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  1. skwonderfactory

    Rachel Platten - "Mercy"

    Her best song ever out now.
  2. After announcing that his iconic label PC Music would stop releasing new music after 2023, A.G. dropped a new single under the label N.A. (maybe just a placeholder for now) I love it. It hits all the PC Music spots for me.
  3. TalkThatRihanna

    Latto f/ Lu Kala - “Lottery”

    The real follow up to Big Energy
  4. Lovett

    Reneé Rapp - "Snow Angel"

    Single – June 9 Album – August 18
  5. for The Color Purple soundtrack and also featured on Usher's upcoming album https://music.apple.com/nz/album/risk-it-all-from-the-original-motion-picture-the/1708795597?i=1708795604
  6. ChapelHooker

    Adult Jazz - “Dusk Song”

    their first new song in 8 years, out tomorrow
  7. 23.01.2024 cover art is similar to the previous one, but with more yellow and red spheres and lines
  8. the screen is taken from the story they posted about the zoom call with raye
  9. 5 days ago Big One released the 4th song off his "CROSSOVER" series with TINI and Argentinian upcoming artist BM. A massive bop
  10. xokuba

    Sega Bodega - "Deer Teeth"

    Just announced on Instagram and Discord, Out Monday 29th Lead single from third album, out this year
  11. TakeYouToHell

    David Puentez & INNA - "The Love"

    Out December 29. Samples Everytime We Touch by Cascada Snippet:
  12. sam.teas

    Paloma Faith - "Bad Woman"

    24.11.2023 2:44 Paloma Faith, Holly Lapsley Fletcher & Fred Cox
  13. 19.01.2024 3:44 Paloma Faith, Kojey Radical, Gerard O'Connell, Tommy Baxter, William Kennard & Saul Milton
  14. sam.teas

    Royal Tusk - "Hated"

    02.02.2024 3:10 Daniel Carriere, Quinn Cyrankiewicz, Alexander Mackinnon & Hiram Hernandez
  15. sam.teas

    Shoreline - "Workaround"

    01.02.2024 4:09 Hansol Seung & Julius Hecht
  16. 18.01.2024 2:52 Olivia Devine & Jay Flew same cover art as the album one
  17. Supervillain

    IVE f/ Saweetie - "All Night"

    Out tonight. I believe it deserves it's own thread since it's going to be pushed in the US. Long snippet:
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