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Found 575 results

  1. SelenaTheWinner

    Top Most Liked Songs on YouTube?

    These are the 15 most liked songs/videos on YouTube. Which ones do You like the most?
  2. SelenaTheWinner

    Top Most Disliked Songs on YouTube?

    These are the 10 most disliked songs/videos on YouTube. Which ones do You Like the most?
  3. Both songs are frequently being threaded in this forum Which one feels bigger?
  4. naval23

    I'm Like a Bird vs. Turn Off the Light

    Which top 10 single from Nelly's debut era "Whoa Nelly" is superior? I'm Like a Bird (Peak: #9) Turn Off the Light (Peak: #5)
  5. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's best selling songs?

    I just love her discography, always serving exactly what I need. Which of her most successful songs, do you like the best?
  6. popmusiccritic

    Ariana's best album closer?

    Which is correct?
  7. Global Queens VS 'Local' Queens Mariah and Taylor have similarities in their careers like Adele +Celine Dion.
  8. naval23

    Poll: Favorite Black Eyed Peas hit?

    I'll probably take the top 5 of this poll and do a second one Vote away (you can vote for multiple hits)!
  9. What is Taylor’s magnum opus?
  10. Safe&Sound

    Perfect Illusion v Daisies

    Which single is better and bigger
  11. Safe&Sound

    Last Kiss vs All Too Well

    2 Taylor's most heartbreaking song The self-written one, Last Kiss from Speak Now or the acclaimed All Too Well from RED Which one cuts you deeper?
  12. Hector

    Videos: Break The Ice Vs Hallucinate

    Which animated video is better?
  13. Safe&Sound

    Dark Horse v Get On My Knees v Black Widow

    Which 2013-2014 songs written by Katy Perry is the best one?
  14. Safe&Sound

    stuck with u vs Lover

    2 singles with 50s influenced production Both spent 1 week inside Top 10 on Billboard Hot 100, and both peaked around Top 15 on Pop radio Both lyrics also talk about the love of their lives, which single is better and bigger? stuck with u or Lover (any versions)?
  15. Raspberry Swirl

    Lil Nas X: musical or marketing genius?

    ATRLer and Redditor Lil Nas X came out of nowhere in late 2018 and has seemingly become an overnight sensation, nabbing the longest-running BBH100 #1 song and a massive social media presence... ...but what do you think about his music? Does it offer anything fresh and exciting that is worthy of recognition? Do you think he shows musical innovation and potential and deserves more respect for his artistry? Can his work stand alone without the memes? Do you think he'll be playing festivals decades later? This is not a shady thread. I love that a Black gay man has achieved colossal success with just his debut. It's just that I've seen people drag him here and offsite for being a meme (which I'm sure he'll admit), but I've also seen some people legitimately enjoy his work, so I wonder if there's more to his art. We do need to acknowledge talent.
  16. KeshasFansRose

    Cruel Summer VS New Romantics

    Both singles that never was and loved by fans
  17. SelenaTheWinner

    Shakira's Top Most Streamed Songs?

    YOUTUBE+SPOTIFY Which Global Smash by THE Latin Queen of Pop is your favorite?
  18. naval23

    Poll: Goodies vs. 1, 2 Step

    Which is the superior Ciara bop? Goodies 1, 2 Step
  19. I'm talking about the album (musically) not the era. It really exceeded all my expectations. It's truly her best body of work since The Fame Monster/Born This Way imo. But maybe that's just me. Did it exceed your expectations, was it about what you were expecting or did it disappoint you? (if it did disappoint could you clarify/elaborate)
  20. Which Stacie Orrico bop do you prefer? Stuck More to Life
  21. Angelo

    "The Getaway" or "Getaway Car"

    Which song do you prefer? The original multi-platinum pop princess/songwriter Hilary Duff's "Getaway" or the discounted remake by "Mary's Song (Oh My My My) Chanteuse called "Getaway Car"?