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  1. Sweet Sexy Savage

    Which popgirl has ATRL bandwagonned hard in 2020

    Which pop girl this year has ATRL dickriding for in 2020 the most? Is it Gaga with Chromatica and her jock strap bundles? Dua Lipa having the largest Spotify reach/payola amongst both men and women? Ariana with her 3 #1s this year and so called panned album positions? Taylor with her indie folk pop album folklore and it’s flop lead single cardigan?
  2. Safe&Sound

    Kylie v Ariana : bigger impact?

    in terms of pop culture impact, we usually have 1 TV/Internet personality and a female pop artist dominating teenagers/young adult on their era with their influence Back in early-mid 2000, it's Paris Hilton x Britney Spears then we also have Taylor Swift x Kim Kardashian through 2010s How about the gen Z? Who influenced them the most?
  3. Khamis

    Biggest Female Song of 2020?

    The aformentioned are some of the biggest songs of the year. Which female(s) had the biggest/best song of the year in terms of release, chart success, impact, longevity, and of course personal taste? Post your pick if I missed one. Omitting Dance Monkey
  4. Topaz

    Favorite Solo 5H Performer?

    I'll drop 3 performances from each girl.
  5. Da Barbie

    Bigger: Positions vs Chromatica

    Chromatica stats Album debut: 274k (205k album sales + bundles, 87.16m on-demand streams) First month chart run: #1-#2-#2-#6 Singles: Stupid Love Peak: #5, 10 weeks on the chart Rain On Me Peak: #1, 20 weeks on the chart 911: Peak: #1 bubbling under (did not chart on the Hot 100) other album tracks charted: Alice - #84 Sour Candy - #33 Free Woman and Sine From Above charted on the Bubbling Under Positions stats Album debut: 174k (42k album sales (no bundles), 173.54m on-
  6. halcyonday

    Bigger: Janet vs Beyonce

    Legend Janet Jackson vs MPG Beyonce. Who's bigger?
  7. Safe&Sound

    34+35 v 365

    Which single with numberic title is better and has better robot-concept MV?
  8. peak #8 The song became an enormous crossoversuccess, topping the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for five consecutive weeks, reaching the top five on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart, and becoming a top ten hit on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts. On the Billboard Hot 100chart, "Before He Cheats" reached number eight and achieved a longevity of 64 consecutive weeks on the chart, making it the sixth longest-charting single in the history of the Hot 100 chart. I hope Us peak: 3 "I Hope" is a song co-written and recorded by
  9. The 4 longest running female airplay #1s of the 2000s decade. But which one is your favorite? 16 weeks - We Belong Together (Mariah Carey) 14 weeks - No One (Alicia Keys) 11 weeks - Irreplaceable (Beyonce) 10 weeks - Foolish (Ashanti)
  10. SelenaTheWinner

    Selena Gomez's best selling songs?

    I just love her discography, always serving exactly what I need. Which of her most successful songs, do you like the best?
  11. naval23

    Poll: Only Girl vs. What's My Name

    Which one is the superior Loud #1 single?
  12. The Wembley Stadium is one of the most iconic sports venues in the world and booking a concert there is one of the highest achievements that an artist can have. Over the years, many female artists have been a able to do a concert there. The list includes - Madonna - Beyoncé - Spice Girls - Rihanna - P!nk - Taylor Swift - Adele Considering how many hits Ariana has had in the UK, do you think that she can be the next? I mean, when the pandemic is over, of course.
  13. Dark Miracles

    Taylor's Folklore vs. Nelly's Folklore

    Y'all knew it was coming! vs One-Trick Pony f/ Kronos Quartet vs The 1 Powerless (Say What You Want) vs Cardigan Explode vs The Last Great American Dynasty Try vs Exile f/ Bon Iver Fresh Off The Boat vs My Tears Ricochet Força vs Mirrorball The Grass Is Green vs Seven Picture Perfect vs August Saturdays f/ Jarvis Church vs This Is Me Trying Build You Up vs Illicit Affairs Island Of Wonder f/ Caetano Veloso vs Invisible String Childhood Dreams vs Mad Woman The first 12 songs pitted against each o
  14. Which among these acclaimed legends has the bigger hits and who has the better hits? Halsey's biggest hits : Without me, Closer, Eastside, Nightmare, Him & I, Boy with luv, Bad at love, Colors Dua's biggest hits : New rules, IDGAF, DSN, One kiss, No lie, Scared to be lonely, Be the one, BMH, Electricity & BYM(M)
  15. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Beyonce lead single?

    What an absolutely Amazing discography! So... Best Beyonce lead single?
  16. Safe&Sound

    LWYMMD / RFI vs positions / 34+35

    Both are singles from the following album after their peak era. Both have similarities. Huge debut number for the lead single, rushed second single... Better 1-2 singles and MV? Look What You Made Me Do and ...Ready for It? or positions and 35+36
  17. Souvenir

    2020: Best Track 6

    ?? for track 7:
  18. trainsskyscrapers

    Best Beyoncé Buzz Single?

    I was inspired by the Best Beyoncé Lead + 2nd Single Base Threads. 1. Sexy Lil' Thug (A promo single to get urban radio ready for solo B in 2003. A complete interpolation of 50 Cent's "In Da Club", it began to get so much airplay that 50 Cent's label blocked its release.) 2. Upgrade U Feat. Jay-Z (a 2006 promo single to whet the Urban radio appetite between Check On It and Deja Vu, it re-charted 4 or 5 times through B'Day's single campaigns. It sometimes began competing with her new singles on Urban Radio) 3. Beautiful Nightmare (later Sw
  19. Sia is the first to have 5, but who will be the first to have 6? 👑 KATY PERRY 👑 *only videos with +600M views are listed here* UPDATED 17.11.2020 [4½ months update] KATY PERRY - 6 [+2] 3.2B- Roar 2.9B - Dark Horse 1.2B - Last Friday Night 1.2B - Firework 1.0B [+89M] - Bon Appétit 1.0B [+27M] - Hot N Cold 942M [+14M] - Wide Awake 845M [+27M] - Part Of Me 778M [+32M] - The One That Got Away 749M [+10M] - This Is How We Do 654M [+17M] - Chained To The Rhythm 622M [+18M] - Swish Swish S
  20. SelenaTheWinner

    Taylor Swift's #1s vs. #2s ?

    Gotta LOVE some Taylor Swift classics! <3
  21. Angelo

    Who is the better Malling queen?

    Billie or Avril or
  22. SelenaTheWinner

    Best Jason Derulo Top 10 Smash?

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