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Found 753 results

  1. RideOrDie

    P!nk - "Can We Pretend" ft. Cash Cash

    Produced by Ryan Tedder 3:44 April 13th Can we pretend that we don't fight the present and Can we pretend that I really like your shoes, hell yeah Can we pretend cause honestly reality bores me Let's pretend, oh let's make believe Can we, can we pretend?
  2. RideOrDie

    P!nk - "Hustle"

    2019.03.30 2:55 Dan Reynolds, Jorgen Odegard, Alecia Moore Don't **** with me Don't hustle me A boy like you, you think you know it all Build it up and you're bound to fall Oh no oh oh, tryna hustle me I spend my days tryna do you right But you've been blind, you can't see the light Oh no oh oh oh oh, tryna hustle me Cause I live my life like a bullet in a gun Single cover:
  3. Moonlightbae

    Zara Larsson - “Don’t Worry 'Bout Me”

    second single off of her upcoming third studio album, out March 28th
  4. Nikko

    Ariana Grande - "NASA"

    She just debuted a bunch of NASA merch and also changed her store font to this: https://shop.arianagrande.com/ She has done merch for all three previous singles. https://open.spotify.com/track/4uTvPEr01pjTbZgl7jcKBD
  5. Weibo and Xiami confirmed the song will be out tomorrow at 12:00pm EST. https://twitter.com/monsterfalcone/status/1094794683354697733?s=21
  6. PFRR

    Iggy Azalea - “Started”

    Liked a tweet stating it was the next single.
  7. joniwasright

    Rosie Lowe - "Pharoah"

  8. Goofy

    Aura Dione - "Shania Twain"

    The 'Geronimo' and 'Friends' hit-chanteuse is back with her last name and a new era. The single 'Shania Twain' drops April 5th. She keeps posting #AuraDione4 so we can expect an album from our Danish pop queen. She worked with Fernando Garibay on her actual third album in 2014, which never saw the light of the day (including a song called 'Mona Lisa' ) because she got in a fight with her ex who - that's what the legend says - stole the songs after they broke up and somehow was successful in not allowing her to release them until today. Discuss the single cover Teaser on IG: Her bops:
  9. Supervillain

    Era Istrefi f/ Nora Istrefi - "Nuk E Di”

  10. BlackoutZone

    Kim Petras - "Got My Number"

    Another song confirmed by Anghami
  11. Topaz

    Alessia Cara - Out Of Love

    Im pretty sure its the next single. Also its spotify streams grew quickly.
  12. starsweburnaway

    Misha Romanova - "Make Up"

  13. https://edm.com/music-releases/adventure-club-krewella-crankdat-next-life preview: @Opium
  14. It's out there. Madonna, Katy, and Alicia all releasing latin collabs in the same week
  15. It's finally out https://theboyboywestcoast.lnk.to/UWATC
  16. Elvenpath

    Martin Jesmar - Santa Pasiva

    Second single from the Argentinian drag artist Martin Jesmar
  17. LiveYourLife

    Lil Nas X - “Old Town Road”

    Didn’t see a thread made for this song! What do y’all think of it?
  18. Joyride

    Lauv- “Drugs & The Internet”