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  1. Both iconic divas their last lead singles were house tracks for the gays But which was better? Choose wisely
  2. If she ever decides to come back to music, of course. I think yes and she will have #1s in 4 decades.
  3. Julia Fox

    Rihanna best S single

    What is and why?
  4. LanaDelRey

    Is ADELE the Norah Jones of our time?

    After looking at Adele's updated CSPC thread I couldn't help but immediately notice the similarities to Norah Jones' career trajectory wherein both had 2-3 relatively successful eras and then their projects started bombing. 25 - 30 is easily one of the biggest declines I've ever seen Would you agree with the statement that Ms. Adkins is the Norah Jones of our times?
  5. dangerousalex

    Anna Wintour vs. Break My Soul

    which is the better house comeback single?
  6. How do you feel about this? Which side are you on? Honestly, I just think that both songs are bad and both songs tanked/will tank.
  7. Insanity

    Best "Boyfriend" song

    Over the years many songs have came out titled Boyfriend, but which is the best, here's the options Interesting these were all singles too Which is superior? Did I miss any?
  8. State of Grace.

    Predict Break My Soul's debut on Spotify

    Classic thread. Go ahead. I'm thinking around 3M-3.5M
  9. Who made the best first impression with their first single?
  10. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Better: Break My Soul or Walking On Air

  11. both dance pop bangers both vocalists both leading to an album Make your secret choice, It's a safe space and no one will judge you
  12. Both former Destiny's Child members released dance-oriented tracks in the past 12 months. Which one is better?
  13. Hector

    BREAK MY SOUL Vs. About Damn Time

    Both hot summer bops that received polarizing reactions on ATRL (though notice how Lizzo's disappeared once About Damn Time became a genuine global smash hit in typical ATRL fashion). Which dance bop do you prefer? Love both, but About Damn Time just hits harder.
  14. I can't get over how unfinished it sounds. We also didn't need 50 seconds of "you won't break my soul" and "everybody" What do you guys think? Is the production as good as other songs Beyoncé has released or does it sound unfinished?
  15. OnlyManInTheWorld

    Who did it better? Beyoncé or Gaga?

  16. Lady Claire

    "Show Me Love" sample: who did it better?

    So, all of these ladies sampled or at least used a similar beat to "Show Me Love", a classic house song by Robin S. What song is your favorite and who did it better, in your opinion? And i know not every track on this bunch sampled the song but they do have a similar vibe and people are making comparisons on other threads, so i decided to create this poll. The title was just to keep it simple.
  17. We haven’t had a huge moment in music yet since the new decade began will this be the first one?
  18. Pink Whitney

    Future Nostalgia vs Romance

    Which pop girls sophomore album won in the end?
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