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  1. Michael196

    This Love: Maroon 5 vs Taylor

    Which song do you prefer?
  2. Xtianlofbritney

    Rank Britney last singles from each era

    Rank Britney last singles from each era
  3. PieceByPiece_KC

    Rate Western Wind

    It's not my favorite Carly song... that's all i'll say
  4. How many will each album get in their first 24 hours?
  5. Jack Harlow's debut album Thats What They All Say opened with 51k units in 2020. His popularity has grown so much since then and he has gotten several hits including the current smash First Class. Bad Bunny's last album El Último Tour del Mundo opened with 116k units becoming the first all-Spanish album to ever reach #1 on the BB200. His previous album YHLQMDLG debuted at #2 with 179k units achieving the biggest streaming week ever for a Latin album (201.4 million). However, his new album has no hits/songs out so far. Which artist will snatch the BB200 #1 next week?
  6. Inspired by the great R&B threads that @GoodGuyGoneGhetto has created, I wanted to piggy back on the recent thread @Planet Marsdid with 70's soul male vocal groups and serve the females Honey Cone - Want Ads The Supremes - Stoned Love The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again Labelle - Lady Marmalade The Emotions - Best Of My Love Sister Sledge - We Are Family Love Unlimited - Under The Influence Feel free to post your faves from da era Tag List: @GoodGuyGoneGhetto @Materialboy215 @Armani👑 @Thinking Of You @Kool_Aid_King @suburbannature @dabunique @Devin @Sweet Sexy Savage @NavyBlue @JCsNumba1Fan
  7. NormaniReign

    Who will steal The MET GALA Night???

    Discuss. which girl will take the cup
  8. Which of these two superstars is bigger these days?
  9. Who do you think won’t be nominated for a vma anymore?
  10. #1 in diamond albums #1 in +10million selling albums #1 most worldwide hits #1 most worldwide classics #1 worldwide cultural icon a legendary look, voice, style, and sound that has given thousands careers yet none saw as meteoric a rise since. why ??
  11. naval23

    Rate: The Motto (Tiesto & Ava Max)

    Rate this top 10 Canadian hit and Tiesto's biggest USA hit thus far.
  12. Two new singles that failed to debut on the Spotify Global 200 chart so far, from two of ATRL's favorite pop girls. Which is your favorite, and which will end up the bigger hit overall, when all is said and done?
  13. Prince George

    Hold My Hand v. Keep Holding On

    Gaga’a Hold My Hand Lavigne’s Keep Holding On Which soundtrack song do you prefer?
  14. The most hype song of 2022 has arrived so it's time for prediction
  15. Villanelle

    Hold My Hand vs No Time To Die

    Which soundtrack single for a big franchise you prefer and believe will end up bigger & more acclaimed/awarded when all is said and done.
  16. All of these were top 10 hits for these artists but which one is your fav?
  17. Which ballad by the two legends is better?
  18. It's a battle of two top 10 albums on BB200! Smile by Katy Perry had bigger opening week sales than Familia (about twice if I'm not mistaken?) while Bam Bam is about to do better numbers than Never Really Over when it's all said and done. Which one do you think is bigger/better?
  19. GiftFromGod

    Did Nicki expect Cardi to rival her career?

    For the longest time, Nicki felt untouchable. Certainly NOBODY expected any female rapper to even come close to her success. Did you think Nicki expected Cardi to reach a certain success and ultimately rival her own success?
  20. BGXKB

    Biggest fraud pulled by Nelly F ?

    I’m afraid Detective @Pikachooreally spilled the tea on miss Nelly F. Which scam was her greatest?
  21. Armani👑

    Which Genre of Music is Most Influential?

    Which genre takes 1st place in influence of music over generations and decades? Discuss
  22. frenchyisback

    Is This The Greatest Female Performance EVER?

    Yes i said performance NOT just “vocal performance “. I mean She had the crowd go BUNKERS by the end. I have NEVER seen that many straight men & military act like str8 up groupies…. And not even trying to hide it. You’d think they were watching a American football game… 😂 All our dancing queens COULD NEVER! The passion
  23. I mean.... she chose this: when we had all of these pics and more to choose from: The way the RSD picture disc photo made me fall back in love with the album tho
  24. naval23

    Try (Pink) vs. Try (Nelly Furtado)

    Both absolute gems, but which one is superior?
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