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  1. Which one of these songs should Adele release in order to revive the "30" era? I'm not familiar with Spotify and other streaming platforms numbers, but To Be Loved is currently winning on YouTube.
  2. State of Grace.

    Renaissance cover vs British Vogue cover

    Both serves by Queen B channeling Lady Godiva and Bianca Jagger. Which one do you prefer? Do you think the Vogue cover would have made a better album cover for Renaissance?
  3. Inspired by this thread in which there's currently a discussion about which was more impactful, I thought we should put it to the test and see what ATRL really thinks. So, which album was bigger/more impactful? On a general basis, so across the music industry and the GP.
  4. multiple options x
  5. Which formerly-catholic-bottle-blonde-italian-american-dance-pop-gay-icon-from-New-York released the best oontz oontz album, ATRL? The "Deeper And Deeper" (David's Radio Edit) [2022 Remaster] hitmaker or the "1000 Doves" (Planningtorock Remix) songstress? Discuss and vote wisely!
  6. Which was bigger?
  7. ThehushSound

    Kiesza vs Kim, Better RUTH cover?

    Both are covers that dropped this year. Who did RUTH justice?
  8. Julia Fox

    Bigger icon: Grace or Cher?

    musicians, actresses, both over 70, both with hits -a lot of them forgotten- fashion icons, iconic, unapologetic, with a strong attitude that no one else had, impacting a lot of pop stars that we stan today and also very underrated… who is the bigger icon of both?
  9. Scotland

    More Local: Taylor vs. GaGa

    Both artists have been called "American acts" by stans. Taylor's audience being Republicans and Lady's audience being soccer moms and army wives of the US. But which artist is more local / less global?
  10. It's totally blacked out in my memory even thought it had a few bops. Is it remembered among stans or not?
  11. Scotland

    Shallow vs. Lean On: Bigger Classic?

    YT: 1.2B vs. 3.2B Spotify: 1.83B vs. 1.63B
  12. Scotland

    Roar vs. Lean On: Bigger Classic?

    YT: 3.5B vs. 3.2B Spotify: 795M vs. 1.63B
  13. Julia Fox

    Bigger debut: Animal or One Of The Boys

    Both one of the biggest debut eras of recent memory… spawned top 10 singles like Tik Tok, Your Love Is My Drug (Kesha) and Hot N Cold and I Kissed A Girl (Katy) WW and sold a similar amount of copies (estimated to be around 7M units WW) Both had a rock edge to it and also were produced by Doctor Luke, and also both were panned by critics when they were released but somehow gained some recognition and impact in retrospective… But what‘s the bigger one? What’s the impactful one? What’s your favorite?
  14. lillavend3r

    Best Australian One Hit Wonder

    Did I miss any?
  15. Two summertime jams that sample Brenda Russell's A Little Bit of Love.... but who did it best?
  16. Xtianlofbritney

    Who is the Biggest phenomenon since Madonna?

    Who is the Biggest phenomenon since Madonna?
  17. fridayteenage

    21stc Albums w/1 Year in T10. The BEST?

    Sour this week joins a small group of albums that spent 52 weeks in the top 10: 21, Adele Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen 1989, Taylor Swift Fearless, Taylor Swift Divide, Ed Sheeran Sour, Olivia Rodrigo Which serves the most QUALITY and TALENT? Personally: 1. 1989 2. Fearless 3. Sour
  18. ariananext

    Ariana's favourite collaboration?

    She has do so many collaborations throughout her career, from the least known artists to the biggest legends in the world. Which one is your favourite? If you don't see it in the poll, write it below, as there's a limit for options.
  19. ariananext

    Best Ariana Grande lead single?

    In occasion of her birthday, I decided to do a round of polls to celebrate her fun fact: all these singles were Top 10 hits, in fact she's the only artist in history whose all lead singles have debuted in the Hot 100 Top 10
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