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  1. Wow!!! Sad indie/country-pop girls GET INNNNNN!!!!
  2. Hope we get all her MV videos in HD
  3. New song from hyper pop queen Ko Aka Koala out now! It's a bop lol Her debut EP 'Chefs Kiss' is out tomorrow!
  4. sam.teas

    Palaye Royale - "Dead To Me"

    01.12.2023 from the EP coming 08.12.2023
  5. sam.teas

    Declan McKenna - "Elevator Hum"

    30.11.2023 3:55 Declan McKenna & Gianluca Buccellati
  6. Draper.

    Tems - "Me & U"

    As announced on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxyBuVAPv3E/ Coming Oct 5th
  7. November 30th This will be denis first collab music video ever.
  8. sam.teas

    Eliza McLamb - "16"

    06.12.2023 3:25 Eliza Mclamb the song opens delicately with this subdued and obscured sound. It describes a love situation, painful and simple at the same time. It's a very particular piece but one that reveals its hidden suffering. One of my favourites from the album.
  9. sam.teas

    The Pineapple Thief - "The Frost"

    30.11.2023 cover art: a girl looking straight at us in a corn field Rock smash listen to their album:
  10. Nefertiti0

    Nissy & Saweetie - "Feels"

    A collaboration with Saweetie has been in the works since 2018. Saweetie, celebrated for her Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rap Song in 2022, stands as a formidable presence in the contemporary hip-hop landscape. Saweetie, who has Asian roots, engaged in a virtual collaboration with Nissy amid COVID restrictions, seamlessly exchanging recordings for her dynamic rap verses on the track. Nissy's melodious and evocative vocals build up to the song's climax, creating a unique and compelling auditory experience. The song masterfully blends diverse musical elements into a harmonious journey.
  11. kyliefever2002

    Nessa Barrett - "girl in new york"

    performed on tour, likely the single from her next album
  12. Horizon Flame

    Republica - “New York”

    The “Ready to Go” band is returning next year with their first new album in 26 years next spring, “Damaged Gods”. “New York” is the first single from it.
  13. Pink Whitney

    Selena Gomez - "Single Soon"

    new droplet from Selena, out 8/25
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