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  1. Second single dropping July 13th. Through her interview with Time Magazine, the track is described as an “anthemic, sultry banger”. The production of the song has “Grande’s voice layered so that it sounds like a choir, but really, is only her, multiplied”. With Fader, the author commented that "on “God Is A Woman,” a choir backs her over a beat you could probably get excommunicated for dancing the right way to". According to Ariana, “God Is A Woman” is one of her grandma’s favourite tracks.
  2. Clean Bandit f/ Demi Lovato - "Solo" - OUT NOW
  3. Spotify | Apple Music
  5. Fourth single from reputation by Taylor Swift Origin: Background:
  6. So this BOP came out in May but I didn’t see a topic for it. She also posted this video on Facebook which includes the tracklist of her new album! (not in order) Her handwriting was hard to read on certain tracks, and my Google-fu may be off, so bear with me! (also if anyone who is Danish/better at Danish can advise me of corrected names I would appreciate it!) Tracks: Den jeg elsker (The One I Love) Mirakler (Miracles) Din (Your) Ta dit vaug (intro) [Make Your Choice] Skudsikker (Bulletproof) Hold mig fast (Hold Me Tight) Sir det ik til nogen (Won’t Tell Nobody) La mig være (Let Me Be) Grim (Ugly) Det ku’ være mig (It Could Be Me) Væk mig nu (Wake Me Now) En af dem (One of Them) Finally a new Danish album after 7 years! HYPE. @Opium sis get ya ass in here since you’re the only other Medina stan
  7. New single in Japan
  8. An insider on the Janet forums told us some weeks ago that we needed to remember "MFN" and I just stumbled upon this new track registered on ASCAP
  10. second single off of her third studio album "TREAT MYSELF", out May 10th. "LET YOU BE RIGHT" available at: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: Apple Music: Google Play:
  11. Written by Maegan Cottone, Digital Farm Animals & The Six finally a new song
  12. Here my new song Metalton
  13. Being sent to rhythmic and urban radio on July 9th, per HDD. Currently #2 on AM and #3 on Spotify.
  14. first single off of her debut album "Expectations", out June 15th.
  15. Get into this bop girls
  16. Metric's "Dark Saturday" is out now! Download / Stream / Listen
  17. 2nd single coming on 24/7 snippet on her instagram story wig is flying
  18. Debut single from Mimi of Operación Triunfo. She created a band a la Pussycat Dolls where she's the only one singing but they all dance. A bop and a half.
  20. Music Video was just filmed and the song was just added to “Today’s Top Hits”