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Found 602 results

  1. Joyride

    Foster The People - "Style"

  2. Weibo and Xiami confirmed the song will be out tomorrow at 12:00pm EST. https://twitter.com/monsterfalcone/status/1094794683354697733?s=21
  3. Jukebox

    Liv Dawson - “Pushing 21”

    A cute H&M in-store pop bop from up and coming Spotify queen Ms Dawson.
  4. Flocon

    Cat Burns - Cheater

    Get into this bop ! She's british and just at the beginning of her career ! Her new single is called Cheater, and the MV will be out March 21st ! And she seems to sound good live !
  5. Joyride

    Ciara - "Thinkin' Bout You"

    out this Friday, via PMB.
  6. Joyride

    Lauv & Troye Sivan - "i'm so tired..."

    registered on PPL Repertoire.
  7. Joyride

    Maty Noyes - “Sunlight”

    New single out soon. via Instagram Live.
  8. Screams In Speezy she’s coming yall
  9. Opium

    Nargiz - “Rebel”

  10. joniwasright

    Kelsey Lu - "Blood"

    New single, coming this (or next) friday! She'll probably announce the album too @World Eater @ultraviolence.xx

    UNSECRET f/ Natalia Kills - “TISYA”

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/till-i-see-you-again-feat-the-powder-room/1454718345?i=1454718346 It sounds amazing!!
  12. BlackoutZone

    AURORA - "The Seed"

    Next single, she performed it live many times
  13. Kim Kardashian

    Izzy Bizu - "Lights On"