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Found 378 results

  1. JayRockafella

    Chromatica vs PFRR (track battle)

    Stupid Love vs Turn Me On Alice vs Whip It Fun Tonight vs Beautiful Sinner 911 vs Va Va Voom Plastic Doll vs Automatic Replay vs Pound the Alarm 1000 Doves vs Masquerade my fave solo tracks from each
  2. Safe&Sound

    Artpop vs Chromatica : bigger era?

    Which era feels bigger?
  3. Safe&Sound

    Ronan v Soon You'll Get Better v epiphany

    3 health-awareness song by Taylor Swift all sound amazing, have heartfelt lyric Which one is best? PS : Don't disrespect any one of them since they were all made with good intention, please keep it cute
  4. biblicalmonster

    More popular in 2020: Dirrty vs I'm a Slave 4 U

    Which controversial single is more popular in 2020? Here are some stats. Spotify Dirrty - 120,342,329 I'm a Slave 4 U - 83,292,366 YouTube I'm a Slave 4 U - 132,672,432 Dirrty - 126,635,254
  5. Safe&Sound

    cardigan vs Heartless

    Both are lead singles by 2 strongest contenders of 2021 Grammy's AOTY, folklore and After Hours Both debuted at #1 but kinda terrible being stable on chart afterwards and kinda overshadowed by non- single (Blinding Lights / exile) From the lead singles, which one is better and bigger?
  6. DesiredConsternation

    Which of these records is most impressive

    Which of these records is the most impressive 1. Most Hot 100 #1 singles by a woman: Currently held by Mariah Carey with 19 singles 2. Most weeks at number one on the Hot 100 by a woman: Also currently held by Mariah Carey with 82 weeks 3. Most Billboard 200 #1 albums by a woman: Currently held by Barbra Streisand with 11 albums 4. Most weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart by a woman: Currently held by Whitney Houston with 46 weeks
  7. SavagePapi

    Favorite J.Lo Track: Pa Ti vs Lonely

    Which one of these two recent releases has become your new fave J.Lo song? Choose wisely, sistrens!
  8. Atrl decides. Talk That Talk Vs reputation. Which ERA is bigger?
  9. naval23

    Poll: Praying vs. Head Above Water

    Both amazing powerful comeback ballads from two amazing artists. But which one is better? Praying Head Above Water
  10. naval23

    Poll: Only Girl vs. Diamonds

    Which one is the superior 2010s lead single?
  11. Both started very strong the 2020s. Who has more chances to become the FAOTD of the 2020s. Or Taylor will pull a Dark Horse and be the FAOTD for a second decade?
  12. Safe&Sound

    august vs Back to December

    Which month titled song is better?
  13. Safe&Sound

    Lady Gaga vs Zendaya : better acting?

    2 talented actresses winning award on film award show, which one has better acting skill?
  14. These four artist are famous for their big peak in the pop music and their crashing downfall, but who has the Bigger Peak?
  15. Safe&Sound

    Miley vs Demi : more enjoyable vocal?

    Both ex-acts have pop-rock influence on theirs vocals Miley with slight country edge, and Demi with R&B in it Which vocal do you enjoy more?
  16. What‘s more popular? Lady Gaga‘s current single taken from Chromatica with 17 Mio. YouTube streams as of now or 9-1-1, the Ryan Murphy produced series which is in its 4th season and has Angela Bassett starring?
  17. One Rude Boy

    What is Drake's signature song?

    Obviously Drake pumps out hits like a conveyer belt, but which of his biggest hits are his signature song? Polling choices come from the top ten on this list, but only including the songs where he is the lead (so excluding Work, No Guidance, and What's My Name?).
  18. Stankonia

    Poll: 911 vs. 911

  19. Hi everyone! Since I hear all the time how Gaga comes across as not genuine (I'm quoting: "fake tears", "a new disease every 5 minutes"), Beyoncé is seen as a goddess, up on her own pedestal and Taylor is apparently a "snake" and a self-victim of the media circuit... who do you think is the actual least genuine and why (and who is the most authentic to you)? Also: please check out and Subscribe to my Relaxing Music channel on Youtube, thanks: I wrote and produced this: