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Found 562 results

  1. Which acoustic, folk-y "lead" single is better?
  2. Dark Miracles

    Taylor's Folklore vs. Nelly's Folklore

    Y'all knew it was coming! vs One-Trick Pony f/ Kronos Quartet vs The 1 Powerless (Say What You Want) vs Cardigan Explode vs The Last Great American Dynasty Try vs Exile f/ Bon Iver Fresh Off The Boat vs My Tears Ricochet Força vs Mirrorball The Grass Is Green vs Seven Picture Perfect vs August Saturdays f/ Jarvis Church vs This Is Me Trying Build You Up vs Illicit Affairs Island Of Wonder f/ Caetano Veloso vs Invisible String Childhood Dreams vs Mad Woman The first 12 songs pitted against each other: which album wins?
  3. Disconnect

    Taylor Swift's best album? (So far)

    American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has released 8 studio albums. With estimated sales of over 50 million albums and 150 million singles worldwide, Swift is one of the best-selling music artists. Her eight studio album "folklore", was released on July 24, 2020, through Republic Records as a surprise album, announced on social media 16 hours before its release. It received widespread critical acclaim upon release, with praise towards the album's "subdued" and "relaxed" nature, cohesiveness, Swift's unconventional music direction and the "rich" narrative songwriting; many commentators named it as the best body of work in Swift's catalogue. Is it Taylor's best album or Red remains unbothered? D I S C U S S
  4. josesuxx

    Best Taylor lead single?

    Let's vote it's cardigan for me
  5. peterstyles13

    Best song from Folklore?

    ATRL decides
  6. naval23

    Poll: What's My Name vs. Work

    What's the superior Rihanna-Drake bop? What's My Name: #1 (1 week), Top 10: 14 weeks, Year-End: #20 Work: #1 (9 weeks), Top 10: 18 weeks, Year-End: #4
  7. Dua's Break My Heart (which has just hit #1 on Billboard's Pop Radio Songs Chart) interpolates the guitar riff and melody from INXS' 1987/1988 Billboard Hot 100 #1 classic "Need You Tonight" and it's also been heavily compared to Charlie Puth's song "How Long" especially on ATRL. Which is the best song?
  8. SelenaTheWinner

    7 Years of Stars Dance by Selena Gomez! Best Songs?

    Its been 7 YEARS since Selena Gomez released one of the best dance pop albums and had one of her best eras! The tour, the videos, the singles, the looks, the production, the no skips, the performances >>>> Which are your favorite songs from this album?
  9. Prison

    Taylor albums trinity?

    What is the Taylor albums trinity?
  10. Safe&Sound

    Taylor vs Kanye : better discography?

    Taylor Swift v The College Dropout Fearless v Late Registration Speak Now v Graduation RED v 808s & Heartbreak 1989 v My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy reputation v Yeezus Lover v The Life of Pablo folklore v ye
  11. Prison

    Better discography: Taylor vs. Rihanna

    Two MPGs who debuted around the same time and has 8 studio albums. Who has the better discography?
  12. Hot Volcano

    Will ATRL switch on folklore?

    Seems like ATRL is shook by this album and you guys are giving the impression it's the best album ever. Countless threads praising it, comparing it to other albums... We've had the example of Selena's Rare earlier this year. I remember everyone praising it, calling it pop perfection but as soon as it turned out it didn't have more hits or longevity ATRL dropped it and now everyone is calling it basic, uninspired and forgotten. Do you think ATRL will switch on folklore soon?
  13. naval23

    Poll: Favorite Alanis Morissette single

    Top 25 hits & airplay-only hits
  14. Safe&Sound

    Last Kiss vs Sad Beautiful Tragic vs hoax

    Which ballad song is the saddest?
  15. SelenaTheWinner

    Whiplash vs. Rock God vs. Save The Day?

    3 of my most favorite Selena Gomez songs that shouldve become singles! VERY underrated. Which one is the best?
  16. 4 guilty pleasure songs I cant even deny I bop to almost every day... Which one is your guilty pleasure out of these?
  17. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Selena Gomez ballad?

    Best Selena Gomez slow-mid tempo song?
  18. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Nicki Minaj Top 10 Smash?

  19. SelenaTheWinner

    It Aint Me vs. Wolves

    2 of Selena Gomez's biggest smashes... which one is better in the end?
  20. DesiredConsternation

    Epiphany v. Army Dreamers v. On Battleship Hill

    Which war bop Is the best one?
  21. Legend E

    Melodrama is better than Folklore, why?

    I'd say Melodrama Lorde served lyrics, imagery, vocals, emotion etc. When will Folklore? Also vote for your preferred Jack Antonoff (co)produced album.
  22. Safe&Sound

    August is Taylor's Venice Btch?