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Found 375 results

  1. Armani👑

    Most Iconic R&B song of all time? (Update)

    Based on chart performance and recurrent streams. Which song is the most iconic of all time for the entire genre? It was very hard to just make a top 20 list Other Honorable Mentions
  2. Safe&Sound

    If you were Betty, would you?

    Would you tell James to go **** himself or lead him to the garden and trust him it was just summer thing? full plot, check on this song :
  3. Wewee

    Now... Do you like Britney Jean?

    We had threads about artists now let's to do it for albums. Do you like Britney's personal album Britney Jean?
  4. Ampersand13

    Attack of Panic v. Joan of Arc

    Both are legendary hymnals with industrial influenced production. Now it's time to decide. Which Aly & AJ bop is superior? The anxiety influenced drug Attack of Panic? Or the feminist turned Dancing Queen.mp3 Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor?
  5. Safe&Sound

    Pillowtalk v Watermelon Sugar

    Which #1 hit by ex-1D members is better and bigger?
  6. Talking Fish

    Your favourite anti-pop girl

    Which one of the girls marketed as an anti pop star do you like the most? (I personally voted for Avril because typing out the others' albums names is the most annoying thing ever, I think Pink had a stroke naming Misunderstood).
  7. Safe&Sound

    Levitating remix v TTWE remix

    Which mega remix is better? Dua Lipa / Madonna / Missy Elliott vs Kesha / Britney Spears / Nicki Minaj
  8. Badboidami

    Bigger: WAP or Hot Girl Summer

    Both include Megan The Stallion. Which one is bigger? WAP Hot Girl Summer
  9. FailSafe

    Bigger Rap Song: WAP or Say So

    Nicki's Say So or Megan's WAP. Which one is bigger
  10. Which of the 2020 Troye tracks is the best?
  11. Which sixht album by a pop girl was more experimental?
  12. Galantis

    Poll: Gaga's best top 5 in the US?

    Discuss and keep it cute
  13. FailSafe

    Bigger Era: Dua Lipa vs WWAFAWDWG

    Title says it all
  14. JayRockafella

    Iggy vs Cardi (better visuals)?

    I feel like they’re neck and neck in terms of visual aesthetics but whose visual game is better?
  15. Entela

    More talented Rihanna or Britney?

    Which one of these 2 is more talented?
  16. ziam

    Physical vs ROM: Better 2nd single

    Which 2nd 2020 pop album single was better quality?
  17. Prison

    Levitating vs. Levitating Remix

    Which version is better?