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Found 382 results

  1. naval23

    Poll: Favorite Alanis Morissette single

    Top 25 hits & airplay-only hits
  2. Safe&Sound

    Last Kiss vs Sad Beautiful Tragic vs hoax

    Which ballad song is the saddest?
  3. SelenaTheWinner

    Whiplash vs. Rock God vs. Save The Day?

    3 of my most favorite Selena Gomez songs that shouldve become singles! VERY underrated. Which one is the best?
  4. 4 guilty pleasure songs I cant even deny I bop to almost every day... Which one is your guilty pleasure out of these?
  5. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Selena Gomez ballad?

    Best Selena Gomez slow-mid tempo song?
  6. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Nicki Minaj Top 10 Smash?

  7. SelenaTheWinner

    It Aint Me vs. Wolves

    2 of Selena Gomez's biggest smashes... which one is better in the end?
  8. DesiredConsternation

    Epiphany v. Army Dreamers v. On Battleship Hill

    Which war bop Is the best one?
  9. Legend E

    Melodrama is better than Folklore, why?

    I'd say Melodrama Lorde served lyrics, imagery, vocals, emotion etc. When will Folklore? Also vote for your preferred Jack Antonoff (co)produced album.
  10. Safe&Sound

    August is Taylor's Venice Btch?

  11. Safe&Sound

    This Love vs epiphany

    Which soft, whisper-y Taylor track is better?
  12. naval23

    Poll: Dreamlover vs. Fantasy

    Both are pop perfection - but which one is better?
  13. mikeyace16

    Nathan vs Max vs Jack vs Aaron

    Taylor’s primarily collaborators throughout the years. Who has given her the best output?
  14. Theduy0312

    Best songs on folklore?

    Vote for the best songs
  15. Between these three artists, who feeds their fans with content the best / most frequently? As in who keeps their fans engaged and on their toes.
  16. At this point which album do you think will be released first? Taylor's 8th album Adele's 4th album Rihanna's 9th album Taylor Swift's studio albums: 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2017 2019 ? Adele's studio albums: 2008 2011 2015 ? Rihanna's studio albums: 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2016 ?
  17. Theduy0312

    Predict Billboard's top female this year

    Who do you think will top this year's chart? * Billie: Everything I Wanted serves longevity spending 8 weeks in the top 10, No Time to Die certified Gold in the US, bad guy was in the top 100 at the beginning of the year . Her debut album is still charting (currently #22) * Gaga: 2 top 5 singles, Chromatica debuted at #1 and spent a few weeks in the top 10. * Dua: she has a new album out (debuted at #4), Don't Start Now spent 20 weeks in the top 10. * Ariana: 2 number-one singles. Thank You, Next still charting on BB200. Chart history: 2019 Ariana 2018 Taylor 2017 Ariana 2016 Adele 2015 Taylor 2014 Katy 2013 Taylor 2012 Adele 2011 Adele 2010 Gaga 2009 Taylor 2008 Rihanna 2007 Fergie 2006 Rihanna
  18. Which album is superior musically in your opinion? My choices: Alice vs This Love Isn't Crazy Stupid Love vs Window Rain on Me vs Felt This Way Free Woman vs Stay Away Fun Tonight vs This Is What They Say 911 vs Heartbeat Plastic Doll vs Summer Love Sour Candy vs Fake Mona Lisa Enigma vs Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out Replay vs Comeback Sine from Above vs Solo 1000 Doves vs Now I Don't Hate California After All Babylon vs Let's Be Friends Love Me Right vs Always on My Mind Gaga 6, Carly 8
  19. Galantis

    Blank Space vs No Tears Left To Cry

    Two favorites here on the forum, but which one do you prefer?
  20. Bombshell

    Jump Vs. Just Can't Get Enough

    Both covers of songs from the 80s
  21. Safe&Sound

    Best #10 peaking single?

    (2011) Lady Gaga - Judas (2011) Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (2011) Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All (2012) Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin (2013) Demi Lovato - Heart Attack (2016) Beyonce - Formation (2016) Pink - Just Like Fire (2017) Selena Gomez & Kygo - It Ain't Me (2017) Miley Cyrus - Malibu (2019) Taylor Swift - Lover Among these MPG's singles in 2010s peaking at #10 Which one is : THE BEST : THE WORST : THE BIGGEST :