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Found 2,464 results

  1. Brand new single drops tomorrow
  2. Another Wolf Tone (Rosie Lowe, Elle Watson, Plaitum, Glass Animals, The Horrors...) artist and her new single. Check ha!
  4. Was looking for a thread and didn't find one so if I missed it link me but here it is incase you want to talk about it
  5. Check out the new single below:
  6. New single, confirmed on her messenger bot OUT March 30
  7. next single. confirmed by Maty on her Instagram Story!
  8. They just uploaded it to her VEVO channel.
  9. New song most likely coming this Friday
  10. The fourth single from synth pop duo joan. Despite the ugly cover, it has an amazing bridge and final chorus.
  11. Released on March 1, 2018 iTunes
  12. "Lost In Japan" is the title of the second song that Shawn Mendes will release this week. "In My Blood", which is the main single and it's going to be pushed, is going to be out on Thursday, while this one will be out a day later, hence the reason why there were two dates in the announcement on his social media.
  13. Will be released tomorrow. Impact country radio on next Monday.
  14. Such a masterpiece! New single out now.
  15. first single off his third studio album, out March 22nd. 1/2
  16. EXID’s new single, coming on April 2nd, 2pm KST