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  1. MusicIsMyMaster

    Sia and Kylie Minogue - "Dance Alone"

    Out February 7th
  2. Cult Leader 𐕣𐕣

    Kate Hudson - “Talk About Love”

    Queen is releasing her debut single. She said that she was planning on becoming a pop star in the 2000s but things didn’t work out, so it’s nice to know she’s still pursuing music I’ve always thought she had a great voice Update: It’s out!!!
  3. sam.teas

    X Ambassadors - "Your Town"

    16.02.2024 5:07 Sam Nelson Harris, Casey Harris, Adam Levin & Russ Flynn Explicit cover art: a gas station with some light filters
  4. sam.teas

    Grouplove - "Chances"

  5. New Dannii x Autone out February 9. I hope this is for Eurovision https://music.apple.com/us/album/thinking-bout-us-single/1725249824

    NOTD & Georgia Ku - "Nostalgia"

    First collab after their 2018 smash So Close, out at midnight local!
  7. umich

    Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car"

    Being serviced to radio https://www.billboard.com/business/radio/tracy-chapman-fast-car-original-version-radio-grammys-1235608752/amp/ Running Up That Hill 2.0?
  8. Hector

    Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car"

    Now, Rhino Records is servicing Chapman’s song to adult alternative, adult contemporary, Americana, classic hits, classic rock, college and non-commercial formats, according to a source. The recording originally came out on Elektra but now falls under Warner Music Group’s catalog division handled by Rhino. Rhino is also servicing the video of the pair’s Grammy performance and asking radio stations to add the clip to their socials and websites, but there are no plans to make a quality audio version of the clip available to radio. Grammys performance: Original:
  9. sam.teas

    Kasabian - "Call"

  10. New song out tomorrow (or out in NZ currently). 2:57 Written by Carrie Underwood, David Garcia, Lydia Vaughn Produced by Carrie Underwood, David Garcia Very country compared to D&R. Sounds like a radio smash though.
  11. RockYou!

    Tori Kelly - "High Water"

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