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Found 785 results

  1. babyboy44

    Jessi - "Nunu Nana"

    a BOP if you ask me
  2. Rider

    (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi

    They once again did that
  3. Genio

    6ix9ine - "PUNANI"

    Available everywhere now Why does he have to continue giving us BOPS I can't stand it (or can i)
  4. 07tandu

    BTS - "Dynamite"

    - will be their first full English single - Out August 21st - rumoured to be disco/new-funk/retro 80s genre - will have a huge radio push and be sent to top 40 radios straight away
  5. Pluto x Baby Pluto just dropped 2 new singles: Spotify: Spotify:
  6. issgouding

    Lissie -''Just Because I can''

    New single out now It's unreleased song from her first album she is releasing more unheard songs from it
  7. nooniebao

    Kota Banks - “Yes”

  8. TalkThatRihanna

    Zara Larsson - “Right There”

    Next single from her album, MV already shot. For now, Larsson is focused on her upcoming album. While she "won't dare" to say a release date, the 10 to 12 "mostly unheard" tracks will be released after one more single, titled "Right There." "It's basically a call for like, 'Why don't you give me attention?' It's the classic, someone sitting with his phone and not at all paying attention to you while you're out," she says.
  9. pavi

    Icona Pop - "Feels In My Body"

    new single out August 7th!
  10. Alfred

    Mont Duamel - "Find Myself"

    New single from producer Billboard's new solo project under a new name "Mont Duamel." For those that don't know, he made the beat for Britney's "Inside Out" and co-produced TTWE/HIAM and has produced for Kesha, Madonna, Allie X, Shakira.
  11. Follow-up to Surf Mesa’s viral hit ily baby (i love you baby) featuring Emilee.
  12. nooniebao

    Alewya - “Sweating”

  13. jbstatic23

    The Vamps - "Married In Vegas"

    The Vamps' first single from their new album #CherryBlossom out on Oct 16th.
  14. babyboy44

    The Neighbourhood- “Cherry Flavoured” is this for their upcoming album?
  15. dangerousalex

    Mulatto f/ Gucci Mane - "Muwop"

    new single from the "Bitch From The Souf" songstress
  16. New single out tomorrow.