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  1. Testosterone

    Beyoncé - “VIRGO’S GROOVE”

    Added to the Radio 1 Playlist (biggest radio station in the UK) today. 3rd single confirmed? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3tqPdBWF9yMbTrfjWvfKV8t/radio-1-playlist
  2. Kékette

    ASDEK - "water"

  3. Sesame

    Rebecca Black - "Crumbs"

    Did she eat and leave no crumbs? I think so.
  4. New brazilian pop diva coming from gospel music to pop. She self produced this song and created the whole concept for the video. She is creating a lot of controvery among envangelical fundamentalists for going full sexy pop and also for being vocal about gay rights.
  5. "Tomorrow 2", the brand new single by GloRilla with Cardi B, out now on all streaming platforms. Watch the video here
  6. Main track from the 'Golden' album, to be released on November 3.
  7. chicchick336

    Bella Poarch - "Bad Boy!"

    Nov 10th
  8. Stream the current #1 song on US Spotify/ Apple Music
  9. kyliefever2002

    Taylor Swift - "SIut!"

    official single from 1989 tv
  10. vinicius

    Dove Cameron - "Sand"

  11. With Billie Eilish (not credited)
  12. computer.boy

    Sigrid - "Ghost"

    Out September 28th. Snippet:
  13. Blue.

    Wanda Nara - "Bad Bitch"

    https://youtu.be/PH747Bti9vk?si=vrAZOMvW-KQiREj- this is the worst thing I’ve heard in my life
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