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  1. AMIT

    evermore vs NFR!

    willow vs NFR! champagne problems vs Mariners Apartment Complex gold rush vs Venice Bitch 'tis the damn season vs **** it I love you tolerate it vs Doin' Time no body, no crime vs Love song happiness vs Cinnamon Girl dorothea vs How to disappear coney island vs California ivy vs The Next Best American Record cowboy like me vs The greatest long story short vs Bartender marjorie vs Happiness is a butterfly closure vs Looking for America evermore vs hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
  2. pxxxtrick

    Anne Boleyn vs. Margaery Tyrell

    Which of Natalie Dormer's royalty-based characters do you think was more ICONIC? Henry VIII's wife from "The Tudors" or Loras' sister from "Game of Thrones"? Discuss! I can't decide. Natalie was amazing in both roles
  3. ReverseWarholian

    Best female-led assassin flick?

    Inspired by Unsuccessica Chastain's new Netflix and PVOD surprise hit Ava, which of these female-led assassin / spy thriller movies is the best? Only included one option per actress. Sorry Ange!
  4. kwek_kwek

    Better songwriter: Mariah or Taylor

    Both are acclaimed songwriters but who’s better?
  5. ASIB was a big big era for Lady GaGa. It exhibited her acting and singing skills. Could Rihanna have pulled off a similar performance for the movie? She has sung many delicate ballads such as Diamonds and Stay.
  6. Today’s the 7th anniversary of blockbuster, industry shifting BEYONCÉ and it had one of her sexiest songs on it, “Rocket”. It always gave me a modern version of one of her earlier babymakers, “Speechless” Which do you prefer? I gotta give this one to Rocket, but the live versions of Speechless >>>> Rocket
  7. Safe&Sound

    tolerate it vs Call It What You Want?

    Which ballad with experimental beat layer is better?
  8. jdmc219

    Alicia vs Bruno vs Kelly

    Pretty much, all these three songs resemble each other. Similar formula, similar sound, similar structure. Which do you prefer though?
  9. I love them both such bops and it has that rollercoaster energy to me Which do you prefer?
  10. Safe&Sound

    On The Floor v Scream & Shout

    Which #3 hit is better and bigger?
  11. Both ladies have been rumored to be on the upcoming Cleopatra movie. They'll be following in Liz Taylor's footsteps by playing the Egyptian Queen, but who would you prefer? Or should Rihanna appear out of nowhere and play her?
  12. Would you rather be tied with invisible string or covered with ivy? Choose wisely
  13. naval23

    Your trinity of evermore?

    Please only pick 3 (even though it's hard!)
  14. Angelo

    Xtina vs. Nicole!

    Who did better with their Diddy collaboration?
  15. ReverseWarholian

    Best candy themed song?

    Which of these sugar-coated smashes satisfies your sweet tooth?
  16. Safe&Sound

    Top 5 Taylor's MV?

    These are my Top 5
  17. I mean seriously. The lyrics are so relatable, her harmonies are beautiful and the ad libs, layering and harmonies at the end are otherworldly. It’s my favorite Mariah song. She’s gorgeous in the video too. I don’t see enough people talking about it, criminally underrated? December is Mariah month so let’s talk why don’t more of y’all use it??
  18. One Nation

    When will Rihanna release R9?

    Just curious about what ya'll think.
  19. TheArgonaut

    Predict "evermore" first week numbers!

    Predict the popstar's 9th studio album first week numbers. Comment for more specific n0mbers.
  20. naval23

    Never Leave You vs. Move Ya Body

    Which of these one-hit wonder top 5 bops do you prefer?
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