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Found 575 results

  1. Electric Youth

    Plastic Love vs. XS

    which pop classic ( ) released by a japanese artist is better?
  2. Raspberry Swirl

    Do these popular vocal styles/trends annoy you?

    1. Whispering/inaudible singing 2. Talk-singing with no vocal melody for the majority or all of the song (does not include rapping or spoken word segments) 3. Indie voice/seal-singing/banana avocado/faux-deep voice (see videos below if you don't know what this refers to) I'm not saying that respected artists have not used these every now and then in their songs, or that whispering or talk-singing (when appropriate) automatically ruins songs, but we seem to be seeing a profusion of modern singers that have made them part of their brand, to much divided opinion. Which of these trends annoy you, or do you actually enjoy singers like these? If you don't know what 'indie voice' refers to:
  3. Sia is the first to have 5, but who will be the first to have 6? *only videos with +600M views are here* UPDATED 03.07.2020 [6 months update] KATY PERRY - 4 3.1B- Roar 2.8B - Dark Horse 1.2B - Last Friday Night 1.2B - Firework 973M [+32M] - Hot N Cold 943M [+98M] - Bon Appétit 928M [+20M] - Wide Awake 818M [+28M] - Part Of Me 746M [+24M] - The One That Got Away 739M [+12M] - This Is How We Do 637M [+20M] - Chained To The Rhythm 604M [NEW] - Swish Swish SHAKIRA - 5 2.5B - Chantaje 2.5B - Waka Waka 1.3B - La Bicicleta 1.1B - La La La (Brazil) 1.0B - Can't Remember To Forget You 803M [+82M] - Hips Don't Lie 785M [+33M] - Perro Fiel 734M [+28M] - Me Enamoré 629M [+21M] - Try Everything NICKI MINAJ - 4 1.7B - Side To Side 1.5B - Bang Bang 1.4B - Swalla 1.3B - Hey Mama 939M [+31M] - Anaconda 920M [+17M] - Beauty And A Beat 908M [+???M] - Tusa 889M [+85M] - FEFE 833M [+26M] - Super Bass 604M [NEW] - Swish Swish TAYLOR SWIFT - 5 2.9B - Shake It Off 2.6B - Blank Space 1.3B - Bad Blood 1.1B - Look What You Made Me Do 1.0B - You Belong With Me 705M [+23M] - Wildest Dreams 627M [+16M] - Style 613M [NEW] - We Are Never Ever RIHANNA - 5 2.3B - This Is What You Came For 2.0B - Love The Way You Lie 1.5B - Diamonds 1.0B - Work 1.0B - Can't Remember To Forget You 916M [+30M] - We Found Love 913M [+45M] - Wild Thoughts 893M [+37M] - Stay 816M [+23M] - What's My Name? 774M [+23M] - Only Girl 721M [+32M] - Man Down 707M [+30M] - The Monster SIA - 5 2.2B - Chandelier 1.5B - Cheap Thrills 1.3B - Dusk Till Dawn 1.2B - Titanium 1.0B - Elastic Heart 667M [+26M] - The Greatest ARIANA GRANDE - 4 1.7B - Side To Side 1.5B - Bang Bang 1.2B - Problem 1.0B - Break Free 917M [+45M] - no tears left to cry 885M [+22M] - Focus 789M [+120M] - 7 rings 780M [+38M] - Into You 655M [+22M] - Love Me Harder Others: Adele: 3 Cardi B: 3 Becky B: 2 Selena Gomez: 2 Fifth Harmony: 2 Ellie Goulding: 2 Natti Natasha: 2
  4. Roberto

    Do you like Mon Laferte?

    She's like the new queen of latin Pop and has some good bops. Do you like her?
  5. Bombshell

    Long Hot Summer Vs. First

    The Girls Aloud song was planned to be included, but was cut from the final film.
  6. Itz_Dani!

    Gaga: Aura (Demo) vs Aura (Final)

    one of Gaga’s best and most underrated songs, but which version is better. I like the vocals in the demo version I wish she would’ve kept it. Demo: Final:
  7. naval23

    Poll: Hey Ya vs. The Way You Move

    Both were huge #1 hits from Outkast's blockbuster album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" Hey Ya! topped the charts for 9 weeks in early 2004, while "The Way You Move" was stuck at #2 for 8 weeks before finally dethroning "Hey Ya!" for a single week at the top Both were top 25 hits on the 2000s Decade Chart: Hey Ya! (#20), The Way You Move (#22) But which do you prefer? Hey Ya! The Way You Move
  8. Artur

    Are you a fan of the Gretchen gifs?

    Maria Odete Brito de Miranda started her career doing backing vocals and soon exploded in the music scene. Her first 3 albums sold more than 15M copies worldwide. After that, her career as a singer went on a downward spiral. During the 2000s, she starred in a few **** movie, and later in the decade tried to be mayor on the Brazilian city of Itamaracá. In the 2010s she became a pop culture icon and meme phenomenon, as we can see by the recurrent use of her iconic gifs in here, on twitter and all over the internet. Are you here for Gretchen? If you are, share your favorite Gretchen gif with us!
  9. Pikachoo

    Cleaner bum: Nicki or Kim?

    Out of these two big booty beauties, who do you think has the better bum hygiene? ex, wipes properly, washes with soap, etc.. because with bums that big, its easier for the funk to hide, especially because it takes some manual effort to really reach in there lord i am so bored corona has me going crazy
  10. Gui Blackout

    Rain On Me vs. How You Like That: better video?

    Which video is superior?
  11. Scotland

    If Katy sang "How You Like That"?

    BP is having a moment with this song. If Katy sang this would it be a hit or flop?
  12. Genio

    Ariana's best album?

    let's see what fägs this site thinks is Ariana's magnum opus. You can only vote for ONE Ariana album. Let's settle it down forever. EP-Option
  13. Junlin

    Husavik vs. Shallow

    Did Miss My Marianne outsing Lady Ga Ga?
  14. Ampersand13

    Did Kesha Snap Here?

    My phone was on shuffle and this BOP came up and that intro bass line nearly had me on my knees. So, did Ms. Sebert snap with this one?
  15. popmusiccritic

    Taylor's best track 10?

    Which one is it?
  16. Which song should be the Chromatica lead single? Do you think there is a track which represents the album better and would perform better chart-wise or do you think SL was the right choice? Discuss!
  17. Supervillain

    Sour Candy vs How You Like That

    Which recent BLACKPINK release do you like more?
  18. Cryptique

    Never Worn White VS Is That Alright?

    VS Is That Alright? Hot 100: #63 Spotify: 81M YouTube (Audio Video): 38M Never Worn White Hot 100: OUT Spotify: 18M YouTube (Music Video): 31M
  19. naval23

    What's your holy trinity of "Rare"?

    The Original Version of Rare - holy trinity?
  20. Hector

    Would Love Me Harder hit #1 in 2020?

    This song was released just as both were starting to get huge mainstream success in 2014 but just imagine if this duet was released this year, seeing as this sounds perfect with the sound of some songs on After Hours and sweetener. In 2020 standards, do you see this being a huge #1?
  21. Based on only these 20, who would you say owned the R&B world in the 2000s for you?
  22. cancer

    Bigger Era: Femme Fatale or Lemonade

    Which era/album was bigger? 2011's Femme Fatale by Britney Spears or 2016's Lemonade by Beyoncé
  23. Both songs are a part of their record setting consecutive #1 hits. Which upbeat dance-pop classic do you prefer?