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Found 797 results

  1. Edibles.

    JoJo - ‘What U Need’
  2. BlackoutZone

    Miley Cyrus - "Midnight Sky"

    Available August 14 Teaser
  3. pavi

    Icona Pop - "Feels In My Body"

    new single out August 7th!
  4. kelly-clarkson

    Lindsay Lohan - "Xanax"

    Lindsay confirmed this will be the next single after "Back To Me":
  5. RideOrDie

    Katy Perry - "What Makes A Woman"

    Johan Carlsson, Katy Perry, John Ryan, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Sarah Hudson 2:11 2020/08/19 Is it the way I cut my hair And put no makeup on I feel most beautiful Doing what the **** I want Is it that my intuition Is never really off I need tissues for my issues And bandaids for my heart
  6. 07tandu

    BTS - "Dynamite"

    - will be their first full English single - Out August 21st - rumoured to be disco/new-funk/retro 80s genre - will have a huge radio push and be sent to top 40 radios straight away
  7. Renan90

    Doja Cat - Freak
  8. Ava Max

    Ava Max - "Kings & Queens"

  9. BlackoutZone

    JoJo f/ Demi Lovato - "Lonely Hearts (Remix)"

    Listen to original here:
  10. nooniebao

    JONES - “Camera Flash”

  11. BlackoutZone

    AURORA - "The Secret Garden"

    New single from the movie The Secret Garden out on September 4th
  12. Out now It’s the Vision song, although it seems it’s not the final one? Since in the Patreon announcement video it has actual verses by MIA and this one is just like the instrumental + her ‘up in the air’ vocal sample
  13. jayster123

    Y2K f/ JoJo - "Damage Is Done" new single featuring the iconic JoJo