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  1. After removing the caption from her latest post assuming her misunderstanding was cleared up - do you think Brit should apologise to Kelly? Kelly in the past :
  2. Whats the best top 10 third single released by a pop girl during the 2010's decade?
  3. Green

    VMA's 2022 VOTY: Taylor Vs. Harry?

    The eligibility period is almost over and so far it seems like All Too Well and As It Was are currently the biggest contenders to win VOTY. All Too Well is the better video and it's basically a short film video, while As It Was is a massive hit. Both artists have really strong voting fanbases and the VMAs are usually "fan voted". Who do you think will win VOTY at the 2022 VMAs? ("I bet you think about me" is better than both videos though )
  4. °ColdFire°

    Better album: In the Zone or Blackout

    In the Zone and Blackout, Britney's 4th and 5th albums, are considered her best work. Which one takes the edge for you? Me Against the Music (I Got That) Boom Boom Showdown Breathe on Me Early Mornin' Toxic Outrageous Touch of My Hand The Hook Up Shadow Brave New Girl Everytime The Answer Don't Hang Up Gimme More Piece of Me Radar Break the Ice Heaven on Earth Get Naked (I Got Plan) Freakshow Toy Soldier Hot as Ice Ooh Ooh Baby Perfect Lover Why Should I Be Sad Outta This World Get Back Everybody
  5. Which one is your favourite 2000s comfort song? bubbly colbie - YouTube
  6. dedro

    Bigger: Ava Max or Rina Sawayama

    Let's discuss ATRLers.
  7. Which eras for the ladies exhibited better artistry?
  8. NausAllien

    Britney: Best Choreography

    I've always though Britney has some of the best and more interesting choreographies in pop music, but which one is the best? I also understand there are MULTIPLE versions of these choreographies, so comment if you feel the need to clarify which specific version you think is the best.
  9. Prison

    More influential: Avril vs. Xtina

    Avril Lavigne (pop-rock icon, the Anti-Britney, rebellious punk image) Christina Aguilera (The voice of her generation, big soaring ballads, Latin pop crossover)
  10. Best first single : womanizer vs hold it against me vs
  11. Xtianlofbritney

    I’m slave 4U vs Overprotected

    Wich is the better song? vs
  12. Insanity

    Best "Girlfriend" song

    Same question as Boyfriend many songs have been called Girlfriend by popular artists, which is the best and which did I miss
  13. naval23

    Loud vs. Teenage Dream vs. 1989

    Each of these eras were dominant pop eras that had multiple global #1 hits and iconic visuals. But which one do you prefer? Which one is most iconic? Loud: Only Girl (In the World), What's My Name, S&M, California King Bed, Man Down, Cheers (Drink to That) Teenage Dream: California Gurls, Teenage Dream, ET, Firework, Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away 1989: Shake It Off, Blank Space, Bad Blood, Style, Wildest Dreams, Out of the Woods
  14. Taylor fanboy

    Marjorie vs. TLGAD vs. Mary’s Song

    Which song about a dead woman by future Dr. Taylor Swift is the best? Rank wisely!
  15. Jack!

    High School Musical: 1, 2 or 3?

    Which of the iconic Disney Channel original movies was your favourite?
  16. Both of these peaked at #3 on the Hot 100 but were massive #1s in Europe. Which one do you prefer? Which one is more iconic? Better MV?
  17. Both pop girls delivered a modern disco album that the GP ate up. Which one was better?
  18. naval23

    Poll: Pon De Replay vs. 1, 2 Step

    Both of these were iconic #2 hits in 2005 from their debut eras. Pon De Replay was blocked by Mariah's We Belong Together while 1 2 Step was blocked my Mario's Let Me Love You. Which one do you prefer?
  19. Which of these 2000s pop rock classics do you prefer? Each one is their magnum opus
  20. sasashite

    Bigger: ASIB or TUN

    Which of these 2018/2019 eras was bigger?
  21. Julia Fox

    Bigger era: Bionic v/s Aphrodite

    Both considered as the first underperformance by both divas after getting so much success and acclaim for many years… both innovative pop albums that didn’t follow the soundscape of the year of their release (2010) and both are fan favourite albums despite being called their first flop/underperformance era, and also both Xtina and Kylie talked about the underperformance many times after the release But which is the biggest era? Which is the better -quality-wise-
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