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  1. fabilicious

    Kacy Hill - Frog Rinse

    it's a fresh sound for her, can't wait for the album
  2. MusicIsMyMaster

    horsegiirL - "wish ✮⋆˙"

    The absolute best christmas song ever has just dropped
  3. LCTV

    CARYS - "Heaven"

    Popped up on my Release Radar Bonus:
  4. New single off of Lyrical Lemonade‘s (Cole Bennett) upcoming debut studio album 'All Is Yellow', out 1/26/2024.
  5. sam.teas

    Dead Poet Society - "81 Tonnes"

    07.12.2023 4:00 Dylan Brenner, Jack Collins, Jack Underkofler & Willard Goodroad
  6. sam.teas

    Devault f/ Daya - "Chains"

    08.12.2023 3:19 Grace Tandon, Jaro Omar, Lizzy Land, Sage Devault, Whitney Phillips
  7. original_lifeline

    Kacy Hill - “No One”

    listened to her 2021 album
  8. Laura Palmer

    Fletcher - "Eras of Us"

  9. looks like the song they’ll be pushing with the album release, out friday!
  10. sam.teas

    Green Day - "Dilemma"

    07.12.2023 3:18 Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tré Cool
  11. Peach PRC's latest single bop is out now. Very bubblegum 2000s sounding
  12. memo90061

    Gwen Stefani - "True Babe"

    True Babe by Gwen Stefani comes out 06/23/23! She posted a video on Twitter Presave available! https://presave.umusic.com/gwenstefani-truebabe?utm_source=dotmailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=350833_06.16.23_Gwen%20Stefani_True%20Babe%20Pre-save_Full_231792_US&dm_i=4YUO,7IPD,5ZBW2,12F0Q,1
  13. memo90061

    Danna Paola - "Aún Te Quiero"

    Danna Paola is releasing a new single "Aún Te Quiero" on November 23rd, 2023! https://universalmusicmexico.lnk.to/111113
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