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  1. Julia Fox

    Best: In The Dark v/s Dance In The Dark

    What’s the best in the dark electropop dark song with saxophones released by a female artist on early 2010's?
  2. Do you think if Christina released main studio albums as frequently as Britney (for example releasing albums in 1999, 2000, and 2001) she would have surpassed Britney in legacy or come close to her sales? ^ If she released a regular album after her debut instead of a holiday album, and released another pop album in 2001, she probably could have gotten an extra 25M+ in CSPC? Right now she is at approx 57M. Is Britney lucky.mp3 that Christina took such long breaks (1999-2002, 2002-2006, and 2006-2010)? Discuss.
  3. Which one is more inportant in 2022?
  4. vote and lets discuss. did i miss any in the poll. drop it bellow
  5. naval23

    Breakaway vs. Glamorous

    Which of these bops that embody peace, serenity and calmness do you prefer?
  6. Prince George

    Kiwi vs. Watermelon vs. Grapejuice

    Favorite Fruit? 🥝 🍉 🐱 🍇 Favorite Harry Styles’ song? 🥝🐱🍇
  7. Rodrighost

    Lady Gaga vs Tove Lo: best new single?

    whose new single is better? is it Lady Gaga's "Hold My Hand"? or is it Tove Lo's "No One Dies From Love"?
  8. I think Madonna's Ray of Light is unquestionably the biggest 7th studio album by a MPG. But what about the second biggest?
  9. Katy Perry / Rihanna I Kissed a Girl vs SOS California Gurls vs Umbrella Teenage Dream vs Take a Bow Firework vs Disturbia E.T. vs Live Your Life Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) vs Rude Boy Part of Me vs Love the Way You Lie Roar vs What's My Name? Dark Horse vs Only Girl (In the World)
  10. Both were massive hits of year 2016, especially in Europe. But which one was bigger in peak and which aged better? Charts: Top 5 in 6 vs. 8 countries. Spotify: 121 + 43M vs. 191M YouTube: 883M vs. 159M
  11. Taylor fanboy

    Come Into My World vs. Like a Prayer

    Which ethereal dancefloor dynamite is better?
  12. GiftFromGod

    Bigger overall: Delicate vs Lover

    Which of these acclaimed singles by Miss Swift is bigger?
  13. According to the Billboard year-end charts who will be the Billboard top artist of 2022? Drake Bad Bunny Harry Styles Taylor Swift Doja Cat Adele Morgan Wallen Future Jack Harlow Kendrick Lamar The eligibility period of the Billboard year-end charts are from mid-November 2021 to mid-November 2022.
  14. Which voice do you enjoy more to listen? I'll go with Britney's voice. I think she has the perfect voice for pop music. I could play her music for hours and will never get tired of it. Discuss.
  15. Blankspace2010

    Which Girl Did The New Rock Wave Best ?

    There’s a new wave of pop/rock - rock music that has exploded onto the scene in 2021 that many pop girls have jumped on and many rock girls have re-emerged thanks to the genre re establishing itself. Who’s doing it best? Demi Lovato Avril Lavigne Miley Cyrus Halsey Willow
  16. Gaga is undeniably the bigger celebrity, but Lana’s catalogue has better longevity on the charts as shown by her impressive streaming stats. Which artist do you think is bigger in 2022?
  17. sasashite

    Bigger career: Adele or Shakira?

    Each of these ladies had and still have massive success. But which is bigger overall?
  18. XO_Life

    What will drop first?

    R9, B7, KP6, TS10, LG6?
  19. Taylor fanboy

    Better 7th “L” album - Kylie or Taylor?

    Both albums followed their most experimental records. Now which of these pop diva has the better seventh studio album?
  20. Both have found major success in their career as members of the biggest two GGs of the 2010s and have already tested the waters as solo artists. Which singer feels more relevant in 2022: the UK baddie or the "Fair" chanteuse?
  21. Taylor's fanbase seems to consist of predominately White females (and then White gays being her second most popular demographic). This is evident when you observe her concerts, fan events, etc. Whereas Rihanna seems to appeal to more ethnicities such as Black people, South Asians, Latinos, Middle Eastern people, etc. She also has a far greater amount of straight male fans. Taylor is bigger than Rihanna in East Asia (which may be more due to image/promotion than music), but everywhere else globally, Rihanna has been the bigger artist. Why is there such a large discrepancy? Please keep it friendly and discuss.
  22. Walley

    Is this one of Bey’s best verses?

    Picture us dancin' real close In a dark, dark corner of a basement party (Oh, na, na, na) Every time I close my eyes It's like everyone left, but you and me (Oh, na, na, na) In our own little world, the music is the sun The dancefloor becomes the sea (A wi done, girl) Feels like true paradise to me, yeah Its in her top 5 best verses I fear
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