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  1. Wayfarer

    1991 vs Vroom Vroom - better EP?

    1991 vs Vroom Vroom Van Vogue vs Paradise 212 vs Trophy Liquorice vs Secret (Shh)
  2. Queen Of The Clouds Lady Wood Blue Lips Sunshine Kitty
  3. fridayteenage

    Artists Still Pulling 300k: The BEST?

    With the plummet of Drake, here are the artists whose last album this decade pushed at least 300k: Taylor Swift/Red (TV) Adele/30 Harry/Harry's House BTS/Proof Who showed the most QUALITY and TALENT with their release?
  4. I’m bored. Lets discuss!
  5. Ger-55

    Favorite Paramore album?

    Living icons and one of the most succesful bands this century has gave us a flawless + timeless discography that has evolved though the years. Which one is your favorite? Personally, I love ST so much, there's something very special about that record, it's an ultimate mature solid album, I wish to experience my first listen to that album, I was amazed.
  6. mikeyace16

    Stronger: Kelly vs Britney

    The latest MPG’s to be in a feud…who has the better Stronger?
  7. So, there are some rumors about it beeing on Beyonce´s new album (pls don´t take this as a give fact). Would you be here for another collaboration?
  8. FOCK

    Should Camila apologise?

    To the Psychopath community for her offensive lyrics?
  9. Scotland

    X-Tina vs Beyoncé: Better Artistry?

    Which pop girl exhibited better artistry throughout her career? Was it Legend X with B2B, Stripped and etc.. or Beyoncé with her later albums?
  10. All 4 are GP darlings and WW icons but who is the most beloved?
  11. naval23

    Despacito vs. Gasolina

    Which Spanish bop do you prefer?
  12. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's Signature Song?

    She has come such a long way since her musical debut and has become one of the biggest superstars in pop culture! I was able to include only some of her songs in the poll, so which one is it? Which song do you think is Selena Gomez's signature?
  13. Bigger, better and more remembered?
  14. SelenaTheWinner

    Shakira's Best Collaboration?

    Which is your favorite Shakira collaboration?
  15. The top 5 female daily 2000s streamed songs on Spotify that hit #1 on the Hot 100 (each artist only has 1 entry). But which one is your favourite? Which one is most iconic? Which one is your least favourite?
  16. Which Work bop from these 5 is your favorite? All bops but: Kelly Rowland (Freemasons Mix) > Ciara/Missy Elliott > Kelly Rowland (Original) > Iggy > Saturdays > Rihanna/Drake
  17. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's Best Lead Single?

    Which is your favorite lead single by Selena Gomez?
  18. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's Best Collaboration?

    I couldnt fit all of them in the poll. But most of them are there. Vote! Which is your favorite Selena Gomez Collaboration?
  19. Scotland

    Janet vs. GaGa: More Influential?

    Both ladies are super influential women, but who has had more influence overall? Janet's influence is limited to the '90s and GaGa to the '00s.
  20. BravoTangoWhiskey

    Familia 5,000 Stream Sweepstake Day

    I love our girl, Camilla (apparently I’ve streamed her 450 times in the past 3 months according to my last fm), but why is te opening track from Familia languishing with so few streams on Spotify? Like I get it’s not a full song but surely it should have accumulated more than 5,000 streams just by people clicking “play” on the album???
  21. Which Latina is more successful? Shakira or Christina Aguilera? or
  22. Harry Styles Harry Styles, Fine Line, Harry's House Zayn Malik Mind of Mine, Icarus Falls, Nobody Is Listening Niall Horan Flicker, Heartbreak Weather Liam Payne LP1 Louis Tomlinson Walls Camila Cabello Camila, Romance, Familia These are the solo albums released by former members of X Factor-formed bands One Direction and Fifth Harmony. Vote for your three favorite albums in the poll, comment below your absolute favorite!
  23. Well, who is it ATRL?
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