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  1. Lee!!

    MitiS f/ RØRY - "Try"

  2. Adonis

    Florida Georgia Line - New Truck

    Hot New Song is blowing up Apple Music!!!
  3. RideOrDie

    Slayyyter - "Troubled Paradise"

    2021.01.22 this is a cute generic bop
  4. Venom

    Lia Marie Johson - "Lifts"

    Some of you may have seen Lia Marie Johnson's alarming Instagram Live videos back in early 2020 but she has returned to sobriety and is doing well! On January 4, 2021 she released a new song dedicated to her recently deceased boyfriend, Ryan Bowers. The song is hauntingly beautiful and showcases Lia's beautiful vocals.
  5. nooniebao

    Asiahn - “Get Away”

  6. https://www.shazam.com/track/538463508/baby-im-jealous#refer October 9th
  7. theblackestday

    Alice Glass - "Suffer and Swallow"

    Out January 6
  8. https://open.spotify.com/track/6IVLDX1miNBy1BOWebnMP2
  9. chaneloberlin

    CJ - "Whoopty"

    Shaping up to be a Q1 2021 hit, better get into it now before it gets annoying Weekly Charts (so far): #10 Norway #11 United Kingdom #16 Ireland #19 Switzerland #21 Australia #23 Canada #30 Denmark #31 New Zealand #36 Sweden
  10. nooniebao

    Asian Doll - “NUNNADET ****”

    New song out on December 7th:
  11. TalkThatRihanna

    Anne Marie - “Problems”

    Out now
  12. So Disney released their Christmas Advert with this beautiful song from Griff
  13. They just posted the snippet but no date on the tweet, Feel The Way You Do and Must Catch The Bandit are coming on the 7th so this must be too

    Cruel Youth - Isn’t this a lovely day?

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