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  1. 22.01.2024 3:21 Frank Christopher Carter, Dean Anthony Richardson & Cameron Blackwood
  2. sam.teas

    Real Estate - "Haunted World"

    15.01.2024 3:02 Alex Bleeker, Martin Courtney, Matt Kallman, Julian Lynch & Sammi Niss same cover art as the album one
  3. BOOM!

    Emina Jahovic - "Zidovi"

    Lead single for her upcoming 6th studio album. As usual, she is the complete author and she absolutely ATE and left no crumbs. The quality she is consistently serving is unmatched! Other Balkan girlies are just not doing it like her i fear...
  4. sam.teas

    Gossip - "Real Power"

    19.01.2024 4:16 Beth Ditto & Nathan Howdeshell same cover art as the album one
  5. xokuba

    Shygirl - "tell me"

    https://www.instagram.com/p/C2F0adStjTO/ new single from Club Shy, out Wednesday, produced by Boys Noize and Sega Bodega
  6. sam.teas

    Lenny Kravitz - "Human"

    19.01.2024 4:27 Lenny Kravitz cover art: his name in fuchsia, song name in blue. he is lying on the floor (?) with a panther upholstery on the back
  7. B-Luke

    Benson Boone - "Beautiful Things"

    #1 on US iTunes and rising quickly on US Apple Music, I‘m sensing a Daylight (David Kushner) kind of hit
  8. nooniebao

    Kacy Hill - "Listen to You"

  9. Emilia ATE Baby cuando bajo le gusta, le asusta Sabe que soy su gata, en la cama una ****
  10. nooniebao

    ORKID - “Proud”

  11. Into The Void

    Jesse McCartney - "Faux Fur"

    Lead single of new project. Song out Wed, January 24th Snippet https://jesse-mccartney.ffm.to/fauxfur
  12. New Edition

    kenzie - face to face

    Released today.
  13. computer.boy

    Bleachers - "Tiny Moves"

    Third single from the self-titled album, out 01/17.
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