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Found 2,479 results

  1. New single, confirmed on her messenger bot OUT March 30
  2. "Say Something" (feat. Chris Stapleton) Second Single From The #1 Album “Man of the Woods” Release Date: January 25th
  3. Brand new single drops tomorrow
  4. “Make Me Feel” and “Django Jane” available now: Watch “Django Jane”: “Dirty Computer” - an emotion picture by Janelle Monáe arrives on 4.27.18 *EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album Connect with Janelle:
  5. Another Wolf Tone (Rosie Lowe, Elle Watson, Plaitum, Glass Animals, The Horrors...) artist and her new single. Check ha!
  6. 3rd single from Evolve. Playlisted by BBC Radio 1 in UK. Video coming next week:
  7. official single from Liam Payne’s debut album
  8. Art cover by Junglepussy herself. Song produced by Shy Guy. Lyrics on Genius: So happy she's back. I'm seeing her in 3 weeks. What y'all think about that song?
  9. Was looking for a thread and didn't find one so if I missed it link me but here it is incase you want to talk about it
  10. HISTORY by Olivia Holt iTunes | Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube Impacting 4/4 -------------------------------------- EP Out Now!
  11. The official fourth single taken from ‘After Laughter’ Impact date: TBA Music video:
  12. next single. confirmed by Maty on her Instagram Story!
  13. REQUEST SORRY NOT SORRY HERE: You have to look for Sorry Not Sorry in those lists Scroll down and write your name and age (age is optional) Write the confirmation code and submit your request If SNS isn't in the list, just scroll down and write "Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry" in the blank spaces. TRY TO REQUEST AT LEAST IN THOSE RADIO STATIONS WITHIN THE "US BIGGEST TOP 40 STATIONS" SECTION!! Where do the Spotify stats come from? Make an account on SpotOnTrack, follow the song/artist you want to see, go to 'dashboard'.