Quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors up to 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and double the eDRAM Up to 16GB of LPDDR3 Memory Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics 655 with 128MB of eDRAM Up to 2TB of SSD storage True Tone display technology Apple T2 Chip Touch Bar and Touch ID 3rd Generation Butterfly Keyboard Bluetooth 5.0 Same prices as last year's models No Touch bar model starts at $1299 13" with Touch bar model starts at $1799 15" with Touch bar model starts at $2399 Maxed out 13" with Touch bar model is $3699 Maxed out 15" with Touch bar model is $6699 No Touch bar models were not refreshed. Apple stops selling the 2015 15" Model.
  2. I just cancelled my Apple Music account bc I wanted to return to Spotify. So I created a new account and wanted to get premium. So I went to the Spotify page. went on to book the 30-days free trial deal (logged into PayPal, accepted the PayPal terms etc, so it actually should've been booked), however it redirected me back to the booking options? And my account still isn't premium, neither have any bookings been made according to PayPal. The same happened when I tried to do it on the phone app. Does anyone here know what the problem is? Or is Spotify just bugging atm?
  3. a pandora tea. not sure if there's a limit on how many ads a user can skip though. if any australian members that could look in on this and give us info, that'd be great! thx
  4. tl;dr- very data-friendly version of Spotify. is lacking in key features such as offline playback, 320kbps playback, spotify connect, and on-demand selection (not even for premium customers) cute idea, but i hope that the final version of Spotify Lite allows premium customers to do on-demand song selection with premium audio quality and spotify connect. seems a bit iffy to have all of that stuff missing
  5. Can you twerk it... ...or are you stiff and numb?
  6. Thoughts? Sincere? Source: The Verge
  7. When you press on the Play/Pause button, the pause icon isn't perfectly centered. I know it's not a big deal but I recently noticed it and it's been bothering me since. Anyone else experiencing this as well?
  8. iOS 12 arriving this fall will support half decade old devices That sentence may not make sense to users of Google's Android mobile operating system and to be honest, even longtime iOS users are surprised. People who have already downloaded the developer beta 1 have noticed a marked improvement in performance for old devices compared with the same models running the latest iOS 11.4. Older iPhones will be 40% to 70% faster at certain tasks Will run on any 64-bit device including iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air CarPlay will now support 3rd party apps such as Google Maps and Waze Siri Shortcuts New Notification Center New Animoji and Memoji FaceTime up to 32 people at once With people already raving over just the first developer beta, are you excited for the final product? I've heard other operating systems get 2 major updates and security updates for 3 years, if they're lucky. Read more about the coming changes
  9. I need some new apps to keep me entertained after deleting/getting tired of my old ones. Any suggestions?
  10. It's worth noting that Troy Carter is Gaga's ex-manager who was fired around the time that Do What U Want with R. Kelly came out.
  11.****-prevention Will you be sending your DPs to Mr. Zuckerberg?
  12. Earlier this year we learned about rumors for the upcoming release of a music streaming service named YouTube 'Remix.' According to a recent report by Droid Life, the new platform is going to take over for Google Play Music. YouTube Remix was initially pegged to land sometime this March—the absorption of Play Music was also indicated in an APK teardown in February—but until now there hasn't been much information or confirmation on the subject. Link
  13. So I'm debating on whether or not I should subscribe to Spotify or not. As it helps the musicians, is legal, low Price etc. it is quiet the best way nowadays to listen to Music. My only concern however are the tags. Since I always use lastfm/Zero Charts I am scared of mixing up my statistics. So my question is, if it is possible to individually Change Spotify's tags?
  14. Hulu and Spotify are teaming on a new, combined subscription plan with a single price of $12.99 a month. The package, which builds on an existing offering for students, is called “Spotify Premium, Now with Hulu.” It will give subscribers access to ad-free music on Spotify Premium, as well as the more than 75,000 film and TV titles on Hulu’s basic, ad-supported service. Existing Spotify Premium subscribers have early access to the $12.99-a-month bundle, beginning today, and new subscribers will be able to sign up starting this summer. Also, eligible subscribers are being offered a 99-cent promotion to try Hulu’s limited-ads plan for three months. Source:
  15. With the new iOS update, it tells you whats ur battery health percentage. I’m at 99% & I bought my iPhone X 6 months ago
  16. Top2 of the World's biggest Companies but which is bigger? and better? Some of Google's biggest brand/company - Chrome, google (the iconic search engine), Youtube, Maps & Earth, Playstore, Google Play, etc Some of Apple's biggest brand/company - IPhone, IPad, Beats, Apple Music, Shazam, etc.
  18. I'm looking for some good desktop speakers. (Not too pricey). Which ones do ya'll own / recommend? Currently looking at these... anyone purchased them?
  19. Starting from the 30th of March, Apple Music is putting a larger focus on music videos within its service. After sifting through these are the main changes I found: - New 'Music Videos' section under the Browse tab. - New 'Video Playlists' like 'Today's Video Hits' and 'Party Starter Videos' among many others. - Quite a few artists now have a 'Video Essentials' playlist on their profile with their main music videos. It's cool that Apple is pushing music videos a lot more making Apple Music a viable competitor to YouTube, especially with having these music video playlists on your Apple TV with no ads like YouTube
  20. I just discovered this tool yesterday and started using it with some practice data. Does anybody else here use it? Do you have any tips on how to best become proficient at it or how it can be applied from a Music Industry perspective*? *assuming that the data is publicly available to us