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  1. KatyPrismSpirit

    JaidynAlexis f/ Blueface - "Barbie Remix"

    hello mothafucka
  2. sam.teas

    Yours Truly - "Call My Name"

  3. kyliefever2002

    Beyoncé - "MY HOUSE"

    out on tidal https://listen.tidal.com/album/332235639
  4. https://twitter.com/Pink/status/1582041334839246849?t=Z2xcncvidjGoyTfr1Lt8Yg&s=19
  5. https://chloe.lnk.to/ChristmasBundle
  6. *-ChriZ-*

    Beyoncé - "CUFF IT"

    Since it entered the Top10 in NZ Charts this week and is globally rising as we speak, I figured we should be able to follow this songs global development and rise in a separate thread. Beyonce isn't doing official singles anymore anyway past the lead single of an album, so I think we should be a bit more flexible here and take this opportunity to celebrate this songs rise due to TikTok doing God's work. Rise Cuff It, rise!
  7. Fresh off the heels of the Eurovision rumours, Olly has released a new single for the soundtrack of a new queer movie, Bonus Track. Such a fun, little queer bop. This took me by surprise this week, wasn’t expecting it.
  8. Alex

    Baby Storme - "WHY? (PSA)"

    the video is definitely something...
  9. Amazon exclusive Christmas single, which are known for doing incredibly well in the UK charts. Already top 50 on the UK chart update, entering the chart a whole month earlier than Ellie Goulding did when she infamously went #1 with her Amazon song “River, back in 2019. I reckon this will easily be #1 and best Mariah/Wham.
  10. Acuminatus


    I have been praying for a ballad from these girls, and they delivered! Their RnB background really works in their favour here.
  11. 09.01.2024 3:05 Roberto Carlos Lange
  12. Hooker Barbie

    Cher - "DJ Play a Christmas Song"

    Out October 6th Snippet:
  13. out FRIDAY new re-recorded vocals with Siobhan
  14. RideOrDie

    Florrie - "Personal"

    Dec 8 new song + she is making it into like a compilation 'album' with all the songs she released in the last 3 years IJBOL she is also signed to BMG now so maybe a real album will actually come 1. Personal 2. Street Lights 3. Hours 4. Borderline 5. Walk Away 6. Garden 7. Falling Back To You 8. Communicate 9. Hell Or High Water 10. Human 11. What If I'm Wrong 12. Unstable
  15. 08.11.2023 4:12 Gracie Abrams & Aaron Dessner coming from 'The Buccaneers: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)'. It involves: Gracie Abrams, Sharon Van Etten, AVAWAVES and more.
  16. re-creating the thread since it got lost since the last reset of atrl hoping for a music video this year, as she will do a christmas radio show mini tour during december only the most streamed xmas song released in 2020
  17. RideOrDie

    Doja Cat - "Balut"

    3:27 Amala Zandile Dlamini,David Sprecher,Rogét Chahayed,Kurtis McKenzie Friday
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