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  1. i did my best to shorten the title this is a bop
  2. Lead single off All Time Low’s upcoming 8th studio album / 2nd under Fueled By Ramen
  3. I'm dead @ her singing in polish https://bleep.com/release/103933-felicita-feat-caroline-polachek-marzipan
  4. SNIPPET remixes after EP release (6th july)
  5. Music video is coming soon: After her smash "Roma - Bangkok", Queen served another BOP!
  6. Dutch EDM acts Kris Kross Amsterdam and The Boy Next Door teamed up for a summer record with Conor Maynard. It heavily samples Shakira's "Whenever Wherever" (2002) A summer bop or a total miss?
  7. Sounds a lot more like the live version - pretty good!
  8. Out July 4th! https://instagram.com/p/BkTywSBA76_/
  9. 'Heart2Say' mixtape coming out soon (next month I think)
  10. friday http://www.rfm.fr/news/Mylene-Farmer-devoilera-vendredi-son-nouveau-single-N-oublie-pas-13586
  11. Demi Lovato's new single "Sober" will be released within the next month! EDIT: Island have opened a link for "Sober"! It might be coming even sooner! https://islandrecs.lnk.to/Sober A snippet:
  12. iTunes: https://t.co/AvxcRI7MVw?amp=1 Spotify: https://t.co/rBYsrKKqN5?amp=1
  13. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8461729/aly-ryan-be-alright A bop officially released this Friday. Check out the billboard article for the preview via soundcloud
  14. https://open.spotify.com/track/7wg4XkjkSDZDfSLELES1wR?si=WfIqdcbMSBavKEVpX52P9w