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  1. HeavyMetalAura

    How much will Adele sell first week with her next album?

    Since 30's chart performance gets brought up frequently here, how well do we think she'll fare next time? I definitely see her faring worse than 30 considering she didn't really have another hit after EoM (which didn't seem like as much of show-stopping cultural moment as Hello), but I don't doubt her; she's still a huge star. People here love to discredit 30 as being "front loaded," and that may be somewhat true, but when 800k+ people buy your album in one week, you can't be anything but extremely relevant and successful no matter how you spin it or how much you sold last time. I say it largely depends on how long she waits. If she drops maybe 2 or 3 years from now, I can see her doing 500k+. Any longer, I feel like she'll drop into the 300-400k range. But to even say "Adele" and "300-400k" in the same sentence seems weird to me. I could see anything happening tbh.
  2. Bussea

    Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

    Who gave the best ICONIC Divas theme??? Lil Kim: Nicki Minaj:
  3. So, as we all know, almost 25 years into her career Beyoncé just scored another SOLO #1 Hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. But what I did not know was the fact that Lady Gaga's last solo #1 hit on the same chart was only 3 years into her career. I was shocked to find that out because I've seen LMs spend YEARS shading Beyoncé and using the NO SOLO #1 HIT since the Bush Administration!1!!1! 'drag'. Anyways, which one do you think is the better song?
  4. Both songs draw on gay culture and build to choruses about our individuality. Which is the better song?
  5. americanshameless

    Chromatica vs RENAISSANCE

    Now that RENAISSANCE is officially out; who made the better music utilising similar producers/soundscapes, & why?
  6. Jagger

    Animal (+ Cannibal) vs. Renaissance

    which sing/talk dance album is better? Think about production, lyrics, vocals, and emotion. Which one has more hits? Keep it cute
  7. naval23

    What is Michelle Branch's best bop?

    Options are her top 40 Hot 100 hits: Everywhere (#12 USA peak) All You Wanted (#6 USA peak) Goodbye To You (#21 USA peak) The Game of Love (#5 USA peak) Are You Happy Now? (#16 USA peak) Breathe (#36 USA peak)
  8. Which is the bigger classic? Which one do you prefer?
  9. Two years after its release, what's your favorite segment of the album? Chromatica I Alice Stupid Love Rain On Me Free Woman Fun Tonight Chromatica II 911 Plastic Doll Sour Candy Enigma Replay Chromatica III Sine From Above 1000 Doves Babylon
  10. Insanity

    Stereogum: Song of The Summer 2022

    Vote for your song of the summer who should win? Running up that Hill, As it Was, Break My Soul, About Damn Time?
  11. Let's judge by the main criterias: Vocals | Dancing | Songwriting | Acting | Innovation Who gets the overall most points?
  12. PoisonPill

    Best MPG album released around age 40?

    RENAISSANCE has truly proven to be a renaissance for Beyonce, taking her back to the forefront of music and culture at age 40 with a new creative peak. There are several female pop stars who released career-defining albums in their early 40s - which is the best?
  13. Which is the better song? I say TiK ToK by Miss Kesha Sebert outdid Break my Soul songstress I fear
  14. Which of these artists has the better discography?
  15. One of these songs has to to be voted off and never be played ever again in your life Which one are you picking? @Devin @GoodGuyGoneGhetto @Thinking Of You @dabunique @Keith @Pink Matter @[email protected] It Better @Planet [email protected] @Wicked @Stankonia @Truth Teller @Not Like The Movies
  16. naval23

    Hung Up vs. Toxic

    You can only listen to 1 of these songs for the rest of your life...which one are you picking?
  17. Jaspurr

    Is Gaga a good lyricist?

    Gaga obviously knows how to write a song but if we focus on her lyricism and her well-written and badly-written songs, which side outweighs the other? Discuss.
  18. Bingo

    Can your fave take BATHS?

    Beauty Acclaim Talent Hit SOLO Single Success Vote carefully
  19. Hector

    Naughty Girl Vs. Summer Renaissance

    Battle of the Beyonce songs with Donna Summer samples (Love To Love You Baby on Naughty Girl & I Feel Love on Summer Renaissance respectively). Which do you prefer?
  20. insomniac

    J.Lo’s best/worst album opener?

    Which track 1 on J.Lo’s albums do you like best/worst?
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