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Found 40 results

  1. Talent won! Have yall seen the ugly schematic leaks for the iPhone 8? Eew I'm so getting this or Pixel 2!
  2. Hey girls, Atm I've got an iPhone 6s Plus nearing the end of contract soon however my screen cracked quite badly and I'm considering just getting the s8+ with the 0% finance deal Samsung has got going on atm and using my SIM card to just put in the new phone then get a cheap sim only deal once my contract is over in October. I was going to wait until the iPhone 8 came out but from what I hear it's not going to be anything special... Im a bit skeptical because obviously I've been using the iPhone for years and the ecosystem and general user experience alone is very much worth keeping however Samsung has come strides and strides recently so I'm not sure what to do Opinions? EDIT: forgot to add, I would just get my screen fixed but £150 or however much apple charges for a screen replacement is simply NOT the tea. I'd much rather get a new phone
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues: Korean Users See Red Tints In Smartphone's Display While the demand and anticipation for the device were high, the device is starting to have troubles. Early consumers, who received the device on Monday have reported a red tint in the smartphone’s display, the Korea Herald said Tuesday. The issue might be caused by a skewed color balance of the company’s edge-to-edge OLED panels, the report added. The issue wasn’t sorted even after correcting the color display settings. One user told the publication: “After I read articles that there are many reddish panels, I checked mine. I was also unlucky. Should I change it?” Samsung has put out an official statement on the matter, but it doesn’t seem to say much — “It is not a quality problem and it can be adjusted with the phone itself. If the color still appears to be reddish, customers can change it at the service center,” the company said. The scale of the problem or its cause is not yet known. If it is a software problem faced by few customers, Samsung might resolve it by issuing a software update, but if it is a large-scale one, which originates in the hardware, the company might be in trouble. SOURCE
  4. Apple reportedly has signed a two-year contract with Samsung Display for the supply of KRW10 trillion (US$9 billion) worth of small-size curved OLED panels, according to Korea-based ET News, Chosun Biz and other media. Based on the contract, Samsung Display will ship 70-92 million small-size OLED panels to Apple in 2017, said the reports. This means that about 30% of iPhone devices shipped in 2017 will come with curved OLED panels, given that Apple currently ships about 200 million iPhone devices a year. Source To think that Apple has to pay this much money for a tech used on the very first Galaxy (2010). Talent just keeps on winning.
  5. Source ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I don't get how to embed a youtube video in new ATRL ?!
  7. Microsoft will officially drop support for the original Windows 10 release after nearly 2 years of its original release: Source This is actually very uncommon considering they JUST dropped support for Windows Vista earlier this month, usually they do this after 10 years, not less than 2 years. 💀 They're doing this to force everyone to upgrade to new newest builds, aka Anniversary Update and Creators Update. 👀
  8. After lauching the world's first ever 4K Smartphone over a 18 months ago SONY's back for blood with the newest Xperia XZ Premium, featuring the world's first 4K HDR Display & the world's first ever Super Slow Motion Camera (960 fps). Get ready to be scalped:
  9. Inspired in part by @WillieMonroe's Android thread (but also because it's about time): Welcome to The Apple Thread, the place for discussing all things Apple. Whether in the world of personal or mobile computing, retail innovation, or general cultural significance, this global, top-valued brand has broken some serious ground over its 40-year history. So, welcome and please respectfully enjoy your stay!
  10. Today Microsoft officially ended the extended support of Windows Vista.
  11. YouTube Announces Cable-Free TV Subscription Service YouTube is giving viewers a way to tune in live to their favorite shows, without a cable or satellite subscription. The company announced a live and on-demand streaming TV service called "YouTubeTV" on Tuesday. The subscription, which will cost $35 a month for a family plan of up to six accounts, is expected to launch in the next few months in the U.S. Currently there are no plans for international service. Subscribers will have access to up to 40 networks, as well as YouTube creator content like original content from subscription service YouTube Red. Channels include all broadcast channels, including NBC, and cable channels like USA, FX, Freeform, ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports. Users can add Showtime and soccer programming for an additional fee. Source UPDATE: Available in select metro areas with a free one month trial but it's accessible via GPS spoofer.
  13. I need help removing some annoying bg music from this hum on a interview. I tried using Audacity but the erie sound was still there 4:03-4:16
  14. The time is now to call your congressman or woman to vote NO on S.J. Res 34. If you do not know what that is or why it is such an urgent matter, let me inform you. S.J. Res 34, if passed, would allow your internet service provider to sell your internet history to the highest bidder. Your ISP knows everything you do online, and currently they are not allowed to share that information without your consent. However, the House wants your ISP to be able to sell your vital personal information to advertisers and any other 3rd party. This is the details of the bill This is how you can reach your representative in Congress I called mine and the call lasted for less than 5 seconds. It is incredibly important that you make your voice heard. Once this rule passes, it CANNOT be undone no matter which Party controls the House. This will stay in effect for our lifetime. Our privacy cannot be allowed to be sold at auction UPDATE: The bill has passed and will now be forwarded to it to sign. Now we must make sure our ISPs protect our data.
  15. Instagram is about to start blurring out all the thirsty posts. All the shirtless hunks are about to get covered up… Instagram have announced plans to roll out a new feature which will blur out sensitive photos and videos on millions of users’ timelines. It will serve as part of their goal to “build a safe environment” on the platform for all users. “Soon you may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when you scroll through your feed or visit a profile,” Instagram stated in a new blog post. More:
  16. We should have central location to discuss phones, launchers, apps, Xposed modules, rooting, how-tos and other GLOBAL, industry leading features only us Android Gurls can experience.
  17. I'm honestly kinda over Apple Music, iCloud Music Library matching kinda sucks for more obscure songs and the interface is very glitchy. Spotify is so much cleaner and better-looking, so a part of me wants to switch to it. I'm on a 30-day trial for the time being, but I've got at least one major question: My Local Files matching is a serious mess (example of how every file in my Dangerous Woman album translated over), but it would be convenient to listen to my purchased music (particularly for artists like Taylor who aren't on Spotify) without having to switch apps, on either my computer or my phone. Also, are there any other tips I should be aware of? Or any compelling reasons to stay with Apple? (Exclusives have kept me for a long time, but there aren't that many anymore.)
  18. SHOOK. They should have had this when I was binging Friends, though.